Tidbit & Teaser V

Watch as my fingers and hands run up my leg to apply my lotion. The smoothness of my skin excites your eyes and the scent of the lotion fills your nostrils with desire.

Watch as I move my hands over my torso and arms to continue the application of liquid, making my body glisten and shine in the morning sun. The sun cast shadows as it beams through the blinds, creating almost a B&W effect of the tone of my flesh.

Watch me pull my thong up around my legs and position it just so, my legs and pussy are clean shaven. The tattoos look brilliant on my pale flesh, creating a border that outlines the top of my thong.

Watch me as I grab my favorite black bra and glide the straps up my arms as I turn my back to face you and snap it into place. Adjusting it so my breasts are held tightly and full in their place.

Watch as I pull my stockings and garter out and begin to slide them up my moist legs. Positioning the straps and snapping the top of my stockings. I sit back and run my hands up my legs to admire how the stockings cling to the toned muscles of my legs. I smile and am pleased with my body.

Watch as I pick out my dress and lie it on the bed, selecting one that is not too provocative, but still very alluring. I gaze at myself in the mirror and admire my full body and see you staring at me, so I cast a smile back at you over my shoulder. My dark hair moving with my head as it swirls across my face.

Watch as I step into my dress pulling it up over my hips as it snugly wraps my ass. Pulling the straps to my shoulders and reaching back to zip it up. My hands run over my chest, down my waist and across my hips and ass. I can feel myself being aroused at my appearance, knowing that you are too makes me wet with want.

Watch me put on my stilettos one at a time, balancing myself and they accentuate the muscles of my calves and the fineness of my ankles.

Watch as I walk over to you sitting there, still watching me as I lean in to you; my lips painted deep red, the scent of my body, my hair, burning your nostrils like a flame of passion deep inside you. I reach down between your legs and rub your throbbing cock through your pants, knowing that you are so ready to take me, and I whisper…”you will have to wait.”

As I turn and walk away.

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