Can you drive Stick?

It was a sunny autumn day and the leaves were bright and colorful as they decided to take a ride in the country. The air was cool but the sun beat down on them which made them warm. With the top down on the classic MG, they set out over the England countryside for a nice picnic at some secluded place; a destination yet unknown.

The sound of the engine and the birds in the air are muffled by our laughter with each other. Listening to the engine, you shifting the gears as we accelerate over the hills and drive over the winding road is exhilarating to both of us.

We smile and joke with one another knowing that an adventure between the two of us is never far out of our thoughts and today would be no different. We drive over the countryside passing trees of vast colors and they seem on fire with their vibrant reds, yellows and oranges.

My hair is flowing behind me in the wind of the car moving forward and I glance at you, reaching over I begin to rub your leg until my hand has reached your crotch and feel your cock in trousers. I immediately become aroused just by touching you.

You look at me and you know that I can’t help but touch you and get excited.

I continue to run my hand up and down your leg as you concentrate on the road and I feel the hardness grow within your pants as I unzip them and reach inside to grab hold of your cock. I am always aroused knowing you have nothing between your trousers and your cock that brings me so much pleasure.

You smile at me knowing you are enjoying the pleasure of me stroking your cock in your pants. I move closer so my lips and tongue are on your neck touching you so lightly you can barely feel it with the wind traveling around us. But I can feel the hairs on your neck raise under my touch.

You reach over to run your hand up my stocking clad leg and I say to you firmly to keep your hands on the wheel as I continue work your cock in your pants. Your cock is so hard that I know I have to pull it out of its hidden enclosure. You ignore me long enough to reach my panties under my skirt and feel the moist heat under your fingers. You want to touch me more but you realize you have to concentrate on the road.

I continue to torment you with my lips and tongue as I am stroking your cock now that it’s been released. Pulling back from you I give you a smile. You turn and look at me and I know you are enjoying this immensely, as so am I. My lips run across your cheek and back to your earlobe as my tongue teases it. I make you watch the road as I stroke you and tease you with my lips and tongue on your neck. I whisper in your ear, what is it you want?

You tell me you want heaven. You want enlightenment and bliss. I can tell, not what you want but what you need. It is powerful it is me that you want. It is difficult for you to concentrate as I strive to enlighten you. My touch deft and sure. I feel your arousal in your throbbing shaft as I continue to stroke it.

The wind rushing around us as you drive is making the moisture from my tongue feel cold against your skin. My hair is swirling around my face and yours, like the whisper in your ear; soft and gentle. You know what I want and I need not say what I desire, you feel it in my touch as I let my kisses spread over your skin.

I smile at you and it is like you can read my mind and see that it’s filled with promise and fulfillment. Finding a side road that goes to nowhere as your passion dictates, for you can no longer wait for the release of your deep-rooted passion and lust.

Stopping the car and turning it off, you can’t hold back anymore and you turn towards me and embrace me tightly. Kissing me with the pure need you have for me, you can’t hold back. Like unleashing your passion, you hold on to me tightly. My hand is still on your hard cock stroking it and you pull my hand away, not because you don’t enjoy it; you want to feel more than my hand wrapped around your shaft.

We disengage from each other as we step out of the vehicle, and you grab the blanket from behind the seat. Walking not far from the car, we find a dry grassy spot to lay the blanket out. Concern with privacy is not on the mind of either one of us as we take no time to resume our play.

You embrace me tightly and I feel your hard cock pressed against my leg, your hand moves down grabs my ass and squeezes it as you pull me tighter against you. Moving ourselves to the blanket, we become comfortable to continue our adventure.

I waste no time and unbutton your pants to have access to your raging cock inside and releasing it to the open autumn air. You reach and pull the front of my skirt up pushing my thong to the side so you can finger my wet pussy that is so waiting for your touch. Kissing each other is just a plus as our tongues intertwine and raise the passion within us.

You feel my breathing increase as you finger my wetness and my excitement is building, my hand tightens around your shaft and strokes it vigorously. I am having a hard time containing my need to feel your body. I move my hand from your hard cock and run it up the front of your shirt to touch your chest to feel your erect nipples, which excites me.

Your finger is working my wetness as I feel myself beginning to build to orgasm, my breathing is rapid and deep through our kisses. I return my hand to your throbbing cock to stroke it once more. I release my lips from yours to tell you how good your hand feels on my pussy as my wetness expels from my source onto your hand.

You grab hold of me and pull me on top of you pulling my skirt up to my waist as I straddle your legs. The cool autumn breeze doesn’t remove the heat from my passion it only excites it more. The thought of having this sexual interlude in the open is so arousing to both of us as we are oblivious to anything except the sound of each others want and desires.

You slide your hard shaft into my hot well and I release a flood of wetness at your first penetration. I holler with the explosion of my first climax as I begin to grind myself into you. You match the movements of my hips with deeper thrusts as I feel every inch of your hardness.

Pulling back from your chest so I can maneuver my hips in a pleasing way that gives me more control of your shaft. I glide myself up and down your cock as the moisture flows out of me and settles on your balls. I see the look of pure pleasure in your face as you know I’m in my own world of ecstasy when I ride you.

Pulling up my sweater, your hands slide my bra up so you can pinch my nipples that are already erect from all this passion. The harder you squeeze the more excited I become as my screams of pleasure become louder as I grind myself harder into you.

Feeling your cock getting harder inside me as my pussy tightens around it with the spasms of each orgasm you give me, I know you will need to release your own hot load of liquid and I time my movements with your body signals. I watch your face closely as you are so intent on holding on to your erection until I am completely satisfied and my last orgasm has made me spent with energy.

The pulling and grinding on each other has actually caused us to sweat in the autumn cool air and I rip off my sweater and bra to give my body full freedom to the nature around us. Grabbing at my breasts as they move with my rhythmic motion of my body, you squeeze them tightly just as my Pusey tightens on your cock. You explode with one final quick movement inside me and I scream with pleasure if feeling your hot juice flow into me and I climax as if an alarm went off deep inside me.

I collapse on top of you with the pressure of my body and the sweet taste of my kisses to your lips for giving me so much spontaneous pleasure on this autumn afternoon. You return the kisses along with embracing me tightly to your body and I can feel the warmth of your passion seep from you.

Suddenly I realize how cold the air is and a chill comes over my body, but you hold me tight to keep me warm. When out of the woods come a group of riders on horseback and our cover has been blown. I turn to you and say, “Wonder if this has ever happened to James Bond?” We look at each other and begin laughing at our own exploits on this wonderful October afternoon.

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