My Pet

The evening was splendid as they pulled into the drive and parked the car.  The evening sky was lit with a full moon and the stars hung like a bright chandelier hanging overhead just for them.

Exiting the car they entered the house with little conversation between the two of them.  They didn’t lack communication, they, or should we say, she knew what was on his mind.

Entering the home, he removed his coat and started the fireplace, not to just take the chill off the home, but he had something planned.  She headed directly to the bedroom to undress, but hesitated and waited for him to come help her, in his own special way.

He walked into the room and she turned to watch him.  He removed his shirt and she admired his toned chest and arms; many hours in the gym.  She had yet to remove her dress; she stood there waiting for him.

He approached her and let his hands run down her bare arms and turned her around so her back was to his chest.  Still running his hands up and down her arms admiring the softness of her skin and scent of her perfume he moved her hair away from her neck exposing her skin and the zipper of her dress.

He unzipped her dress and let it fall down from her body to the floor.  He reached around from the back and grabbed her full breasts encased in her bra, and he kisses her lightly on the neck.  His lips barely touching her skin running like a chill down her spine and reaching between her legs.  Just his touch made her pussy begin to get wet and the feeling of his lips on her neck drove her passion to higher level.

His lips on her neck bring a rush of want to the surface as he pulls her close to him and he whispers in her ear. “Are you ready?”

He reached down running his hands across the front of her body and traced her garter belt, letting his fingers run over her skin and down to the top of her stockings.  Her skin quivered under his touch but also raised the passion between them.  Her pussy became alive under his dominance over her, but he was so gentle with her at the same time.  She had no fear of his passion to share with her especially in this moment.

Taking her by the hand he led her into the living room where the fire had warmed up the room.  Dressed in her undergarments and her shoes still, her turned her to face him and kissed her so passionately holding her tightly in his firm arms.  She returned the kisses feeling his lips so soft and firm against hers.   She was beginning to melt in his grasp as she always did.

She knew what he wanted her to do and he guided her to in front of the fireplace.  Grabbing hold to the decorative rings that hung from the mantle, she held on to them.  He approached her and using the silk scarves lying on the table he tied her hands to the rings; she was restrained, vulnerable to him.

The heat from the fire-place warmed her skin and so did the thought of what was going to happened.  Her arousal of the act of a little restraint and his body excited her and she was becoming wet with desire for him.

He ran his hands down her arms across her back down to her ass and gave it a firm smack.  The beginning of the game had started.  He smiled at her and kissed her again, with the passion that they always shared during this exercise; he would be gentle with her but also forceful, this was part of the excitement.

He picked up the riding crop from the table, and with a flick of his wrist it made a snap and whoosh sound behind her.  She knew the game had officially began.

Walking up again behind her he ran his hand ever so softly across her ass and pulled on her garter strap and let it go as it snapped against her bare ass.  Again he ran his hand across her ass and began to tug on her thong, first pulling it up so it tightened against her pussy lips and then pulled it down her legs roughly.  She moaned with the roughness of his actions but also with the arousal he was giving her.

Pulling the thong off of her body,  she stepped out of it, he brought his hand up between her legs and cupped her pussy feeling the warmth that was emitting from it.

He leaned into her and whispered in her ear, “You like that don’t you baby?”

She replied meekly but with a firm, “yes”.

Backing away from her, he admired her silhouette against the flames of the fire and to look at her round ass in the dim light of the living room.  He pushed his leg in between hers forcing her legs further apart.  Still holding the crop in his hand, he traced her legs with the leather tip.  Slowly running it up and down her the outer part of her legs than the inside.  He also ran his hand across her ass, caressing it with just the slightest of touch, than he would smack it; hard and solid.

“You like that don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes.” she answered.

“Yes, what?” he replied to her sternly.

“Yes, Master.” she said softly, but loud enough for him to hear her.

“That’s better my pet. My slave.” he replied back to her.

Returning his hand up her inner thigh, he pressed his palm and fingers against the outer lips of her pussy, letting his one finger press deep into her folds and found she was wet.

“That’s my girl. I feel you are getting wet, which is what I like.” he said into her ear.

His finger began to press deeper into her pussy and she began to moan and sigh with the pleasure of the feeling of his finger and the excitement of the act of submission they were engaged in.

Removing his hand from her sweet spot, he licked his finger to taste of her.  Than smacked her ass even harder making her whole body flinch.  Again he brought the riding crop up her leg and across her ass, bringing his arm back he brought it down on her ass cheeks with a snap.  The sound of it hitting the flesh of her ass almost echoed in the living room.

She let out a cry of pleasure and pain, letting her head fly back with the shock of the crop smacking her bare ass.  She enjoyed the sensation, but it was the initial shock that made her cry out.  She could feel the excitement and arousal beginning to build inside her and her pussy was getting wet.

He repeated the process of rubbing her gently than smacking her ass with the crop.  The crop was beginning to leave raised welts on her ass and legs where he had struck her with it.  He leaned into her, whispering in her ear how good she was and letting her know how much he enjoyed doing this. ` His cock was getting harder in his pants and he unzipped the fly and pulled his erect cock out.

Standing behind her he rubbed the head of his cock across her ass cheeks.

“Feel that my pet?  That is for you.  Are you a good girl?” He asked to her.

“Yes, I am a good girl.  I am your pet.” she replied.

He pushed his hand between her legs and rammed his middle finger deep inside her pussy.  It was so wet from his handling of her.

“Your pussy is so wet for me.”  He said to her.

The heat from the fireplace was making her sweat and she could feel it beginning to run down her face and chest.   He continued to finger her pussy and she was getting close to an orgasm.

“That’s it my pet.  Cum for your Master.” He said.

Putting the crop to the side, he continued to finger her pussy and rub his cock against her ass.   She was getting close to climaxing and he knew it, her pussy was beginning to tighten on his finger.  Her breathing was becoming rapid and deep.

“Yes, Master.  Please don’t stop!” She said to him.

“Yes, my pet. You are going to cum for me aren’t you?” he asked.

That is all he had to say to her, and she climaxed with much force.  The juices from her pussy ran out of her with each penetration of his finger. His palm was filled with cum from her pussy.  Like the flood gates had opened, her pussy was dripping wet.

He pulled his finger out of her pussy and licked her juices off his hand.  The sweet taste of her pussy made his cock even harder.

He backed up and picked up the crop once again, striking her ass and then rubbing it softly with his other hand.  She hollered with the pleasure he brought her.  He knew that this was exciting her again.  The cheeks of her ass were red from all the smacking of the crop and his hand.  He could feel the welts from the crop beginning to get bigger on her ass.

Standing behind her, he grabbed hold of her hips and positioned himself so his cock was between her ass cheeks and her rubbed his cock in the crack of her ass and down to her pussy.

She moaned with the excitement of his cock rubbing against her ass and brushing against her swollen lips.  She moved her ass back towards him.  He pulled her into him and pushed his cock between in lips and into her hot pussy.

Ramming his cock deep inside her, she hollered at the shock of his hardness penetrating her pussy with such thrust.  Pulling his cock back out he repeated it, driving his cock into her with such force that she screamed at the thrust of his hardness.  The harder he penetrated her, the higher the excitement became as she was building to another climax.

He grabbed her hair pulling her head back as he continued to fuck her harder with his cock.

“That’s it my pet cum for me. ” He said to her.

Her pussy was tightening on his cock as he continued to drive his cock deeper into her pussy.  Grinding it deeper inside of her.  Grabbing the flesh on the sides of her body, digging his fingers into her skin.

“That’s it Master! Fuck me!” She exclaimed to him.

The sweat was purring out her skin and dripping on to the floor just the wetness that was pouring out of her pussy as she came again.  Her hair drenched from her sweat and stuck to her face and neck.

He fucked harder as her pussy tightened on his cock and she came with a force that exploded on him.  He continued to move himself back and forth but slowed his pace down so she could feel every inch of him.  Knowing he too was ready to blow his load.

Still pushing her hips into his and him holding onto her, he began to quicken his pace and she could feel the head of his cock begin to swell inside her.  Her pussy tightened around his cock and she felt it throb inside her.

“That’s it my pet, tighten that pussy of yours.  Let me feel how tight you can get.” he said to her.

Moving faster into her, he couldn’t hold back much longer and he shot his full hot load deep inside of her letting out his own vocal release of sexual tension.  Still holding on to her hips he pushed his cock as deep into her as it would go.  Exploding his full load and her pussy was tight around it.  She climaxed with him and their mixed juices ran out of her and down his balls.

Pulling back as the last of his hot liquid oozed from him, he thrust his cock back in one more time and she exclaimed with pleasure of his last thrust.

Once finished expelling his load, he pulled his cock all the way out of her, leaving her standing there.  He ran his finger down into her wetness.

“You were good tonight baby. I really enjoyed that and I hope you did too.” he said to her softly and kissing the back of her neck that was drenched with sweat and her hair clinging to it.

Reaching up and untying her wrists, she backed up and he held her in his arms with her back to his chest.

Like dessert, they were both satisfied with their meal.


  1. WOW….hot!!

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