Fill in the BLANK

How much sexual energy can you put in a Tweet?  Here are my entries from the last week of my sexual energy.  Some were an exchange between me and another person and some were just my random thoughts I had throughout the day. They read well and I may make them into a story, but I wanted to share them with you.  You just never know what I may Tweet throughout the day!  Enjoy!


The heat rises from the warmth you give me in your touch I whisper in your ear all my desires you share all your passion in your kisses.

I want to feel your kisses excite me leaving me breathless and wanting more take me to that place that only you can with your touch.

Feel the sexual energy flow from me to you through my touch my hands run up your chest & my lips caress yours my tongue teasing your need.

Let me sink my teeth into your flesh as my fingernails drag across your back feeling your hardness inside me as I climax in ecstasy.

Let my tongue trace your flesh taste your sweat my hands are my guide to your soul as we open the door to our passion we must share.

I feel the wetness begin as I think of you your body, your soul, your touch I crave your flesh pressed against mine I need you now near me.

The cold night engulfs my soul needing that warm embrace to hold back the emptiness that you have left since your absence.

I want to give you pleasure with my body I take pleasure from your passion I immerse myself in your desire you lust for my want of you.

My lips & tongue travel your skin exploring all your flesh to find the place in which you want my mouth to be and I fill it with your hardness.

Run your hand up my leg find the warmth and wetness waiting for you as you press your hardness against me and I feel your desire to please me.

Feel the heat in my desire the passion through my lust the warmth of my kiss as I drag my nails across your back begging for more.

Run your fingers through my hair kiss me slowly let me feel the intensity in your lips/take me to the place where your passion lies.

Take me as if it’s the last time/touch me and don’t let go raise my passion to a new level let desire fulfill our needs.

Feel the heat and passion I have for you through my lips as they ignite the fire within you.

Press your lips against mine and let your tongue explore my warmth I run my hand up your leg and feel the firmness you want to share with me.

What is it you seek? I ask as I run my hands up the inside of your thighs raising the hair on your legs and I let my breasts brush against you.

I want to please as much as I Want to be pleased. Tease me with desire, touch me with passion, and lust for me to fill your unquenchable thirst.

Slide your hand up my thigh feel the heat from my skin the passion builds from the touch of your lips I will be yours willingly to have.

Embrace me like a warm blanket kiss me with a fire that needs to lit touch me and ignite the flame within me fill my soul with your passion.

Awake me with your kisses your touch on my body the warmth of your skin/the passion you want to share with me let me feel it all over me.

I want to feel warmth between my legs from another person!

Oh how I wish to feel the passion of a lover who wants me and can please me.

Run your hand down between my legs and feel the warmth of my passion for you.

I want to feel your lips against mine and your tongue traces them as I hold you tight against me.

I Miss passionate mornings between the sheets!

I can’t stop cumming over and over again I scream out Fuck Me! As I wrap my legs around you locking them around you to pull you in.

And I cum again telling you – you reply “cum for me baby, I want to feel you cum”

You slowly move your cock inside me so I can feel every inch of it and you feel my pussy tighten around it.

As you lay me down on the bed you bring your lips to mine & I taste my own juices on your tongue as you probe my mouth with it.

You can feel my pussy spasm around your finger and your cock can’t take much more and wants to feel the warmth of my pussy wrapped around it.

I run my hands and fingers through your hair. Telling you how good that feels and I begin to cum and exclaim it to you!

From your tongue licking me and your finger work, I’m growing closer to reaching an orgasm.

I begin to get louder as you continue to move your tongue over my clit and your finger moving deeper within me. My pussy is so wet.

As your lips move across my body I feel myself becoming aroused and I want to feel you play with me so you can see how much I want you.

As you move down my body I moan & sigh with satisfaction under your touch & I wait to feel your tongue find my wetness waiting.

Let my tongue trace your body and touch your soul.

I feel the warmth of your skin as it touches mine and ignites the fire within me as we begin our embrace.

Our lips meet and our tongues begin the exchange of desire for one another, as our passion grows from the depths of our being.

Let your fingertips skate over my skin like an ice skater performing and my body is your rink.

My fingertips slowly move across you chest & down your arms as I lick my lips & you watch me knowing I desire you.

Let them move across your skin raising the hairs on your body as you feel the heat if my passion grow.

Hold me and let your lips explore my supple skin as my hand roams your body.

I grab you and pull you to me letting the heel of my shoe run down your pant leg you know I mean business and NOW!


  1. That’s a lot of tweets! Thank you for sharing. It almost read like a poem in a few places and was beautiful written. I enjoyed, thanks!

  2. ‘beautifully’ written

    • Thank you for your compliment on my “tweets”. Yes it does read almost like a poem at times. I would like to put them to a story, that is why I titled it “fill in the blanks”.

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