I Want To Feel You

The sky turns to a light pink with the rising of the sun and I roll over into an empty space in my bed wishing it was you filling it.  My arms outstretched grasping at an empty place where you should be laying, and I pull the vacant covers around my warm empty body.

I close my eyes and drift to your memory.

Flesh pressed against flesh and I feel the hardness of your cock against my body and your lips on mine.  Our tongues interchanging taste in one another mouths.  Tasting you is not enough for me.  Your warmth is what I want and need, so I wrap myself around you as if to engulf your body into mine.

Your hands roam over my body feeling every inch of it, as I become lost in your being and in my passion for you.   My mind only feels you touching me and the rest of the world doesn’t exist except for you.  It is just us and the sound of our breathing that exists for this moment.

I run my hands down your leg to feel the hair on your skin and the muscles contained under your flesh, you feel warm and the energy that flows from it ignites a fire deep within my soul.  Letting my hands roam freely on your body while our lips are still locked in an embrace of their own, I feel myself becoming aroused and I want to feel your cock inside me, but I stop myself to enjoy your body first.

So much passion and want is shared between our beings.  We want so much to please each other and to please ourselves.  We share more than just our bodies, but our souls are embraced in this sinful dance of lies and deceit of those that don’t know of our secret love.

I move back and remove my lips from yours to look upon your face so I can take it into memory along with the feel of your body.  I just want this moment to last forever and to not let go of you, knowing you will leave and I may never see you again.

I return my lips to yours with much need of your passion.  I want to suck it out of your body and to take it into mine.  We both possess a passion that can’t be released through words, but only through sharing of our physical selves with each other.

Naked, we bear our souls to each other in the moonlit predawn hours.

Your hand moves down between my legs and slowly massages the lips of my pussy and I let out a soft sigh of pleasure of the touch of your hand.  I can tell I have so much wetness waiting for you to release as you begin to probe my cavern and my breathing becomes rapid and deep.  Your finger moves slowly at first and then a little faster and deeper and matching the rhythm of my breathing.  My heart begins to pound in my chest with your touch.

I reach down and grab your cock and begin to stroke it in my hand.  I want to savor this time so I am slow with my movements, but I can feel the excitement begin to build in my body as our kisses show our passion and need for each other.  I can’t help myself and I stroke your cock a bit harder and faster.  I show my desire and need for you through my touch and through my lips against yours.

I move my mouth down to take your throbbing member into my mouth.  I want to suck your cock so badly.  I want to taste your flesh in my mouth as I begin to lick the head of your cock.  Letting my lips and tongue move across your shaft, it arouses me and I can tell my pussy is really wet.

You show your pleasure at my touch by releasing a low slow moan at my mouth on your cock.  I wish to become all your wants, I will do anything to please you and that is all I can think of.  Moving our bodies to mesh with each other, you pull my hips up so resume fondling my pussy, and I know you want to lick my sweetness that is flowing from it.

You press your lips and tongue against my pussy and you begin to hum as your tongue slowly circles and flicks my clit and I immediately melt with your touch.  I continue to suck on your cock and pull it deeper into my warm mouth.  The deeper it goes the more I want to suck it.  Your cock slides in and out of my mouth creating a suction that is like fucking me and I feel it become harder in the heat of my orifice.

Your finger delves deep into my wetness as your tongue continues to work on my clit and I am getting closer to climaxing.  I push my pussy on to your finger and tongue making you aware of how much I am enjoying the pleasure you are giving me.  Pulling your cock out of my mouth to catch my breath and to tell you how much I am enjoying this ecstasy of pleasure you are providing me with.

“That feels so good.” I tell you, in a deep husky voice as I catch my breath.  Returning my hot mouth back to sucking your cock, I take it all in and let my tongue dance around it.

My pussy is so wet from you fingering it and I cum with force and you lick every drop of it, letting your tongue probe my crevice of wetness as it oozes from me. I push my pussy on to your tongue as your probe it deeper inside me and your finger continues to massage my clit which heightens my orgasm and I let out a long slow moan.  You continue to work my pussy and I return your cock back to my mouth, but I know I need to be filled with your hardness and soon.

Your tongue continues to probe, lick and tease me and I am at the brink that I can’t take much more of it, and I pull your cock out of the warmth of my mouth, and turn my body and lay on my back.  You know what I want and you don’t hesitate to give it to me.

You place your body between my legs and you look at me with the passion and want that comes from deep within, and I return your gaze with the same intense stare.  I want you and you know it.

Slowly, you push your cock inside my wet pussy, just letting the head through the lips and pull it out, to tease me with it.  You are driving me crazy and you feel the tenseness building in my body.  Your repeat this process and push your cock in further each time, intensifying the want I have for your cock and your body.  I feel like I am going to explode into a fury of passion to be unleashed on you with each inch of your cock.

Finally you give me the full length of your cock and I explode in a heightened orgasm from all the teasing you have given me.  I grab hold of you and you look at me as I can’t control my physical being as if I have become someone else with you. I wrap my body and pull you tighter to me, as our lips meet.  I meet your hips with mine and I can’t get enough of you.  Pulling and grabbing you, I wrap my legs around your body and pull you into me.  The intensity of my orgasm is explosive.

You press your lips against mine and I feel the fullness of your passion and lust.  You kiss me deeply and our tongues probe each other like your cock is probing my pussy. I stop kissing you only to exclaim my pleasure.

I exclaim to you, “I am cumming Julio! I can’t stop cumming!”

“That’s it baby, cum for me.  Your pussy feels so good around my cock.” you reply.

My pussy tightens as it spasms on your cock and I can feel every inch of it penetrate me further and deeper.  I am so wet with cum, that it slides into me with ease though I tighten my pussy around your cock to feel all of it.

You pump your cock into me and I meet each thrust with my hips.  Our lips and tongue continue to share the passion and desire of one another.  We want to eat each other up and take each other into to our souls, burned there forever to never be forgotten.

We move together in sync with our bodies as we explode with full want, lust and passion.  Fitting together like it is meant to be, I read your body and you respond to my needs.  We don’t need to exchange words to each other; we know exactly what one another wants.

I feel your cock grow harder as your head becomes larger in my pussy, and I climax again and I dig my nails into your skin and grab hold on to you.  Our kisses becoming aggressive and filled with want; want that can’t be quenched.  You feel the fullness of my need for you through my kisses and my body. You return all of that need and want back to me with each thrust of your cock and each kiss.

Wrapping your arms under me and holding me tight, you roll me over and I straddle you with my legs, pushing my feet under your ass. I cup your ass with the bottom of my feet to feel all of your skin.

I push myself up from your chest so you can watch my face as I slowly move my hips up and down on your cock riding you.  I enjoy having control over your body in this place and I can control my orgasms.  My pussy is wet from your cock as it slides in and out of me and I move with languid movements to feel every inch of you.

I grab hold of your chest as I move my hips up and down on your cock.  You reach up and begin to pinch my nipples which are already hard, first gently than with more force as my movements become more rigorous.  I grind and move my hips on to yours and I begin to build to another orgasm under my own movements.

My breathing is heavy and deep as I continue to ride your cock.  Panting like I am running a marathon and my pussy so wet from my continuous orgasms, I feel the pressure build of yet another intense climax closing in.

Your cock is so deep in my pussy I feel the head of it hit my cervix, which heightens my sexual arousal. I cum again and grind my hips so forcefully on to your body, though you can’t get any deeper inside me.  I press my body against yours and kiss you deeply and full of passion for you.  I can’t get enough of you; your body, your cock and your passion.

Still moving my hips back and forth, you grab hold of my ass. Your cock is so hard inside me and I feel every inch of it as my pussy tightens and loosens around it with each spasm of my orgasm.  Our kisses filled with passion.  I move my lips down and begin to lick and suck on your earlobe, rubbing my face against yours, feeling the bristle of your whiskers.

Feeling your cock deep inside me and I can tell you can’t hold your erection much longer and you let loose of your load as you explode deep inside me bringing me to another orgasm.  I force my pussy down on to your cock to take your entire wet cum in and I don’t stop moving into you.  Your hot cum feels so soothing inside my pussy as the two of us climax together, fulfilling our personal passion and need.

I roll over to realize the space next to me is still empty. Waiting for that one to fill it and bring me the passion I so much want to share with that one.


  1. annabayes

    Gosh, that was really beautiful. (*kisses*)

    • Thank you for the compliment. Kisses & Hugs back to you!

  2. Wonderful sex and, also, affection. Lovely story, Milady. I wonder if she expects him to come back or if she just has fond memories, by now, and is searching for a new partner.

    • Sir Robert, I, She is hoping for his return, but than that would be a dream. Searching for that one that will fulfill her desires and share that passion that he brought to the surface that now is muddled among the emotional repair of loss. I seek the man that has big shoes to fill and whom can keep that passion growing long into my many years.


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    • Is this a TRUE comment or SPAM? Because you ended up in my spam folder.

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