What I Want To Do To You ~ My Tease!

First the tease; what do I wear?  Simple it must be, but sexy.  Start with stockings, garter, thong and bra.  Preferably all matching; black lace, my favorite and I believe yours too, but then again do you even care what I have on?

My lips, what color should I paint them?  Red for the videos I make for you, but in real life, natural or just a tint of color.  Nothing that will show up on your clothing or your lips or worse leave a nasty taste in your mouth, I don’t even like the taste of lipstick.

Do I put something over my undergarments?  A large man’s shirt is what I decide on.  White and just long enough to cover the top of my stockings, and I can slip out of easily.

Last are my shoes, black stilettos. Take them off or leave them on in bed.  The heels would possibly get in the way of my feet running down your legs that I so much want to feel.  But you too enjoy the feeling of my feet on your legs and back as you penetrate me.  What did say to me last, “Keep those feet warm by the fire Baby.” Yes, that is right.

Ever since I ran my feet up you legs the first time, you bring it up in every conversation, how you never had a woman do that to you before.  I just want to do that to you again and again.  Or should I say, I want to find a man to do it to again and again.  Love using my feet to touch a man, especially when they are on top. Yes!

I want to run my fingertips down your arms and back up again.  Look at your naked body in front of me and let me know you’re mine.  Run my tongue from your lips and down your neck and then back up again. Letting my hands wander over your skin to feel its warmth, the smoothness of it and how it smells.  Yes, now this is arousing to me and to you.

I run my fingernails down your chest as I stare at your eyes and yes, you do run your hands across my back and down my ass and squeeze it.  Mmmmm, now that I like a lot and I do the same to you.  My hands never stop moving across your body.  I want to touch it forever. I would never get bored with it.

I return my lips to yours and slowly run my tongue across them again, feeling your mustache.  Slowly you part your lips and let my tongue enter your warm mouth where it is met by your tongue and we let them play like forbidden children in the dark.  They are sharing a small place of wetness and warmth.  I feel my senses rise and arousal begin to increase by me teasing you.  I’m as turned on by this as you are.

I feel myself begin to get wet and you haven’t even explored me yet.

With our lips embraced and our tongues entangled I run my nails down the sides of your body to your thighs and then back up again. I want to raise ever hair on your body.  As I continue to let my hands explore and wander, your cock has become so hard and it pressing against my leg.  It wants something or needs something bad.  I wonder what it could be?

I pull my lips away from yours and let my tongue lead the way to your throbbing cock which I must lick and suck on.  It makes the journey slowly as it has to stop to lick and suck on your nipples making them hard.  I don’t leave them alone though, I let my fingertips slowly touch them and rub them as my tongue continues the journey to your cock.

As I grow closer it throbs even more. My hands are needed now to handle your hard cock and stroke it.  I slowly lick it, ever so gently and you moan with complete release of the warmth of my mouth on your cock. I slowly insert the head of your cock into my mouth, than I pull it out and insert it again.  Each time I do this it goes in further and further, until the head of your cock reaches the back of my throat and I begin to massage it with my tongue and lips.  Yes, I am very aroused now and you know it.

Yes, my teaser.  How I enjoy touching a man.  I become lost in the feeling of a man’s body against mine, the warmth and masculinity of a man’s flesh.  It awakens all my senses and I become lost in it.

Yes, this is my tease to my male readers.  What I wouldn’t do to a man if he could touch my soul right now and awaken all those senses built up inside and let me explore them with You!


  1. Your writing is very enticing, filled with eros and provocation… Looking back a few post I saw you may be taking break… hope you return soon, enjoy your style and sensuality here…

    • Thank you for the compliment. I’m trying to post something daily – just shorts. I miss writing my full stories – I am working through some personal issues & the writing helps & hurts if that makes sense. But I’m plugging away at it. ~Victoria

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