An Everyday Wish

Reach over and hold me in the middle of the night and press your body close to mine.  Let your hands slide over my body as you try to study the curves of my flesh.  I feel your cock get hard as you touch me and I become aroused in my half sleep.

I reach around under the covers to let my hand slide down your backside and thigh, feeling all your warmth as I begin to open my eyes on this early morning exercise.  I am filled with need of you.

Your lips continue to move across my neck and down to my shoulders and I move into you as I turn to face you.  I meet your lips with mine as I wrap my leg around yours and your cock moves perfectly between my legs pressing against the lips of my pussy.  It is searching for that warmth that I have waiting for you.

The room begins to glow with the rising of the sun and with the warmth that grows between us, as my pussy becomes wet with desire for your cock.

Your hands run over my body as I return the exchange of touching you to feel the full heat from you and the desire that you have for me.  I want you so badly and I show it from my fingertips to my lips and the way my body melts into yours. We fold together perfectly; a match of body and soul.

You reach down between my legs and finger my pussy that you find wet and inviting to your invasion as I open my leg and move it further up your body above your hip so you can access me.  I release my lips from yours to let a slow low moan at you touch my wetness and you move your lips down to my neck to show me the passion of through your touch.

I let my hand run down your back and across your ass and I reach down to grab hold of your cock and stroke it gently.  I find enjoyment in stroking your cock, as your lips continue to move across my neck and to make the return trip to my lips and your tongue penetrates my mouth.  Our tongues search out each other to create a sensation of pure lust and need of one another.

I take the head of your cock and rub it on my clit as your finger continues to probe my pussy deeper to release more of my wet sweetness.  I can tell between your finger and feeling the head of your cock against my pussy that I am going to orgasm.  With the feeling of your arms around me and all of you, I can’t help but want to feel you inside me, but I know you want me to cum first before.

Your finger moves deeper within my pussy and the sexual energy builds as I am about to release my climax on you with a full fury.  You whisper softly in my ear of how wet I am and I return the message saying how good you make me feel.  I climax and feel the spasms of my pussy on your finger as you drive it into me up to the knuckles of your hand.

I am still stroking your cock and pressing the head against my clit.  You pull your finger out to bring it to your lips to taste my sweet nectar and than allow me to taste myself too. Pushing me over onto my back, my feet slide up your legs and meet in the small of your back as I latch onto you.  Still holding your cock between us, I push it past the entrance to my pussy and you maneuver yourself for full entry to my warmth waiting for you.

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