Random Thoughts III

Place your lips on mine and let your tongue invade my mouth so I can taste you.

Wrap your arms around me and hold me tight and I can feel the warmth from your body; your desire, your passion.

Press your body against mine so I can feel your hard cock through your clothes letting me know how much you desire me.

Run your hands over my body and feel my skin tingle under your touch as I open myself up to you.  You feel the passion I have and I want to share it all with you, now.

Feel the wetness between my legs as you raise the deep need within me and all I want is to feel you in me.  Your hard cock penetrate me.

I wrap myself around you and share all of my body with you and you return that desire back to me.

Wrap yourself within me and I hold you tight.  I smell your skin against mine and feel all of you.  I can’t help but want to run my hands all over you.

I close my eyes and can still feel you touching me.

Never let it stop.

Make me wet with desire for you.  Feel the passion that I have for you in my breath, my lips and my wet pussy as your cock penetrates me deeper.

Make me climax and release all this desire I have pent up inside me.

I want and desire you more than words can say or describe.

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