What is it I Seek?

I write you stories filled with passion, desire and lust. They spark your imagination and make you feverish for want and much more. But today I’m turning the tables and telling You What I Seek. Yes, it is a story of sorts; one of passion, want and yes, lust.

I want to be aroused by your voice. The thought of your lips moving excites me. The tone of your voice touches me deep within my soul.

Your laughter sparks my energy and fills that part of me that is not sexually needed, but is still part of the whole being.

Your text or emails tell me so much of your want or need for me and I express it back to you ten-fold. You tell me what your deepest needs and wants are and I am willing to comply to you and your demands. No, I’m not submissive, but I am willing to please you in every way.

I express to you my passion to feel your body close to mine. The warmth and firmness of your arms and chest. The way your skin reacts to my touch and the aroma of your body fills my nostrils and burns into my memory.

I want to feel your hard cock pressed against my leg even before we started any sexual act because our lips and tongues have ignited that fire deep within. That is just the beginning, because we have already expressed our desire through the spoken or written word.

Our lips fit and move across each other and I can feel the bristles of your unshaven face against mine as your mustache tickles my cheek and I let my lips reach your earlobe and my tongue explores it further. I kiss your neck and feel your body react to this motion and I know you want more of me.

I can feel my pussy react to the touch of your hands on my body, and I begin to get wet and my breathing deeper as you hold me tighter against you. Your arms are my warm blanket on a cold night and the morning sun on winter day. Your flesh pressed hard against me as I feel your heartbeat through your chest. Yes this is passion and only the beginning.

You cup my breasts and feel me become like dough in your hands. I melt like butter and you mold me to meet your needs. I am all yours; willingly and wanting. You suck my nipples as I moan with desire to feel all of you. My hands move across your body as you explore more of me.

I close my eyes and lick my lips so I can take in all the sensation of your hands on my body. Your lips and hands move down to my waiting pussy and I can feel your hard cock move against my body. Your lips reach the spot of your desire and I moan with release as they touch my clit and I can tell I am ready for you to explore me.

I see that your body is in a way I can stroke and suck your cock as your tongue, lips and fingers explore my wet crevice and my clit is throbbing under your touch. I reach over and stroke your cock and move myself so I can suck on you. How many times did I play this scene out in my mind? Too many, I answer myself.

With your lips and tongue in my pussy and my lips wrapped around your cock this is more than I can desire. I want to please you and bring you to a new height of arousal with my mouth. I suck on your head, letting my tongue circle and dance around it. It is growing hard in my hand as I continue to stroke it. My lips and tongue move across and down the shaft to lick and gently suck your balls. I’m in heaven. The sensation of your lips on my pussy and my mouth on your cock, has almost filled the complete list of passion we have shared. Just one more step and it will be complete.

I cum and orgasm under the work of your oral care on my pussy. You feel it spasm and tighten around your finger and you lick at my juices as they flow from me. I shrill and let you know what you have done and want to share this moment with you.

You stop.

Moving yourself so you can let me lick your finger that still has my juices on it and you place your body between my legs and I let my hands roam your chest. You look deep within my eyes as if you see my soul open up to you, no words are spoken but it is written on our faces. You know this is right and it is our destiny.

You press your chest against my body, placing your lips so gently to meet mine. Our tongues continue the dance that was started before.

I run my feet up your legs to your hips and back down again. I want my whole body to take you in. I wrap my legs around your hips and tighten them and I feel the head if your cock probing to be get in to the warm wet cave of my pussy.  I want all of you; your body, your soul and your mind.  God you feel so fucking good next to me, I can’t get enough of you.

You push the head of your cock into my waiting pussy, and I feel it fill me up.  Every inch of it fits into me perfectly like a glove.  You push inwards as my pussy tightens around your cock and I immediately cum with a very welcomed orgasm and my pussy is now more wet than it was before.

You kiss me with tenderness and love.  You want me as much as I want you.  We grab and hold onto each other, wanting to feel every part of each other as we both move within and with one another, a never ending of ballet of unbridled passion we share with one another.

You hold me tightly as you continue to pump your cock deeper into my pussy.  I whisper in your ear how good your cock feels and return the same to me about my pussy as we are both enraptured in our passion for one another.

I feel your head swell deep inside my pussy and I can tell you are going to explode soon with your own orgasm.  I grab you tighter as you move deep inside me and I can’t get enough of you in me or around me.  I feel the full passion you share and the love that you have for me with each kiss, each thrust, each hold you place on me with your arms and your hands.

You cum and explode deep inside me and I climax with you in one full passionate orgasm that we share.  We collapse together and don’t want to let go to what we have, but again I know I must let you go.

I have to let go, because you are just a dream.  You aren’t real.  You live in the depths of my mind and I look for you everywhere I go when I am awake.  I hope and wish someday you become real and I get the opportunity to share all this passion I feel with you.

Readers I am sorry to say, I am not sure how much I will be writing going forward.  Lately it has been difficult for me to put words to paper and thoughts to words.  I will try to publish something every couple of days and I apologize to those that follow me or look forward to reading my posts.  I hope to return with a vengeance soon.



  1. What is it you seek? What are your desires & what is it you passion craves? For only you can answer these questions.


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