Tidbit & Teasers IV

Slipping off her dress while he sat there on the edge of the bed watching her made his cock hard. Looking at her from the back, the way her garter belt held her hips, the stockings clung to her legs with lace skidding along her skin, and he couldn’t help but look at the dimple in her ass. The lace thong added just enough to the whole outfit that almost made his mouth water. So many thoughts ran through his mind.

She turned to find him admiring her and he smiled back, she returned it with a slight laugh. Her thoughts turned to him and his hard cock in his pants.

Walking over to face him, her heels clicking on the floor, she stood between his legs, her full breasts still encased in her bra, right at his eye level only teased him more. He couldn’t resist and let his hands run up the back of her legs, across her round ass and up her back pulling her close to him.

She began to unbutton his shirt and she looked at him intensely. No words had to be spoken between them he knew what she was thinking and she knew what he wanted.

Removing his shirt she let her hands roam his arms, shoulders and torso. Her fingertips teased his skin as her nails trace unmarked roadways across his chest. His skin enticed her and she was becoming aroused, especially as her fingers ran across his hard nipples.

He let his hands return the favor of touching, as they traced the line of her thong, garter belt and moved up to trace the line if her bra across the fullness if her breasts.

The need could be felt through his touch as the two of them continued to exchange all this sexual passion through their fingers. She leaned into him and kissed him ever so lightly, letting lips glide over his. She ran her tongue over his lips letting it trace their outline and tasting him and his mustache. This brought such a shiver of desire that started at the base of her spine and rose up and throughout her body.

She reached down and began to stroke his cock through his pants.  Feeling the hardness of his member made her wet and wanting it so bad.  Her kisses became a bit harder as she moved him back to lie down on the bed.  She pulled herself back from him and stood there between his legs as she undid his pants and licked her lips in anticipation of sucking on his hard cock.  She just couldn’t wait to have it in her mouth.

He wore nothing under his pants and that made her more excited even though she has known this about him since they met it always stimulated her.  Pulling his hard cock out from its hiding place she lowered herself down and rubbed it between her breasts while watching his face and he let out a sigh of pleasure at the feeling of her flesh against it.

She than began to slowly lick it, her tongue circling the head and slowly letting her lips slide over the crest of it and it disappearing into the abyss of her warm wet mouth.

Awww I did it again!  Left you hanging! Hey but I won’t for long, maybe I will finish this story tomorrow or the next…or when I put out my collection of shorts.  You will just have to wait and see.


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