Bites & Bits I

She held on to him for dear life, as if to let go would mean certain death. But it wasn’t the fear if death that made her hold on, it was the amount of pleasure she felt from him fucking her. She gripped him tighter.

Digging her nails into his shoulders and back, to relieve the sexual tension and to let him know the want she had for him. There’s a fine line between pain and pleasure and she had no problem showing him or expressing it.  He was in the clutches of her arms and her mouth so close to his neck, she bit him, leaving teeth marks and a large red spot.  This only made him wild with lust, not what she expected and he drove himself deeper into her.

He kissed her hard and aggressively and she showed no displeasure in his manner. She returned it back to him and thought she may deserve it as his way of paying her back for her nails in his skin.

It was no holds bar tonight, no holding back as the two of them tore at each other like vultures ripping at a dead carcass.

He fucked her harder as she held onto him with her arms and legs. Her legs wrapped around him with her ankles locked as to not let him go. His cock gave her pleasure and his body gave her pain and want. It was pain of the constant need for him, pain of insatiable desire for him. It could never be quenched.

Holding her tightly, he whispered in her ear, “you get on top.”

Undoing her legs from his body, he rolled her over. She pulled back from him; her legs straddled his body as she balanced herself and continued to move her hips into him.

He reached up and pinched her already hard nipples making them pinker.  She felt the surge of pain from him fingers on her nipples run through her breasts and into her spine, but she didn’t stop.  She enjoyed the sensation it gave her and it only excited her more as she rode his hard cock.

Her pussy was so wet because she had climaxed a number of times already and felt the surge of another orgasm beginning to build.

He released his grip on her nipples and pulled her down to his body, her hips continued to move into him and he met every forward motion of them.  He could feel her pussy tighten on his cock; the warmth and the wetness coming from it made his cock so hard.

Their lips met and together they were joined.  Connected throughout their bodies in a meeting of the flesh; intertwined and as one.  Their tongues fought for attention from one another as they moved and explored each others mouths and lips.

He reached down and grabbed onto her ass tightening his hands on her round but firm ass, pulling on her tighter. His cock was throbbing inside her and she could tell he was ready to explode and shoot his full hot load deep inside her.

Left you hanging again didn’t I?  Well that is why they are just teasers, and I LOVE to Tease!


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