Lickers & Suckers

He began licking her pussy slowly and he could hear how her body was reacting to his touch and also feel it through her skin. The skin on her legs was rippling from the sexual tension being released from her being, like the flood gates had started to open and everything was beginning to flow.

Jay continued to lick her pussy just as she had told him; slowly and gently, taking in all of it, than gently press your finger on my clit, he was a very good listener and quick learner. He wanted nothing more than to please her, that is all they had talked about, that and her sucking on his cock.

She moaned with delight and desire as he began to finger her pussy and his tongue gracefully touched her clit. He relished in hearing her vocalize her sexual wants and needs being fulfilled.  She was immersed in the pleasure he was giving her and reached down to clench the sheets in her hands.

Sixty-nine is what he was thinking, but he wanted to please her first or did he?  That was and is his favorite sexual position.  They spoke about it many times before and now they were acting upon it.

He moved his body to be aligned with hers as his tongue continued to work on the folds of her pussy, his finger still probing it as the wetness began to flow from her and he knew she was close to having an orgasm. She knew what he wanted and wasted no time.

She positioned herself between and under his body and began to lick and strike his cock. Holding it with her hand she let her lips and tongue travel the shaft of it and than running her tongue along his balls. She thought of sucking on his cock for so long now, and finally she has the opportunity to do so and to please him.

Letting the head of his cock slowly pass her lips while her tongue circled and licked the tip, it disappeared into the warmth of her mouth. She wanted to eat him up, all of him.  She let his cock glide in and out of his mouth while rubbing his balls and let her tongue coil around his shaft as she stroked it with her free hand.  She pulled his cock out of her mouth only to push it back in, letting it slip past her lips with ease because she had gotten him so wet and hard.

His tongue and finger continued to work on her pussy and he could tell she was getting ready to orgasm as he lightly liked her clit and let his finger move in and out of her wetness.  Her pussy was so hot and tasted so good on his tongue as he let it swept over her lips tasting her gooey juices that flowed from her.

She pulled his cock out of her mouth to catch her breath as she was ready to climax and….

Should I continue or leave you hard, wet and hanging.  We will have to see!

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