Tidbits & Teasers II

He reaches down and touches her thigh feeling the warmth coming off her skin, he can feel how her skin reacts to his touch and that only arouses him more. She let her lips touch the back of his neck and her tongue runs along his hairline and down the nape of his neck.

His cock is getting even harder and she knows what her tongue is doing to him and reaches down and cups his cock and balls in her hand as they speed down the highway doing 65. She can feel the stiffness in his pants as his cock is pressing against the zipper of his jeans. She continues to tantalize him with her lips and tongue.

He waste no time and finds a place to pull over. He finds a secluded spot in a grove of trees; partially shaded but still some sun to warm them. He kills the engine of the Harley and she slides off. No time is wasted between them.

He faces her running his hand up the front of her shirt and finds her nipples are hard under her bra and she reaches down and strokes his cock through his jeans. He pulls her shirt off and unsnaps her bra. She pulls at his t-shirt and pulls it up over his head so she can feel his flesh against hers.

The cool breeze blowing raises the hair on her skin and he can feel the energy flowing from her and he knows she wants him badly. The sun shines through the canopy overhead and warms them, washing over their skin and casting shadows over their bodies. Their bodies are glistening from sweat from the heat and can be seen in the sun.

He licks the sweat from her body and she can tell his level of desire is rising. She continues to stroke his cock through his jeans.

He pushes her against the back of the bike and she removes her shorts and kicks them away. He reaches down and grabs hold of her thong and pulls them off and tosses them to the side. Undoing the zipper of his pants, she pulls his cock out and releases it from its hiding place and strokes it while their lips are stuck to each other. Their tongues intertwine as she strokes his cock and he reaches down to finger her pussy finding it wet and warm.

She pulls him into her and she spreads her legs and wraps them around his body as his cock urges to be inside her pussy and he pushes his swollen head into her. She gasps at the first penetration of his member and he thrusts himself into her. He arches his back as he pushes his fullness of his cock into her.

He watches her face as it gasps with the full penetration of his cock and the wetness of her pussy. Their kisses are like fire in the sun and they are ignited in this moment of passion and pure desire for each other.

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