Tidbits & Teasers

Hello Readers & Followers!

I have to apologize for not posting anything real juicy for your reading pleasure for the last couple of days or week.  I have been very busy with some personal issues and I am trying to work on stories for my collection to be published.

So to keep you entertained I will be doing some “Tidbits & Teasers” on a regular basis.  They will not be long or full stories, but they will be something entertaining to read during your day.  They will still be filled with some wet and hard descriptives of raw sexual energy, but they won’t give you all the story.

I want to keep all you entertained with my writing and also make sure to excite you at the same time.

So for today here is my first Tidbit & Teaser for your reading pleasure.  If you like this, feel free to let me know.  Don’t forget to look for me on Twitter or on Facebook.



Stay Wet & Stay Hard!

Just a little Bit

His tongue licked the outside of her pussy and it made her body quiver with excitement and he could feel it through her legs as his hands were wrapped around her thighs.  She arched her back as he continued to press his tongue deeper into her wet pussy and he found his cock getting harder.

He pressed his thumb against her clit and massaged it slowly to bring her level of arousal that much higher as he than pushed his tongue deeper inside her.  He tasted her wetness and essence as she was beginning to cum for him.

She reached down and grabbed onto his shoulders and dug her fingertips into his skin.  The tips of her nails were leaving half-moon impressions in his skin but he didn’t stop her from doing this, even though he felt the sharpness of her nails.

He moved his thumb from her clit and instead used his tongue to slowly circle the red pea like pellet of her clit and pushed his middle finger deep within her pussy and began to finger fuck her.  She arched her back again, and her breathing was rapid and deep and she came with force and he could feel her pussy tighten around his finger as he continued to press his finger deeper inside of her.

His cock was throbbing in between his legs wanting to feel that wet pussy of hers wrapped around it but he wanted to make sure she was completely satisfied with his mouth and finger before proceeding to the next step of his cock.

Licking and fingering her pussy made her so wet and she climaxed with force and began to move her hips into his face letting him know how much she wanted his finger and tongue deeper into him.

Pulling his finger out her pussy and sticking it in his mouth he licked it clean only to use his other hand to continually massage her clit.  She looked up at him and her chest was heaving with her breathing and he could see the look of desire on her face.  She had desire for his cock that was now rock hard and throbbing in the air to get into her wet pussy.

He pushed the head of his cock into the folds of her pussy and slowly entered her.  She brought her hips up to meet his entry of his cock but he moved so slowly so she could feel every inch of it penetrate her.  His full shaft wasn’t in her pussy all the way and he pulled it out only to repeat the process teasing her the whole way. She grabbed at the air trying to reach out to him as he continually teased her pussy with his cock.

He again pressed the head of his cock into her pussy, pushing it all the way in this time so she could feel the fullness of it deep inside of her.  He still wanted to tease her and he could see on her face the complete want for him, but he wasn’t yet ready to let her feel all of it.

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