What’s Your Turn On?

How many of you have sent sex texts to someone? I have, and enjoyed doing so. I did it for days, weeks, months straight and never got bored doing it and it never became boring. It filled my day with arousal and sexual energy.

I looked forward to these sessions of non-stop desire and want from the time I got up in the morning til the late afternoon. I often found myself so aroused during these “sessions” that I would have to masturbate to relieve the build up of sexual tension.

Modern technology has allowed us to share intimacy with others in just seconds. Whether it be pictures or videos or even using face time to tell someone our deepest desires for them. The ability to turn someone on in that way is so exhilarating to me. Especially if it is someone you don’t see everyday. I’m looking forward to that opportunity to do it again and again.

To strip in a video & send it to someone especially when they aren’t expecting it or when they don’t know what you are going to “show” them is another turn on. To arouse the receiver in this method and them to share the results is like icing on the cake! I enjoyed receiving the video responses of them handling their hard cock in response to my videos. I loved doing it and did almost daily. Everyday I would come up with a different or new idea for a video and send it to them. It was fucking great!

It started out first as a me hosing myself down in a a very thin wet t-shirt and quickly escalated to me covering myself with caramel syrup, chocolate syrup and whip cream and than rubbing it into my chest and hosing that off.  Boy was that fun.  I would definitely suggest doing this in the summer.  Way too cold for a winter activity.  The last video I did was of me stripping down to a corset, stockings, garter and thong, dancing and playing with myself while talking to my “receiver”.  The more you do them the more casual and comfortable you become.  I laughed every time I watched them.

Sometimes he would ask for certain things and I would comply, like masturbating and taping it, stripping, fingering myself and whatever he wanted. What a way to explore one selves inner sexual fantasies. Some people may think that I was too accommodating, but if you find the desire in you to share it with another, than why not!? I saved all of them and the ones they would send back too. Mmmmm to watch them even arouses me now.

I think we as humans should never hesitate to express our sexual desires for someone especially if it is someone we hold dear to us. No, I’m not going to get philosophical, but when you can share intimacy through words and pictures without seeing or being with that person, it raises the level of desire to a new height.

Yes fantasy does come into play with all of this, that I am well aware of. But when neither party wants it to end and knows it can start back up in an instant, there is more than sexual desire there for one another. That is true intimacy as far as I believe.

Yes, intimacy starts between the ears, not between the legs. And if you find that person that you share all of that with, never let them go!

Show your true self through words and pictures to the person whom you desire. Never hesitate to turn them on. I have no regrets or will I ever for sharing this with another person. I am closer to my true self now because of it than I was before.

Thanks “J”!

Now go exposé yourself! And send a pic to someone!

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