Unsatisfied – In honor of Valentine’s Day

How many of you couldn’t wait to “get with” that special person?  Wanting to feel their naked body against yours; the warmth, fullness, whether it male or female, to touch them and have their breasts to play with or to feel their hard cock in your hands.   Well this story is true, and it was a bit of a disappointment to say the least.  It may not be a “bitter” end to love, but it is bitter beginning to something that ended before love.

Their first encounter of sex had already been played out in her mind.  She had fantasized about it for days if not weeks.  The distance between them didn’t allow them to see each other frequently enough, so every other weekend he would come over without his daughter and spend the day with her.  She had the day planned and was so excited over having this day with him alone.

She dressed provocatively under her regular clothes in anticipation of him undressing her.  Black, being her favorite color, she pulled out her lace bra and thong and put that on under her hot pink angora sweater that fit her body snugly showing off her full breasts and curves of her torso.  She was arousing herself with the thought of him undressing her, touching her and having him lick her pussy.  He spoke often of how he enjoyed eating pussy so much and she really enjoyed oral; giving and receiving.  She couldn’t wait to have him undress her and act on all the sexual thoughts they had discussed.

They had both spoken about this a number of times, considering the distance between them so the chance of sneaking away for a day without any interruptions was a something they both wanted.

He arrived and it was a cold day out and she had a fire going, not only in her pants, but in the fireplace.  Soft music was playing in the background.

It had been awhile since she had sex and couldn’t wait to have him touch her and to feel him naked next to her.

His body said a lot of about him.  He was well built, with a muscular chest and arms, not artificial from steroids, but natural.  His arms felt good around her body and she could only imagine him naked and this was going to be a splendid if not an exciting time.  Naked with all that masculinity next to her, made her mind think that fucking him would be a great experience.

She didn’t want to waste too much time once he arrived and they went straight to the bedroom.

Kissing each other with the fullness of desire and want, they both wanted this to happen.  Both wanted this time to explore each other and all they had talked about.  Though there was a rush to get started in her mind, once in the bedroom things moved slower.

Slowly they undressed each other and she was able to feel those tight muscles she only dreamt about.  Tight and hard, his chest and his arms felt strong under her touch.  His body felt good against her skin, even with her bra still on.

He slowly undid her bra and she let it slide down her arms exposing her breasts.  He cupped them in his hands and kissed them and licked her nipples.  She let her head move back and closed her eyes to just take in the sensation of his mouth and hands on her breast and she could feel herself becoming aroused.  She couldn’t wait to get the rest of him naked.

This is when things went south quickly and I am not talking about her mouth or his!

Undressing him thinking he would be in some type of manly undergarments, she found him in a pair of tight nylon underwear; very unattractive.  They weren’t bikinis, they weren’t briefs, and they were a cross between the two.  Trying to hide her disappointment in his undergarments, she was also trying to contain herself that he wasn’t as “manly” as she was thought to believe.  Trying to contain herself, she still went through with the forward motion of taking this as a step to see what would happen.

Stroking his cock through his panties is the best way to describe them, his cock was hard, but was not the size or the thickness she would prefer.  Still she stroked it hoping it would get a bit larger, but it didn’t.  That was the size, the size that fit in her hand and didn’t overflow any.

Pulling his undergarments down, she lowered herself to suck on his cock and found that she could get the whole thing in her mouth, another disappointment.  She thought to herself well this won’t take long now will it.  She continued for a couple of minutes of sucking him finding out that it wasn’t getting any larger and was almost a joke.

Still hiding her disappointment she stopped and began kissing him again and he bent down and removed her panties to find a strip of hair leading to her wet slit, as was her tendency to shave her pussy in that pattern.

Moving her to the bed so he could lick her, since he had told her a number of times he loved to eat pussy.  Anticipating a pleasurable experience, this only added to the complete disappointment of this whole encounter.

He began to lick and finger her with such aggressiveness that it was overwhelming at his method of trying to please her.  She told him to take it slow and changed his pace some, but still he wanted to show his ability to do this act and do it well.  Which was just more frustrating to her and she found her arousal diminishing with each lick of his tongue and his finger probing.

He used not only one finger but two to try to get her to climax.  Her own sexual aggravation began to climax more than her sexual arousal to orgasm.  She attempted to get him to slow down some, and he did but than went back to his method.  I guess he thought it was tried and true for all women, but not all women are alike.

Eventually she just stopped him from continuing, letting him know she wanted to feel him inside her.  Showing him that she wanted to feel all of him against her, his firm body and the all that warmth.  She was only hoping that the second act would be better than the first.

He pressed his firm body against hers, pressing his legs in-between hers.  Kissing with a great deal of passion and desire, she felt the excitement begin to build in her again.  The want and need to have a man make love to her.  She wanted it so.

He reached down and pushed his hard cock inside her, or should we say, she thought he pushed his cock inside her.

For the first time in her life, she couldn’t tell if a man that she was supposed to be having sex with her was inside her or not?  Was he? Or wasn’t he?  What happened?  She was like what is happening?

In seconds he climaxed and it was over.  She was still wondering what happened.  Perplexed and very puzzled, she didn’t say a thing to him.  She just laid there in bewilderment at the second act that was like a quick kill of any sexual desire.  She didn’t orgasm with his “oral” magic as he seemed to express to her, nor with the ability to please her with his cock, which she still wasn’t sure if he ever was inside her or not.  It was like the most horrifying thing that ever happened to her.

All the anticipation of having sex with this man that was all she thought about for days and than only to be completely dissatisfied with the whole act!  It was definitely an anti-climax of the whole afternoon.

Needless to say, they didn’t have sex again and shortly after that they stopped seeing each other.  Not due to his “lack” of muscle between his legs, but that was part of it.

This was just the beginning of many dissatisfying relationships she would experience in the next 6 years.  Not from sexual dissatisfaction, but from not being “completely” satisfied with the men she was with.

So Ladies – always check the package before your buy the WHOLE body!  Ask for proof!

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