In The Moonlight

Blood always looks black in the moonlight.

Lying on the coldness of the bathtub, her hair and dress still dripping wet from showering with her clothes on to remove all the blood from her clothing and her skin, she replayed it in her mind what had just taken place.  The reality of it all hadn’t sunk in yet, but she was trying hard to rationalize all that the happened this evening.

How many times did she see or hear about him with another woman?  Too many to answer she thought, but this time was the last time for him.  Layla had had her fill of Tom’s escapades.

Her rage had taken over where jealousy had ended and she couldn’t take anymore of his cheating and lies.  She had to do it, she told herself.  Trying hard to convince herself that it was ok that she had killed him in their bed.  Almost like an after dinner drink or the cigarette after having sex, why not kill him after a night out together.

The evening started out smoothly.  His kind words and gestures and the pre-dinner sex, we can’t forget about that now can we, she thought.  It was probably the best ever in the whole time they were together.

Coming home and showering as he always did after work and before going out, she snuck in the shower behind him unannounced and he was startled at first but welcomed her into the warmth of the water.

They lathered each other up and she paying strict attention to his well hung cock as she stroked it in her hand with the soap making it hard as she let her lips and tongue explore his mouth.  He reached down between her legs and fingered her pussy and found it warmer than the steam of the shower and he pushed his finger deep within her.

Her hair clung to her skin as he pulled her closer leaving very little room for her to continue to stroke his cock which by now was hard and waiting to visit her warm pussy.  This was not the first time of them fucking in the shower, so she knew that she would have to turn around for the fun to begin.

Switching her body so her ass met his cock, he pushed it deep within her pussy with one quick motion. He grabbed hold of her hips and rammed his cock deep inside her as she held herself up by pressing her palms against the back of the shower stall.  The intensity of the warmth of her pussy and his cock made her climax immediately and she came with force and he felt her pussy tighten around his cock.  She hollered out at the rush of sexual release when she came and that made him press his cock further into her.

He was fucking her so hard she had a difficult time keeping her balance on the wet surface of the tub.  He held her hips tightly in his hands and she could feel a bit of pain from his grip, but it never bothered her, but this time she felt it more.

Releasing herself from him, not because she didn’t want to finish, she wanted to suck on him under the hot running water.  Taking his cock in her mouth she started out slowly just, sucking it and stroking it under the water as he flowed down her face.  He always made comments to her after sex about how she couldn’t deep throat him, but this time she did.  She let all of his cock enter and disappear into her mouth up to his balls.

He grabbed hold of her wet hair and head pushing his cock deeper into her mouth as he fucked it just like he had just fucked her pussy.  He made a statement to her about how she finally is learning what he has been telling her all these months.

Pulling his cock out and doing it again and again, letting it slide deep into her mouth as she rubbed and massaged his balls, she was enjoying this even if she could feel the amount of rage beginning to build in her.  She knew he wouldn’t last much longer with the warm water, her mouth and the continual stroking in between.

He climaxed with force deep in her throat and she swallowed all of it.  She felt the hot liquid fill her mouth and flow down her throat.  She pulled his cock out once she knew it was empty of his hot cum.  Still stroking it in her hand she returned her lips to his and they shared a warm embrace under the hot water.

Dressing for dinner, not much was said between the two of them and they headed out the door and that is when the feeling of rage began to surface.

He not only was he rude to her in public, he continued to tell her more lies about his day.  She knew he was with someone else as was his customary Friday lunch out.  She had seen him, with another woman and followed them to a hotel where they stayed the whole afternoon.  This wasn’t the first time but it sure as hell was his last.

During dinner he did his typical flirtatious attitude with the waitress and watching the other women in the restaurant.  Not that Layla wasn’t attractive, she was; he just could never give her the attention he gave other women when they were out.  The wheels in her head began to spin.

Once home he went into the bedroom to undress.  The pressure in her head was ready to explode as he continued to flagrantly talk about how this woman or that woman was coming on to him, here or there.  She could feel the heat from her anger begin to overtake her reasoning or logic.

Grabbing the kitchen’s chef knife from the holder on the counter, she went into the bedroom.  Just as he turned to face her, she struck.  First with a solid hit of the knife to his chest, forcing him to fall backwards against the bed, he was caught off guard and struggle with her, but he had too much to drink during dinner.  She hit him again with the knife this time dead on.  Still trying to stop her and yelling at her, she didn’t hear or feel a thing towards him as she lashed one last time and slit his throat and he collapsed back on the bed.  His eyes rolled back and she watched the blood flow from him, just like the lies had flowed from his mouth only minutes earlier.


  1. So dark.

    • Yes I wanted to make it dark – For the month of February most of my stories are going to be dark or unsatisfying – just something different.

  2. tallulahrose

    Yep.. you got it babe… Story is good…. And who didn’t know a guy like that at some time… I know I did…xx

    • I think every women has experienced one of these in our lives! I will definitely participate next week too! Lots of fun!

  3. He got what he deserved. A woman should never put up with a man like him. The suspense was carried throughout your story even though the reader knows from the beginning she has killed him. Love your Thrill.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I think I may continue to write some more of these. I found it enticing to do!

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