Heated Passion

His hand felt like fire as it ran up her leg increasing the heat coming from within her. Feeling his lips on hers gave her a burning desire for him even more.  Passion and warmth ran between them like an uncontrolled fire.  Nothing was going to put it out; it was there to burn for a long time.

He looked at her and she could see the passion of desire in his eyes and she licked her lips trying to cool them down but she just couldn’t.  She could feel her body begin to perspire from the shear heat coming from his hands.  Like the devil himself was there to seduce her, her body temperature began to rise.

Anytime they had sex it was unbelievable.  Filled with intensity and desire, but this time was different.  The sexual need was so heightened between them, it was as if they were going to explode right there before any penetration was going to take place.

The wetness between her legs was very evident to her and he hadn’t even reached her sweet spot to test it.  She could feel the warmth and heat emitting from her pussy and the blood begin to flow into it and she could tell her lips were beginning to swell and her clit was become sensitive.

His hands ran up the inner part of her legs and she spread them wider so he could reach all of her.  Her hands clenched the sheets as he continued to toy her body with his hands and fingertips; his eyes never leaving hers.  Her breathing became more rapid and deeper the closer he got to her pussy.

She looked down at her chest and could see her nipples were hard with excitement of his touch as both his hands had reached her pussy and let them touch her ever so softly.  She jumped with excitement, like a small electrical charge just went through her body. Her breathing was becoming more rapid and deeper with each glance of his touch on her lips.  She didn’t say a word to him, she didn’t have to, and he knew what she wanted.   But he was going to tease her some to raise the heightened level of seduction between the two of them.

He continued to antagonize her with his hands and fingers, letting them roam over her legs and pussy just lightly touching her and he could see on her face the amount of anxiety he was causing her.  The ultimate tease he performed on her made his cock hard and it too was raging with desire to feel her pussy wrapped around it.

He moved his gaze from hers to just watch his hands move over her thighs and he started to become more aggressive with his touch.  He squeezed her thighs as he slowly moved his hands across them.  Pulling on the skin and grabbing her flesh with his full hands and pulling her legs even further apart as he continued to kneel in-between them.

He looked at her and her lips were slightly parted and her eyes partially closed as he continued this motion on her legs with his hands and he gave her a smirk just to let her know he was enjoying this part of the passion play.

Moving his body down between her legs, he let his fingers now just tickle the inside of her thighs and her pussy lips continually raising the arousal in her body.  It quivered under his touch and she let out a sigh of anticipation of her mouth and fingers on her pussy.

Without any thought of the amount of teasing he was doing to her, he continued to taunt her body with his fingers and now his tongue.  Just letting the tip of his tongue touch the skin on her inner thighs, than slowly letting it move across her lips and occasionally flicking her clit, this was now hard and sensitive to any touch. Letting his tongue move across her skin made her flesh tremor with his touch and he continued to toy with her most sensitive part of her body.  The sexual energy was growing inside of her with each feeling of his hands and tongue.

He moved his tongue to settle on her pussy and he pressed it against her lips, licking them with force but with a tenderness that drove her wild. His tongue moved over her clit that was swollen and gorged, making it even harder.  He slowly moved his thumb to massage her clit as his tongue continued to lick the fold of the outer part of her pussy the inner part of her thighs.  She was about ready to explode underneath his tongue.

She moved her legs at an angle to allow her feet to run up and down his back as he moved his tongue across her pussy.  She loved the feel of his skin against any part of her body.  He feet glided over his back and down his ass and she closed her eyes to take in the vision of him in her mind.

The sweat across her chest was beginning to increase as her breathing was heavier.  Still clenching the sheets in her hands as he continued to lick and probe her pussy with his tongue, she didn’t know how long she would last.  His touch was intense and it made her want to scream out to him, but she restrained herself keeping all that energy inside until she could feel his hard cock inside her.

He pushed his tongue into her pussy licking and probing her as his thumb continued to press on her clit.  He replaced his tongue with his finger as he slowly moved it into her and he could feel the full warmth and wetness of her crevice and he knew she was close to climaxing.  He wanted to tease her as much as possible with his mouth and fingers before letting her feel his hard cock.  All this sexual tension was also building inside of him as he progressed in teasing and toying with her pussy.  Making her want him even more was part of this game he was playing.

She reached down and grabbed his arms feeling the tenseness in his biceps as she squeezed them and let her fingernails dig into his skin.  She was leaving a mark this time.  She could feel his flesh tighten under the grip of her fingers as she knew she was making him feel the pain and agony of her want for him.  The fullness of her passion and desire could not be held back much longer as she began to push her pussy into his face and finger, letting him know she wanted him in her.

He continued to finger fuck her and let his tongue lick at her juices as they began to flow from her pussy, feeling it tighten around his finger he could tell she was about ready to burst with an orgasm.  With the motion of her hips he moved with her as his finger and tongue met her movement.

She climaxed with a burst of sexual passion and energy and dug her nails deep into his skin.  Pushing her pussy as hard as she could into and onto his mouth and finger, she wanted him to feel all that pressure she was releasing as she came with all the wetness that she was holding onto.

Her breathing was rapid and the perspiration was running down the back of her neck and she could feel all the sexual tension begin to be released.  How good he made her feel crossed her mind.  She wanted to share all of that with him every time they were together.  Letting him know that she would do anything to please him and he her.  There was a fire of passion that they shared and could not be matched.

Like an internal flame from within her, her pussy was hot and the substance that flowed from her was even hotter.  He tasted and licked at her juices as she came and he could feel all the spasms of her pussy. But he was far from finished with pussy, though he knew she wanted his cock deep inside her.

Licking and probing at her still with her hips continually moving into him, he couldn’t get enough of her taste.  He felt the tightness of her hands on his arms and her nails digging into his flesh, but he didn’t feel any pain, just the full passion and desire that he always felt from her, but this time it was so intense.

His cock was throbbing to be inside her and he knew she wanted to feel all of it.  Reaching the point that he couldn’t hold back any more he pulled himself away from her sweetness and moved his body to press it against hers and he laid on top of her.

He gazed at her moving the hair away from her lips and face and he kissed her with the deepest passion that they had shared.  She tasted herself on his lips and she licked them and his mustache as he let his tongue move across her lips too.  Now his tongue was probing to meet hers and they kissed feverishly as if they hadn’t kissed in days, weeks or months.  They just wanted to taste each other so much.

His cock was pushing against her pussy and wanted into that warm wet hole and fast. She reached down between them and grabbed hold of his cock and pushed the head into the folds of her lips so he could enter her. Slowly he pushed his cock into her.  He wanted her to her feel every inch of it as it began to penetrate her.

Pulling his lips away from her so he could watch her face as his cock moved into her warmth, she couldn’t hide the passion and desire for him.  She felt the full sexual need of his body, all of it, against her and in her. She ran the bottom of her feet up his legs and down again. A trait she did to him that made him full of want for her.  He told her of it often and loved when she did it.

Feeling the tenseness of his legs and the way his cock moved into her drove her crazy with want.  She became untamed under him, like a wild animals was just unleashed as his cock was now fully inside her pussy.

She wrapped her legs around him, locking her feet.  Grabbing hold him with her arms and pulling him into her as close as he could be.  Their lips met with passion, desire and sexual want as they became joined in this highlight of heat that could not be extinguished.

He wrapped his arms under her torso and grabbed hold of the back of her shoulders pulling her into him with each thrust of his cock and he could feel her pussy tighten around him again.  They whispered to each other exclaiming how good each other felt inside or around themselves, not like they never said it before, but they always said it over and over again to each.  To reassure one another of the full extent of their passion they had.

Pulling, grabbing and thrusting into one another, they continued on this road of heated exchange as they became one with each other.  Neither could let go and just wanted to continue on this road of feverish need to fulfill their deepest desire.  Like two wild animals mating in the wild, they couldn’t get enough of each other.

She came with force and intention as her pussy tightened and loosened around his cock.  The wetness poured from her pussy and made his cock slide into her as deep as it would go with ease.

Still clenching to each other for dear life, their lips still connected making the full circle of their bodies joined between his cock and her pussy and their mouths, she sank her fingernails into him again while wrapping her legs even tighter around his waist.  Feeling the fullness of his cock deep inside her excited her even more and she could tell she was getting ready to cum again.  Holding him even tighter than she could possibly imagine feeling the muscles in her arms flex as if this was a wrestling match, she dared not let go as she came and hollered out in a loud exclamation of her sexual release.

Loud and clear she was with letting him know that she was cumming, telling him to fuck her harder and harder with each thrust. The pulling and grabbing could not be stopped as they moved and moved some more, embracing and releasing to move with each other.

The sweat from her body now could be felt through themselves and his cock was throbbing deep inside her.  She knew that he couldn’t last much longer and she continued to orgasm and her pussy was so wet and she tightened it even more around his cock.

He came and she did too at the same time as was their custom, like sealing the deal on this heated performance of hot sex and sensual passion and desire.  What more could become of their sex act?  Each time got better and better and more explosive with expression of want and need.

The feeling of pure heated lust or was it passion?  Neither of them knew, but neither questioned it. The moment shared was now burnt into their memory.  Sealed with a kiss that was just as hot and desirable as when they first met.


  1. I need to check and verify that my kitchen fire extinguisher is fully charged…

    • LOL! Yes, FIRE was on my mind besides Passion when I wrote this. Thanks for sharing this on Twitter too! xxoo

      • You’re very welcome, but if I damage my laptop because I sprayed it down due to overheating, I’m going to blame you.

      • As I tell a number of people “feel my heat” and I will make you HOT!

      • Duly noted!

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