What Are your Panties Saying

Talking about underwear and we know there are all types of undergarments that men and women wear, but what do your like on your partner or yourself.

I personally love to wear thongs.  I occasionally do wear regular bikini underwear, especially when the temps get a bit low, but thongs are just sexier no matter what you have on.  I believe that underwear says a great deal about a person and how they feel about themselves.

Thongs come in all types; lace, satin, cotton, silk, but all say the same thing about the woman wearing them.  Decorated or printed with sayings or rhinestones or appliqués, they all speak of sexual energy and being self-assured of oneself.

Recently, I explored my own drawer of undergarments and found some interesting items.  I even found a pair of thongs that tie!  Yes, I found them exciting to put on, but not having someone to take them off was a bit disappointing.  Oh, I shared a picture of them with someone, but they never got the opportunity to see them live.  Such is my life, but still I keep looking in my drawer and outside in my world for that ultimate partner that matches my sexual energy.

But underwear or any type of undergarments can be so alluring to the opposite sex.  So for a number of months I shared my “underwear of the day” with someone.  I found it exciting to do and I can’t wait to do it to another person.  Dressing in something sexy and lacy and taking a picture and sending it to someone…now that is a great way to start the day with someone that you don’t have close in a proximity to see on a daily basis.  But even if you do, why not share your underwear with that special person in your life?

Now as far as men and their undergarments, I actually prefer a man that doesn’t wear any!  Oh, the thought of knowing your man has nothing on underneath his pants is so exciting!  To see a man with an hard cock stuck in his pants pressing against the inside of his clothing wanting out is such a fucking turn-on to me.  I have many pictures of that, problem is I never downloaded from my phone to be able to share…but I may later on.

Boxers on a man are acceptable if he has to wear any underwear.  Even boxer briefs are acceptable. But bikinis on a man are like, I don’t think so.  I’m sure there are women and men out there that would disagree with that, but you have to have a certain body type and cock size, I’m sorry to say for a bikini panty to look good on a man.  That is my opinion.

There is not room for “tighty whities”!  They are completely unacceptable in my world, just like white socks!  I fucking hate them!

The best is just naked fucking flesh!  To feel some warm hot flesh pressed up against me on a cold night.  Awww…yes I am horny!

Back to the subject, I really love knowing a man has no underwear on under his clothes.  No matter how hard I try not to think about it, the thought passes through my mind from time to time, especially if we are sitting there having conversation.  The last man I was with didn’t wear any, and I just loved that thought.  So I put it on my wish list for the next man in my life. If he wears underwear, I will convert him to my standard!

But panties are so inviting, thongs, bikinis or even boy shorts on a woman, and nothing on a man.  It raises the arousal in all of us wondering what that person of the opposite sex may have on under their clothes.  I know I think about it often when I am out, and I am not ashamed to think about it.  Trying not to stare at a woman or a man, and think about what they may have on under their dress or pants.

Nothing like feeling a smooth silky piece of fabric brushing against your lips when you are walking and it arouses you, and your mind begins to wander.  I know mine does.  I find myself thinking of how much I would love to have my lover remove them to only play with me and get me more wet!

I know this isn’t a really exciting blog to read, but hey, I’m taking about undergarments!  I love undergarments!  I have more panties than I realized.  I could probably go almost all year without wearing the same pair twice!  No two are the same.

I will explore it further some day and post “samples” of panties; some of mine or pics of hard cocks in pants without underwear.  I think I can do that, anything to make my readers happy.

If you wear panties; thongs, bikinis, or boy shorts, keep them wet and silky.  If you are a man, turn your woman on and go commando!  You’d be surprised at how much that is a exciting for a woman.

Just the thought!


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