I haven’t been kissed in months.

It is so underestimated when it comes to passion. Kissing is the first introduction to an encounter to show passion and desire, and we overlook it so much. The lips are the most sensitive part of the body and is often ignored when it come to the ability to share sexual energy.

The thought of your lips or at this point any man’s lips would be welcoming. I want to feel the warmth and wetness that they share with me on mine. The sensuality of your lips touching mine or even my lips touching yours raises the passion between the two of us. It opens the door to the invitation of sexual energy to be shared. It is the beginning and the end of all sexual encounters.

Feeling our tongues intertwining in search of that spot to touch, to feel, to explore each others orifice never becomes dull or boring. Running my tongue across your lips and feeling the bristles of your mustache and letting my lips nibble on the hairs.

Explore with your lips my body, used them as if they were your fingers running over my skin. Let them flow freely over me. Feel the hair on my body and how my skin reacts to them.

Let me touch your lips with my fingers, feeling the smoothness and the texture in which they possess. Touch their fullness as you close your eyes and I run my tongue over them knowing I am sending chills up your spine. I pull on your lips with mine, allowing my teeth to just put enough pressure on them to pull on them and show my full appetite for you. You return the touch of your lips and tongue to mine and the hairs on the back of my neck begin to rise and I get the most strange sensation between my legs, feeling the arousal in my pussy build just with your kiss.

You add the embrace to the kiss that heightens the energy between the two of us and I feel the full effect of your kiss as your body is pressed against mine. I can feel the hardness of your cock in your pants and your kisses become more passionate and aggressive. Showing more want and desire that reaches into my soul and touches me in the depths of that spot that no one else can reach. You share with me your full body with just your kiss and it doesn’t stop there.

Your lips move down my neck as I keep my eyes closed and I can feel them caress the nap of my neck and move up and down slowly covering my body with chills and energy. Your embrace holds me closer as you exercise your lips on my body touching me and increasing the sensitivity in my skin. I can’t resist you.

You envelop me with your arms and you touch me with just your lips increasing all the want and passion between the two of us that started with just a kiss.

Just a kiss and how much can be shared between two people. The complete passion, want and desire, with just two lips, and we share it every time. Full or thin. They are the gateway to expressing all that we want from our sexual partner. The sensuality, the sexuality of need, the passion of desire is all there to be shared. Why don’t we spend more time exploring the kiss and less time with the need of satisfaction, when the kiss is the beginning and the end of it all? It is the beginning and the end, and it starts with just a kiss.

Let me run my tongue across your lips and you tell me what it brings to your senses.


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