Anticipation of ….

Your mouth waters with excitement as you feel the sweat begin to build on the back of your neck. Your palms get clammy as you try to relax and shake your hands in the air to relieve the moisture.

The muscles in your body tense with each thought that crosses your mind. You pace to occupy yourself and your mind. Visions of all you spoke about run through your head like a slide show only to repeat over and over again in an endless loop.

You light a cigarette even though you don’t want one, in hopes it will calm you.

You can feel your pussy begin to get wet with excitement and the thought of your lovers fingers, lips, tongue or cock touching you. You know your nipples are hard in your bra, without even touching them.

Perspiration builds on your body as you continue to pace, you lick your lips and take another drag of the cigarette leaving your lipstick as a trace that you were there.

You can feel your heart beating in your chest; pounding as if it is going to explode. You will explode though as soon as you feel that erect cock of his penetrate your wetness. Climax and orgasm has become an everyday word in your daily conversation.

You can’t wait to wrap your mouth around his cock and suck and lick it just as he has told you he is looking forward to that. He can’t wait to feel your mouth on his cock again; warm and wet. Licking and sucking him till he can’t take anymore. Than having him thrust his cock deep in your pussy and you cum with force and release all the sexual tension you have building inside you.

You just can’t wait.

The passion that is building in your chest and stomach is not from nerves but from pure raw need of each other. The sexual exchange you have to share must be completed and soon. You feel it course through your body with each heartbeat.

FUCK I NEED AND WANT YOU is a statement you have shared with each other time and time again.

Your heels are clicking on the hardwood floor as you continue to pace and your stockings are making that slithery sound they do when you walk. Your thong is damp from your pussy being wet with wait and longing for his arrival.

You stamp out your cigarette blowing the smoke into the air. You heart is beating so fast and even you are trying to calm yourself down, but nothing seems to be working.

You don’t even realize the headlights in the driveway.

The doorbell rings. You catch your breath.

Opening the door you see….

The alarm clock buzzer goes off and you wake from your dream.

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