You Are My Destiny

Walking in beauty, He can’t get her out of his mind.  She just wants to touch him and hear his voice.  Let me make love to you, they both think. I just want to touch you with my body, everyday, all day.

Images of her ran through his mind.

He recalls the smoothness and scent of her skin.  How it felt against his; warm and welcoming, he can almost feel it. It reacted so inviting to his touch, as he ran his fingers across her chest and down her arms.  Her legs brushed up against his as they lie there together.  He can almost feel the warmth as he lies there alone in the dark. He could feel all of her heat; body and soul.  Her breasts against his body; firm and yet soft, made his body aroused.

Miles away from where he is, thoughts of him cross her mind.

She sees the rough exterior but the images of a soft yet firm man.  His kind and welcoming eyes and soft smile warms her. His scent of his heat, she feels the smoothness of his chest and felt the maturity of his body, firm but full, not overweight as he said he was. He filled her arms just perfectly.  She enjoyed his body just as it was.  She wanted to grab hold and not let go.  She wanted to run her whole body up his as they stood there and she watched him trace her breasts with his fingertips, electrifying her skin.

I want to get close to you, she thought as the images ran through her head like a slideshow.

They mesh together as one and their bodies are like one within the sheets.  Folding into one another, like two lovers that were always together, not the first time that they lay with one another. Like destiny this was meant to be.  This moment of pure raw sexual energy that they shared in the moon lit night.

They enfold together like wrapping paper on a present.  One does not own the other, but they are connected.

His cock fits perfectly in her pussy that is wet and warm.  Filling her like no other as they are rolling into each other satisfying each others desires and fulfilling the passions that they shared.  They can’t get enough of each other. Taste, smell and touch.

Kissing with want and need, their tongues tangled like two snakes wanting to bite each other with their venom.  The fire spilled from one another, like a feeding frenzy, not able to get enough of each other from their lips to their bodies.

Together they are one in this moment, a memory that will last a million years.

He presses his body into hers as he continues to pump his cock into her making her cum, as she cries out his name; Jay.

Feeling her juices flow from her, his cock gets even harder inside her.  His throbbing cock wanting to satisfy her quench for sexual fulfillment arouses him for a deeper want of her.  He feels her body become tense as her pussy spasms with her orgasm and she grabs hold of him with want.  To feel his body into hers is what he’s been wanting for months and she shows no restraint in expressing it back to him.

She whispers to him as they let go of their lips, “Stay with me.”

He wants to hold her for eternity.  Never to let go of her, she fills his day with desire to please her and to have her to himself.

He is pressed into her to feel her breathing as her breaths become they become deep and rapid.  He pulls his body back from her so to grab hold of her hips to pull her into him and she reaches up to grab his chest and let her hands explore his body.

They stare at each other to take it all in.  Letting this moment last as long as they can hold onto.

Her pussy is tightening around his cock as he continues to penetrate her with each thrust. Pulling and grabbing they are ravenous on each other to fill that unquenchable desire they have.  Their bodies alive in each others arms showing the full desire they have for one another.

“Fuck me Jay!” She cries out.

He pulls his cock out only to ram it back into her with force and intention.  Filling her up once again with his member as it throbs inside of her.  Again, she climaxes. Her body tightens and relaxes with the spasms of her pussy around him; not just his cock, that is throbbing inside her, bringing her unwarranted pleasure that she seeks from him.

His lips reaching down to embrace hers and they share this passionate moment.  She wraps herself around him letting him know through her body language her full desire for him, and only him.  Arms and legs pulling him into her, they are in union with each other, not just physically, but in all levels of sexual want.

The raw sexual energy they share as they continue to embrace one another.  Filling the void of want and need in each others arms.  No words can describe this mutual passion they share.

He pulled back for an instant she runs her hands up his chest across his nipples to feel they are hard and her hands continue up to his neck and face to let her fingers run through his hair.  She is taking all of him in.

His cock cannot take much more as he pumps it into her, letting her know he is almost ready to explode.

She feels his cock getting harder and his head is pressing into her with each thrust.  Her pussy is so wet, that he slides with ease in and out of her, though it is tight around his cock.

He cums with an explosion of warm juices into her filling her pussy and he expresses the release of sexual tension both verbally and physically.  She climaxes with him, sharing this moment of complete open passion.

Feeling his cock continue to thrust into her, she can’t stop cumming from the feeling of his body on her wanting this moment to last forever.  She grabs and pulls at him and he returns the same amount of desire back to her.  Wrapping his arms under her to pull her into his body to feel it tighten and pull on him.

They just can’t get enough of each other, this one and only time.

Both returning their lips to each other as if to seal the deal, they finish this play with the same passion that they started, a high level intensity and need, they still can’t get enough of one another’s body.  Wanting and not getting enough of each other through this act of sex, holding on to each other for the sake of the moment.  The passion is still flowing between the two of them as they loosen their embrace.  With his cock still inside her as he lies on top of her, still feeling her heavy breathing and her heartbeat through his chest she could still feel it throb as they begin to relax in each others’ arms.

They slowly untangle themselves, but do not release their lips.  They can’t let go, because by doing so would end this sexual energy that they just shared and bring an end to the act.

The full moon in the sky fills the room with brightness.

The passion play has ended, but they are connected not only physically but through their sexual energy that they have shared.  Yet they are miles away and they are still quite alive in each others memory and thoughts.

You are my destiny and I carry you with me everywhere I go, she thought to herself as they lay there still as one. Knowing she is in his, because they are connected; one within each other and will remain there for years to come.

Though they are miles away, they remain in each other’s thoughts.

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