I slide my hands up your legs as we look into each other’s eyes, not wavering from our stare. I watch your face to see what you want, but I know what you want, you’ve told me many times.

I tease you with my fingertips as you lie there naked across my bed and I explore your body as if it is unknown territory. I feel the warmth and tension coming from your skin: sexual warmth and sexual tension.

I’m in no hurry to rush this process of pleasing you, for I am in control of this act, and control I will. I will bring you to the brink of climax and than stop only to bring you back to the beginning again. I’m enjoying myself on your body.  Lavishing in the ability to please you and please myself.

Taking my time exploring every inch, I slowly move my gaze from your eyes and watch my hands move across your legs. I’m still enthralled by the feeling of your flesh under my hands as they reach up to your inner thighs. I let my fingertips slowly run across your balls and you let out a slow moan of pleasure.  I know I am on the right track.

I start all over again touching you, but now I use my tongue.  As if my tongue is my finger fingertips, I slowly run my tongue up your legs following the same path to its destination.

Your skin is moving under the touch of my tongue and my fingertips as I move up your calves and the top of your thighs.  Letting my hands wrap around your legs and grab the back of them and my tongue goes in the opposite direction to the tender part of your inner thighs.  Reaching my object of desire, I lick your balls and let my tongue run up the shaft of your cock as it is throbbing for attention, but I don’t stop there.

I run my tongue under your balls burrowing my face in your crotch as I lick the part directly under your balls. Letting your balls move under my tongue and lips.  I kiss and lick them so gently and your cock is bouncing in the air to get my attention.  You want so badly to feel it deep within the warmth of my mouth.

With my hands under your thighs, I push them up so I can feel your ass in my hands as I cup your cheeks and let my tongue run up and down your shaft to your balls, making you wet.  I am still not finished with my exploration. I move now to your torso, the open field of wonderment and flesh.

Now I use not only my tongue, I put my lips into play.

Your cock is throbbing for attention; from my tongue, lips or my hands, but I want to finish my exploration before I return my attention back to your hardness.

Moving my tongue and lips I find one of my favorite spots of your body, just above your hardness, in the crease of your pelvis area near your hips.  I begin to slowly suck and lick this area.  It is ticklish and sensitive to my touch and I run my tongue over it and now I use my teeth to slowly raise the intensity of the feeling.  I don’t leave marks, but I increase your sensitivity to this area.

My hands are still cupping and squeezing your ass as I move my tongue and lips across your mid-section.  I feel your entire skin crawl under my touch as I continue on my journey of exploration. You want to reach out and touch me, but I had told you in the beginning I am on a quest to explore and please.  Your body is tense under the self-restraint as I move up your body to feel all of your skin.  Your arms are tense on the sheets and you want to grab at the sheets because of the amount of sexual tension I am causing you. The scent coming from your pores and your sexuality is coming out for me to taste and smell.  I can’t get enough of touching you.  I’m enjoying my quest of complete sexual freedom of your body.

I move on from that area and begin up your torso.  Your nipples are hard from all the arousal I am giving you and I want to lick and suck on them, as you do to me.  Letting my tongue slowly move over them as they are so erect like ju-ju beeds, I lick and suck them, making them even harder and pink.  I move from one to the other, not favoring one side nipple or the other.  I am move back and forth from your nipples to various parts of your torso, gliding my tongue and lips across the vast area of your chest and torso.

Releasing your from the grasps of my hands I now put all into play as I continue on my investigation of your body.

I begin to run my fingertips up the sides of your body, using also my palms to take in your skin under my touch.  It is warm and so inviting to me.  I can’t get enough of touching, smelling or tasting you.  I am awakening your body and mine by performing this research of your most sensitive parts.  I take in every inch into my memory as I continue my investigation of your body.

I can’t get enough of you as I reach your neck, and slowly kiss it.  I have now straddled your body and can feel your cock against my pussy. But I don’t give in to the temptation of your member.  I move my body up and rest my pussy right above it as I squat and sit on you.  My legs are pressed against the outer parts of your torso and now I am using as much of my body to feel yours; hands, lips, tongue, and legs.  I encompass you into me.

I press my breasts against you as I slowly kiss and lick your neck. My fingers are now running down your arms and back up to your shoulders and into your hair.  I move my lips and tongue up under your chin to touch your lips and let my tongue run across your mustache and I press the side of my face against yours so you can feel my breath in your ear.

I move my lips and tongue to your earlobe and begin to slowly suck on them and nibble on them between my teeth.  This is increasing the level of intensity between the two of us as you continue to restrain yourself under my touch.

I rub my face against yours to feel your cheeks on mine as I begin to wrap my body around yours and push the bottoms of my feet under the small of your back.  I have enveloped you against me.  We have become almost one with each other.

I whisper in your ear, “Touch me.”

You bring your arms up and pull me tighter against your body and now I feel the full intensity of your passion.  I have explored all that I want and now I have it stored in my memory, but that doesn’t mean I have had enough of you.  I want it all.

We share our passion as our lips meet and I kiss you gently and show you my desire through my lips.  Our tongues meet and become entangled as we share everything between us; passion, desire and want.  We have raised the level of intensity between us as we now are enfolded into one another.  We share our sexual energy through our bodies.

Our kisses share all of the ferociousness of our passion that we have for each other and we fold into each other.

You run your arms and hands down my back and grab my ass and pull me into you.  I can feel your cock pressing against my outer lips of my pussy and I can tell I am aroused and you know it also.

I reach down and grab your cock and position my hips so I can push the head of your cock inside if my pussy.  I push myself down onto your cock as it slowly enters me and I watch your face and you can see the full want and desire on my face as you penetrate me.

“Your cock feels so good Jay.”

My pussy is warm and wet and it invites your cock in as I climax immediately just as you are fully inside me.  The throbbing of your cock inside me and the heightened awareness of your body makes my pussy convulse around your cock. You grab hold of my ass and squeeze it, and pull me onto your cock.  I lean forward to kiss you with the passion I want to share only with you.  Our connection is not only physical, but through all levels of our beings.

Your cock throbs inside me as I continue to cum and my pussy tightens on your cock. My juices flow from me and I am so wet from cumming.  I can’t get enough of your body.

I pull myself up so can now control my movements and my orgasms.  I raise and lower my hips onto your cock and you watch my face as my eyes glaze over with complete desire.  I move wildly on your cock, repeatedly moving my hips back and forth, grinding myself into you.

You run your hands up my body and begin to pinch my nipples that are hard and you make them pink as I climax again. My breathing is rapid as I raise and lower myself onto you, feeling all of your body and I grab your shoulders with my hands and dig my fingertips into them, leaving read marks.

You see the desire in my face and you pull me down so our lips meet and you kiss me deeply and I want to just eat all you with just our kisses.  You feel my sexual energy passing through my lips into our body as we make this connection, this exchange of sensual need.  You hold onto me pulling me into you and I still continue to move my hips back and forth onto your hard cock.

I position my body so that my legs are bent but are tight against your body and I can feel the heat coming from you.  I wrap my arms under your body and we can’t get any closer than this.  We share all of our passion and energy between us through this act of sexual need.

From the touch of our lips to the feeling of your cock inside my pussy, we are one.

Your cock is throbbing inside me as my pussy continues to spasm as my orgasms build and diminish to only build up again.  I can tell you are reaching a point of climaxing as your head enlarges inside me and you are ready to explode.

You tighten your hands on my ass and pull me down onto your cock.  We are still connected by our lips and tongues which are now fighting for attention inside our mouths.  You explode inside me and I climax for a final time.

Pushing your cock as far into me as it will go, you explode and I feel your cock hit my cervix and I cum with the same force that matches yours.  We tighten our bodies around each other as we climax in unison and share this intimate moment of passion.  Feeling ourselves tighten and release our sexual tension and as each part of our body relaxes with the moment of ecstasy that we have reached.  Like climbing the summit and reaching the top, we are elated with this moment of passion.

Our lips and tongues begin to slow down as the rest of our bodies have now been satisfied, but we still keep that desire going between our mouths.  We slowly remove our tongues and just allow our lips to touch.  I run my tongue across your lips, feeling the smoothness and let it graze over your mustache.  I open my eyes and I look at you and you see the full potential of my passion and desire I have for only you.

You run your hands down my back slowly, feeling each inch and my skin quivers under your touch.  I can’t get enough of your body, your hands or your skin.  I want to just touch you all over again.


  1. Very visual; very hot.

    • Happy that I was able to give you that “visual” through “Touch”.

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