Random Thoughts & Turn Ons

You lick my fingers and run your tongue up between my middle finger and my index finger.

You kissing me on the back of my neck that give me shrill up my spine.

Feeling your lips on mine and you run your tongue so gently across my lips and raise my level of arousal.

I run my hand up your leg while you’re driving and nestle my hand deep into your crotch. (Yes I’ve done it.)


I reach across and grab your crotch to feel your cock through your pants while I am driving. (Yes, I’ve done that too.)

Getting your aroused while you are driving and pulling your cock out so I can suck on it. (Yes, I’ve done it.)

You reach down and push your hand down the back of my pants so you can grab my ass.

Your arms wrapped around me in a full embrace and you don’t want to let go.

You run your hand up my leg under the table while we are out eating dinner just to feel the top of my stockings.

I push my stocking foot up your pant let just to see how far I can get it up your pants, and hopefully reach your cock with my foot. (Yes, I have done it and it is possible.)

You stand behind me and I can feel your hard cock through your pants pressing against my ass. (That is a great thrill!)


You give me a full embrace and I can feel your hard cock through your pants pressed against my thigh.  (Now that is a turn on! Fuck is that a turn on! And I miss feeling that hard cock too!)

You gently are blowing down my shirt to see if my nipples will get hard while we are out in public.

I give you a blow-job while driving down the road.  (Yeah, that’s a turn on! And I love doing it!)

I masturbate at the drive-thru at the bank in a convertible. (Yes, I’ve done it!)

The sound my pussy makes when I am really wet from cumming and your are fucking me.

Oh, I could go on and on….but I have to leave something to write about now don’t I?

Feel free to leave comments or make suggestions.  I am open to whatever my readers like.  And I have only touched the tip of the iceberg!

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