Once upon a Dream

Silence of the night encased her world as she lay there in bed all nestled in for the night.  Drifting into a slumber but not wanting to leave the waking world, her mind begins to dream.

Floating into the state of sleep but not sleep, her dream begins to form.  First slowly the dream forms.  She recalls telling him what she wants and desires him to do to her.

She had told him what she wanted:

“You start by running your hands up my inner thighs and I lay there watching you as you know you are driving me crazy. Than you begin by just letting your fingertips slowly move over my pussy lips and I almost go through the roof with your touch.

Running your fingertips across the outside of my pussy barely touching me, you can tell I’m already very aroused and wet.

You part my lips to begin to finger me and you let your tongue lightly lick my clit. I’m so wet before you begin that I instantly cum before you even really get started.

I spread my legs wider so you can lick my pussy to your hearts content making me cum so much that I just can’t stop.

You stop only long enough to move your body so I can suck on your cock, and I lick your balls and shaft as you continue to finger and lick me. Making me so wet that you just lick at me continually.”

In her dream she becomes aroused, envisioning him touching her in the way she asked.  Watching him touch her, the passion and desire shared between the two of them as they become lost within each other.  She can almost feel his hands on her body as she moves under the blankets as if her lover is there with her.

In her dream, he reaches her pussy with his tongue caressing it slowly as she had told him to.  Lightly touching her spot of pleasure for him and for her, he brings her to the point of climaxing.  She has an orgasm under his touch as he continues to tongue her clit and finger her so gently to express his want to please her and give her the pleasure she deserves.

He ran his hands over her thighs, feeling her skin move under his touch as he slowly licked her pussy lips letting his tongue lightly touch her clit, which was swollen.  He pressed his thumb against her clit and slowly massaged it as his tongue continued to lick her lips inserting it from time to time into her opening.  Her pussy was so wet and warm and tasted good on his tongue.  He licked at her juices as she continued to flow with wetness.

Inserting his finger to bring her to another orgasm, he could feel his cock beginning to throb, wanting either her pussy or her mouth on it he couldn’t make up his mind, both felt wonderful to him.  Knowing she loved to suck his cock, he moved his body so she could reach it with her mouth.

With his mouth still on her pussy licking at her lips and clit, she grabbed hold of his cock with her hand stroking it at first and letting her tongue lick his head as she slowly inserts it into her mouth.    He ran his tongue down passed her pussy lips and let it graze her anus raising the climate of her sexual energy.  Like a fire that went off inside her, he let his tongue slide back and forth between her pussy and her ass and it made her pussy begin to spasm.

Her mouth felt so warm an inviting to his cock as she wrapped her lips around it.  Letting her tongue encircle it in her mouth, she slowly inserted it as far as it would go into her mouth, than pulling it back out to simulate her pussy wrapped around his cock.

He enjoyed feeling her mouth wrapped around cock.  She made him so hard even before feeling it in her mouth, knowing her pussy would be just as inviting and warm.  He enjoyed performing oral on her and especially 69.

She licked and sucked on his cock making it hard and it throbbed in her mouth.  She could feel her pussy getting so wet as he continued to lick, finger and tongue her.

He inserted his finger into her depths and she came with force.  Releasing his cock from the warmth of her mouth, she exclaimed she was cumming.  She forced her hips down onto his finger as his tongue put pressure on her clit and he fingered her deeper feeling each spasm of her orgasm and the juices flowed from her as he licked at them.

Telling him she needed to feel him inside her in almost a demanding way.  He pulled his cock out of her mouth and licking his finger one more time to taste her before replacing his finger with his hard cock.  He moved her back across the bed so they had more room to enjoy each other’s bodies.

He spread her legs with his as she reached up to run her hands up his chest and he felt the bottom of her feet begin to run up his legs.  Even her feet were smooth against his skin.  The passion that flowed between them could be sensed in the air and was unwavering.

Looking deep into her eyes he saw the pure desire she had for him.  Nothing could be compared from any other woman he had been this.  This was true rawness she felt for him.

Pressing the head of his cock against her pussy lips just so she could feel how much he wanted inside her, and at the same time his lips met hers and she could taste and smell her pussy on him.  This excited her to taste herself while his cock was pressing against her trying to get in.

She pulled her legs up and tilted her pelvis up so he could push his cock into her with ease.  It was wet and waiting to feel his throbbing member deep inside her.

He slowly pushed his cock past her pussy lips and he pulled back from kissing her to watch her face.  He loved to watch her as he slowly pressed his cock deep inside her.

Her lids were slightly closed and she had her mouth partially open as her breathing became so rapid he wasn’t sure if she was going to hyperventilate.  Watching the passion and desire she always expressed to him verbally show on her face was memorable to him.  How he could bring her so much satisfaction with this act of passion that they shared.  She too wanted nothing more than to please him.

As his cock became immersed in her heat and wetness, she came with force.  Grabbing hold of him with her appendages and pulling him into her.  Kissing him and letting her lips tell him her want for him.  It flowed from her into him with their bodies, the never ending river of desire and passion.

“I’m cumming Jay!  Fuck me, I’m cumming!” she said just above a whisper in his ear. “You feel so good inside me.”

“Your pussy is so wet and warm.  I can feel it tightening up on my cock.” He replied.

Their bodies met with each thrust and movement as the two of them moved together in unison to expand their own personal want of each others sexual energy.  Sharing this was immeasurable to both.  They couldn’t enough of each other on so many levels and this was the icing on the cake was to share sexual intimacy.

Feeling her pussy tighten on his cock made it ache but he held onto his erection wanting to make sure he pleased her fully before climaxing himself.  Her pussy was throbbing against his cock with each spasm of her orgasm and he could feel her whole body move with each twitch of his cock and her pussy.  They felt so alive when they were together intimately, every sense awakened and acute.

Their lips were upon each other not wanting to let go of the seal, the circle that joined them between his cock in her pussy to their arms to their mouths, they were connected, physically and energetically.

Not much longer could he hold onto his throbbing hard-on against the spasms of her pussy as it tighten on his cock wanted to just squeeze the juices from it.

“Fuck, I’m cumming!” he said to her and she came at the same time.

They were pulling at each other almost trying to rip the flesh from their bones in the throws of ecstasy and passion.  Fingers pulling at skin and legs wrapped around bodies and arms intertwined like an endless labyrinth of body parts that were moving within each other, not wanting to let go of this; this moment of pure passion for each other.

Feeling the pure want and desire exude through their pores for each other, they still didn’t want to let go.  This moment shared was always new and different no matter how many times they screwed, fucked, had sex or made love.  They never bored of the tension, the excitement and the passion that they brought out in each other.  It could never be matched to anyone before, it was theirs and only theirs to share.

Reaching the point that they had finally competed the throbbing and climaxing, they still didn’t want to release themselves.  He slowly unwrapped his arms from her body and she released her legs from his waist, but she still let them wander his body as she pulled them apart.

They still held on to that moment with their kisses and they became longer lingering on each others lips.  Feeling the final sexual energy being pulled from one another, it was yet to end, but only the beginning.

She rolled over in her sleep and began to stir.  She had climaxed and could feel the wetness between her legs and became aroused at the dream she just had.  Letting the visions float through her mind as she pulled the covers closer and drifted back into her world of sleep.

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