My Desire

Grab me and hold onto me.  Feel my heartbeat against your chest, my breath and my lips on your neck.  Embrace me close to you as you can tell that I am full with desire for you.  My lips can’t get enough of yours as I kiss you and let my tongue run across your lips, feeling the softness and sexual desire through them as you return your kisses back to me tenderly.

I can feel the warmth beginning to build inside me as I hold you closer to me, letting my hands run across your body.  The tenseness in your flesh and warmth excites me as I can feel your cock begin to get hard in your pants as it is pressed up against me.  I want you so badly, but I want all of your body and soul.  I want to take you into me and become one.

Feeling the warmth of your flesh against my hands as they slowly move across you, I want to memorize your body with my hands; the softness, the muscles, the scent, I take it all in.  Looking deeply into your eyes, I express my desire for you through my gaze into your face.  I can’t get enough of you.

Undressing me, your hands on my body raises the temperature inside of me.  The warmth spreads out through every inch and pore of my body from the core of my body, as I open myself up to you.  I can feel my pussy becoming excited as it also grows warm and wet with the anticipation of having you touch or lick me.  I am yours for the taking.  I want you to take me, all of me.  Eat me up as if I was your last meal.

Your cock continues to become hard as I stroke it through your clothes and my lips continue to caress yours as our tongues intertwine and I taste you.  It gives me a spine tingling sensation that starts in my pussy and rises to my neck.  The fullness of my desire for you is present and you feel it through my body as I continue to touch and caress your body into mine.

I can’t get enough of you and your body.  I find you irresistible and I want you.  I begin to remove your clothes so I can feel your flesh all over me.  The warmth on the scent of you I want on me.

I suck your cock as it grows in my mouth and I tongue and lick it.  My lips caress it softly like I did to your mouth, you sigh with pure feeling of satisfaction of my mouth on your cock.  Bringing me to a level of arousal as I continue to suck and stroke you.  I can’t get enough of your cock.

Unable to take anymore of just sucking and licking you, I need to feel that fullness of your cock deep inside my wet pussy.  You bring me the full passion of my desires for you by feeling it penetrating me.  Satisfy me with your body.  Let me take you to a new level of sexual gratification.

Probe my pussy with your tongue and finger.  Feel my wetness and desire for you as I become so aroused and climax under your touch. I cum with force and volume as you lick and finger fuck me.  Playing with my clit with your tongue, that is pink and swollen before you even touch it.  My juices flow from my pussy for you to lick and enjoy.

Spread my legs so you can insert your cock slowly deep inside me.  With that first penetration I cum again for you and you feel the spasms of my pussy as it tightens around your cock.  I want you so bad that I pull you into me to feel your fullness inside me.  Using my arms, hands and legs I wrap myself around you like my pussy is wrapped around your cock.  Knowing you want me just as much you return the embrace around my body as I continue to climax.

Your cock fills me with pure raw sexual energy and desire.  I can’t get enough of you and your manhood as I pull on you to get you as close to me as I can.  I want you all.  Continually you penetrate me bringing me to a newer level of gratification that no one else has been able to do.  I still can’t get enough of you and your sexual energy.  Filling me with your hard cock is just part of it.  I open myself up to you as I feel the rawness of my sexual desire and passion for you.

I feel as if I can’t stop cumming as you continue to pump your cock deep inside me as we move in unison with each other.  One continuous orgasm that is never ending and I flow with warmth out of my pussy to show how much I desire you. My pussy tightens around you with each spasm and I can feel your cock throb inside me.

Knowing you can’t hold on much longer, your cock continues to throb bringing me so much pleasure with each motion of your body.  I continue to pull you into me with each thrust.  Your lips and tongue on my mouth makes the circle complete in our connection to each other.  Your body tightens around me as I know your body is telling me you are close to cumming.

Your cock bursts with warm cum as I climax again with force and intention and I flow with heat from my pussy as I cum with you.  We are one at that instance. We are joined through the pure ecstasy of our raw sexual need to fulfill each others deepest need and desire. The passion is immeasurable that we share.  Compared to no other past or present, this is our moment that we share.  Only we share it with each other.

My desire for you cannot be contained or denied.

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