Stockings & Lace – Under the sheets

From the heat of the sexual exchange their bodies were sweaty even though the room was of normal temperature.  The smell of hot sex wafted through the room and they both could smell not only that but the scent of desire and passion seep from their pores.  As they both laid there together taking it all in.

She got up from the bed and went and put on the stereo and the first song that came on was “The Air I Breathe”, which seemed so appropriate considering.  The lyrics made her feel like she was floating.

Returning to the room, the line “making love with you, has left me peaceful, warm and tired” and that is exactly how she felt there.  Leaving her stockings and garter on, she crawled back into bed next to him, feeling the warmth exuding from him as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her, slowly with passion.  Desire had been met, but the evening was young as they drifted off to sleep.

Lying next to each other in deep slumber, they were both very conscious of the other person’s body.  Trying not to invade their space but at the same time, wanting to feel that closeness.  Like a tug of war of sorts; touch, but don’t touch was going on throughout the first ours of sleep.

Feeling her legs against him as he rolled over startled him at first and than he remembered where he was.  While lying there next to her, he felt like the evening was a dream, the realization of the events came rushing back to him as he felt her warm body against his under the sheet.  He didn’t want to wake her, but he had to reach out and touch her under the covers.  Slowly he moved his hand down the small of her back and across her ass feeling the garter belt and the stockings still on her and he became aroused.  She moved with a quiet sigh, still asleep, but his touch brought her from the deep slumber she was in and slowly moved into his touch.

She rolled over to face him and found his cock hard and pressing against her legs that still were encased in her stockings.  Finding their lips in the dark, they exchanged their touch beginning with their tongues.  Slowly they moved them over their lips increasing the sensual feelings throughout their bodies, letting their hands discover the sensitive parts and exploring them.

He whispered in her ear, “Take off your stockings so I can feel your legs against mine.”

Reaching down under the sheets she unsnapped the garter from the stockings and undid the garter and discarded them.

Once removed, he ran his hands down her legs under the sheets, feeling the smoothness of her skin raising the sexual energy inside him and his cock grew even harder.  Returning their lips to each other and their hands continued to move across the territory of skin.

Wrapping her leg over his, she could feel his cock pressing against her pussy that was still wet from their previous sexual exchange.  Reaching down she began to stroke his cock as her lips and tongue moved across his.

The thrill of feeling his body against her began to rise from the depths of her soul.  She found herself not being able to get enough of him; his lips, his legs and his cock.  She wanted to feel it throbbing inside her again, but she also wanted to take the time to explore all of his body with hers.

They became intertwined and he pulled her into him, feeling her warm skin pressed against his and ran his hands down her back and pulled her on top of him.  She pressed her body into his, and she ran her the top of her feet up his calves, wanting to take in all of his skin against hers.

Kissing him, she ran her fingers through his hair and began to move her lips across his face and ran her tongue across his ear so lightly and let it wonder as if it had a mind of its own.  Running it down his neck, she could feel his breath on her neck and her hair fell into his face.  He pulled it back with one hand to return the kisses to her neck, letting his free hand move across her ass, touching her so lightly.

The sensual feeling between the two was mutual as they began to move into each other and expand their touch to cover every inch of their bodies.  Touching not only their skin, but their inner being of each other, the need to satisfy one another was evident.  The lust and desire was obvious between them, and they were both willing partners.

She felt his body, warm and firm under her hands as she ran them down his sides, covering him with her flesh.  Pressing her body into him, not with weight but with desire and lust for him.  Moving herself downward, letting her lips and hands guide her, she found his hard cock in the dark.

Licking his cock at first, he let out a moan of satisfaction as her warm mouth engulfed it while stroking it with her hand.  Using her other hand to rub his balls and let her fingers move across the inner part of his thighs and the crack of his ass.  Feeling his cock in her mouth was extraordinary and she enjoyed the way it felt and the way her tongue moved across his head.

Feeling her mouth, so warm and wet around his cock made it throb and he ran his fingers through her hair, allowing himself to open up and enjoy the moment of pure desire.  Lying there releasing the sighs of pleasure as she continued to tongue and lick his cock.  While her hands and mouth did its work on him, he thought of how wet her pussy must be by now and wanted to taste it, but didn’t want to stop enjoying this moment of selfish pleasure.

Allowing him self this time to enjoy her sucking of his cock while her tongue played with it, feeling the warmth it gave him, as she continued to toy it.  He licked his own lips with the need to taste her.  He pulled her up away from him, not to stop her, but to change position so they could utilize the space of the bed.

Kissing her with aggressiveness he let his hand move down to her wetness between her legs, he probed her pussy with his finger, finding her sweet spot warm and inviting.  Turning his body so she could suck on his cock and he could dip his tongue into her wetness, he pulled her on top of him and spread her legs with his hands.  His tongue and mouth had full access to the point of his desire.

Opening her legs she pressed her pussy into his face, letting him know she wanted his tongue and finger as deep as possible into her.  Putting his cock into her warm mouth, she began to tongue and stroke it with more assertiveness than before.  Wanting to get it completely in her mouth, pulling it out and than placing back in, slower and with more intention, she wanted to please him completely.

Sticking his finger into her slowly as his tongue ran across her clit and lips, tasting her sweetness and warmth, he was so aroused by her sexuality and willingness, his cock throbbed in her mouth.  Engrossed in all the physical senses that were awakened in him, he couldn’t get enough of her; taste, touch and warmth.  He didn’t want this pleasure to end, at least not soon.

Licking her pussy brought her to a new height of sensitivity.  He took his time to be gentle and to bring her pleasure and she could tell she was close to climaxing.  While sucking on him, she grabbed onto his legs and dug her fingers into his legs, holding onto him.  She took his full cock into her mouth, stroking it at the same time, only to release it from her warm orifice to catch her breath and to lick his shaft.

“I’m cumming!” she exclaimed to him, while he continued to let his finger excite her with just the slightest of movement while his tongue continued to lick her clit and lips.  She was so wet from him licking her and now from her cumming, he couldn’t lick it all.

His cock was throbbing to feel that warm pussy again even though the sensation of her tongue circling his head and the warmth of her mouth drove him crazy with desire, he just had to have that pussy wrapped around his cock.

Without being too aggressive, he slowly pulled himself away from the sweetness of her wet pussy and pulled her up to face him.  She kissed him deeply tasting herself on his lips which excited her.  Her pussy was so wet and ready for his cock and couldn’t wait to feel it deep within her again.

Pushing her onto her back he used his legs to spread hers, and his cock knew exactly where to go and she could feel the head of his cock pushing against her swollen lips ready to take it in.

Slowly he pushed his cock into her and feeling that warmth and wetness, as he penetrated her a little bit at a time, until he had to get it all in.  Thrusting it into her she grabbed onto him while their lips never left each other.  She came again with such a force he could feel her pussy tighten up around his cock with each spasm.  The wetness from her pussy was overwhelming and only made his cock even harder as he tried to hold on to her and not climax himself.

Wrapping his arms underneath of her to hold onto her, as their bodies intertwined and she grabbed onto him not only with her arms but her legs too.   This was pure raw lust that was felt.  The deep desire for sexual need and satisfaction could be sensed through their skin and their lips as they continued to kiss each other with passion.   Their bodies moved together as one to bring the level of sensation to each other.  Both of them wanted to please one another but also to enjoy this moment of desire in the dark of night that needed to be fulfilled and was close to reaching that goal.

Moving in unison with each other as his hips met her pelvis with each thrust and her legs gripping him tighter into her, she came again leaving his cock so hot and hard with the wetness that came from her.  He stopped moving to let her feel his cock just throb inside her, and she continued to cum over and over again as she was breathing so heavy from the ecstasy he was giving her.  The full sensation of feeling his cock deep inside of her pussy, made her unleash a rage of pure lust on him. She pulled and grabbed at his body wanting it all, as her orgasms grew from his throbbing cock.

Resuming the thrusting action of his hips, he could tell his cock was ready to explode within her.  She could feel his hardness and the way his member grew from the build up of sexual tension that she couldn’t stop cumming and let herself become so open to his sexual energy.

Burying his face into her neck as they held onto each other, spinning in their own world of sexual desire, he fucked her as hard as he could and he came with force as he exploded inside of her.

Both of them breathing heavy and hard as they climaxed together into each others body feeling the tension of their muscle tighten and release with each ejaculation of his cock and spasm of her pussy.  It was relentless.  A never ending orgasm shared between the two of them.

Their bodies relaxed as the last of the spasms subsided from all the rawness of sexual need dissipated.  Leaving no stone unturned and they slowly unclasped from each other and he pulled his cock slowly from her warmth.  Feeling completely drained of all, both of them took a deep breath of satisfaction in this episode of sexual lust. The smell of sweat and sex was in the air again.

Hearing the music still playing in the background brought them both back to reality.  The song “Freebird” came on.  So ironic he thought. As he leaned into her and kissed her and said “Sweet Dreams.”

Pulling the sheet up to cover both of them as they settled back into their slumber.

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