Stockings & Lace

Putting her stockings on and pulling them up her smooth firm legs, admiring the shape as she hooked the tops of them to the garter. Straightening them out on her legs and than picking out the matching thong she had all her undergarments on. With her bra on, she stood in front of the mirror admiring herself, thinking she looked so sexy and to cover it all up with a dress. But it made her feel sexual wearing these under her clothes, but she also only wore them for him.

The lace of the thong and garter felt smooth against her skin giving her a sensual feeling throughout her. The matching bra held her breast firmly, giving them roundness through her clothing. She ran her hands over her breasts, down her torso, her hips and the sides of her legs, than ran them up between her legs to feel the warmth coming from her pussy. Dressing like this turned her on even if no one else saw it.

Her skin was supple from the body butter she applies after she showers. Just touching her skin excited her. She wanted a man to be doing it instead of her, but right now she only had herself to raise her sexual desires and to satisfy her personal needs. Wishful thinking was to have a man touch her and bring all these raw feelings to the surface and satisfy them.

Pulling the dress from the closet and slipping it over her head, it slid down her body with ease. Zipping it up and straightening it out over her body as it hugged every curve bringing a new sensation to her body and her skin. Picking out appropriate shoes and she was complete, but she still couldn’t get rid of the wetness she felt in her thong. She was aroused by her dress and had no one to share it with. Dinner with friends would be fun but it wouldn’t give her the sexual satisfaction she so wanted and desired.

The doorbell rang. Who could that be, she thought? She wasn’t expecting anyone. It broke her concentration and made her wonder.

Opening the door she was surprised to see a stranger, a man, standing there staring at her. He was dressed simply; jeans and a plain pullover shirt, appeared to have not shaving in a day or two, but he looked clean other wise.

He began to tell her his car had broken down, and was just passing through the area. He wasn’t familiar with the region and wanted to know where there could be a garage he could call to have his car towed to. He even went as far as letting her know he didn’t have a new phone that he could access information off the internet toor a GPS, he was actually using a map to find his way across the countryside. Looking out past him, she saw his car parked along the side of the road near her property with it’s flashers on. She took his word for it, but still felt a bit uneasy about it.

Being the person she was, she allowed the person to come in and found her phone and an actual phone book for him to use. Taking the phone book, he paged through it to find a tow truck company to call and tow his car. Finding one close by to her home with her assistance, he called and gave them the information regarding his vehicle. Hanging up the phone he thanked her for her assistance and began to walk out the door.

Turning to her one more time, he apologized for inconveniencing her, since it appeared she was getting ready to go out on a date or someplace special being dressed like she was.

She politely told him she was just meeting friends for dinner, nothing special. He thanked her again for her assistance and walked out the door and headed in the direction of his car.

Putting on the finishing touches to her outfit; earrings and necklace, she grabbed her coat, keys and purse and headed out the door.

Looking over she saw that the man was still sitting in his car waiting for the tow truck. Than it crossed her mind; he didn’t know the area well, where was he going to go? The closets hotel was about 15 miles away, how would he get there?

Seeing the lights from the tow truck coming down the street she realized if she wanted to help him out she had to do it soon.

“Look, I don’t usually do this, but the closets hotel is about 15 miles away and you are not from this area and you obviously don’t know anyone, so how about I take you there so you have a place to stay for the night.”

Looking a bit startled at her suggestion, he also welcomed the opportunity to spend time with an attractive woman.

“What about your dinner date with your friends?” He asked. “They will understand. It isn’t any big deal anyway.” She replied.

Getting out of the vehicle to chat with the tow truck driver, she stood there watching him. She noticed the stature of his body through his clothes and suddenly found herself becoming aroused and imagining him naked. How perplexing she thought, but hey she was female, she can have these thoughts and they began to run wild through her mind. What could happen?

Once all the logistics was resolved with his car, and he grabbed a bag out of the back, he returned to her standing there watching him. She appeared a bit embarrassed because he caught her staring at him, but than again she didn’t embarrass easily about anything.

She excused herself to call her friends and say she wasn’t making it to dinner, and while on the phone she caught him staring at her. Even with her coat on, it wasn’t buttoned and when she sat down in the car the bottom of her dress slid up her leg exposing the top of her stockings. He tried not to stare at her legs but instead tried to look inconspicuous and began to fumble in his coat pockets.

She suggested they eat first before finding him a room for the night and he agreed. Driving away from the home continually making small talk about much of nothing, but she was learning a great deal about him and he too was learning a great deal about her.

Arriving at the restaurant; casual and quiet so they could just sit, relax and chat some more. She obviously was a bit overdressed for this place, but she didn’t care. Being seated at a table for two in a far back corner, she took the seat next to him.

Ordering their drinks and an appetizer to share, they settled into conversation, basic at first; travels, work, family and life in general.

She found herself drawn to this man. Handsome in his own sort of way, possessing a buried sex appeal that he had that she found arousing and she was determined to explore it and bring it out in him.

Moving closer to him, she used her body language to show interest beyond conversation. Beginning to feel a deep raw desire for this stranger she had just met. She flirted with him very openly and he did pick up on it. Returning the slight innuendos he too showed much interest in her.

Finishing their meal they rose to leave, still chatting with each other as they walked to the car.

With all the sexual energy between the two of them that was becoming obvious during their meal, he took a big chance and reached out to her. Grabbing her arm and pulling her towards him, he kissed her long and slow and she returned the kiss to him with just the same amount of determination and desire.

Both stopped and looked at each other a bit unsure but also very pleased. The wheels in her head began to spin and she knew the hotel was out of the question, she wanted him at her home and in her bed.

Without saying anything, they got in the car and she proceeded to drive back to her house. He noticed that they were heading back to her home and he looked at her.

“The hotel is out?” he asked

She looked at him and gave him a bit of an evil smile and replied, “I can’t see wasting money on a room, when I have a warm bed waiting at my house.”

He didn’t question her, but gave her a smile back.

It didn’t take long once they were back at her house to feel all that sexual desire begin to grow even stronger.

Both of them faced each other nervous with anticipation, but that didn’t last long once she grabbed a hold of his shirt and pulling him into her. Feeling the warmth from his chest and body through his clothes only excited her more. Letting her lips press against his and she became the aggressor letting him know she wanted him and wanted him now.

Feeling his lips on her and the way his mustache touched her face gave her a stir in her pussy and she could tell she was beginning to get wet with the need to be licked. He held onto to her tightly as his cock began to get hard and was pressed against her leg and she too gripped him tightly to her. It had been awhile since a man excited her in this manner and she was not going to hold back on this rawness she felt.

Releasing their grip on one another, she took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom, facing each other she slowly ran her hands across his chest and down the front of his shirt and pulled it up over him, not letting her eyes leave his face as they stared at each other.

His hands ran down the back of her dress and he found the zipper and pulled it down to remove it from her. She let the dress slip off her body and onto the floor, exposing her black lace bra, thong, garter and stocking. He took in her body with his eyes and his hands. Running his hands across her chest and cupping her breasts, while still looking at her, he could feel that his cock was so hard in his pants and he wanted it released from the place it was being kept.

She moved her hands down from his chest and found what was bothering him; his hard cock trapped inside his pants. She unbuttoned them to pull out his member so she could stroke it while they were still staring at each other.

Letting his hands lead where they may, he felt her breasts and let them moved across her stomach, her hips, up her back only to return to have one of his hands slide down in between her legs. Her pussy felt warm through her lace thong and this only made his cock that much harder. With her stroking it while he began to fondle her pussy through her thong, he knew he wanted to feel the warmth of that pussy, knowing it was wet, but she had another idea.

Stopping him from progressing forward, she moved him to the bed and pulled his pants off of him, so she could run her hands up his legs feeling every inch with her fingertips and running her nails down them. This created such a sensation in his cock it throbbed with wanting attention, but she continued to tantalize him with her hands. She began to run her lips and tongue up his legs and he reached down and ran his fingers through her hair while she progressed up his body until she reached his cock. There she stopped and began to slowly lick it.

Starting at his balls and held his cock with one hand and stroking it, she ran her tongue up it reaching the head and letting her tongue circle it slowly. Than slowly she let her mouth swallow his cock in her mouth. Letting her tongue and lips move up and down his hard cock only aroused her making her pussy wet. She loved sucking cock and she wanted to show him how much she enjoyed it.

Sucking, licking and stroking his cock it grew hard in her mouth and hand. He closed his eyes and moaned at all the pleasure he was feeling as his cock grew harder with her mouth enveloped around it. All he could think about was the sensation, and the wetness between her legs that he wanted to taste. Stopping her mid-stroke, he pulled her up onto him. Kissing her, feeling the warmth from her lips as their tongues intertwined within each other. He reached around unhooking her bra and pulling it off of her to feel her full breasts against his chest. The warmth of her body excited and turned him on.

Rolling her over onto her back he let his lips slide down her neck to her nipples that were hard and pink as he slowly let his lips and tongue touch them admiring the dragonfly on her breast. Licking and sucking her nipples, letting the tip of his tongue run across them, making them harder with each touch. He felt her skin move under his touch while he moved his legs in between her and he could feel the head of his cock pressing against the lace of her thong. She let out slight moan and expressed to him how good his body felt against hers.

Sliding his body further down he sat back and let his fingertips trace the outline of her garter and thong. Admiring her body and the way her skin felt under his touch. Smooth and warm and his cock throbbed even harder. Running his hands down her legs feeling the silkiness of the stockings he took in every inch of her body with his hands. Glancing up to see her watching him and her eyes were half closed in the moment of passion and desire.

Pulling her thong off her legs past the stocking and removing her shoes, he immediately placed his lips on her pussy and slowly let his tongue trace the outer part of it. Placing his thumb on her clit that was already exposed and waiting for his tongue or finger, she let out a breath of joy and ecstasy at his touch on her. She spread her legs as he began to push his tongue and finger deeper into her. Letting his tongue work her clit, he pushed his finger into her wetness and she let him know how good that felt. His tongue on her clit as he finger fucked her slowly letting all that warmth and wetness out for him to taste.

His cock wanted some attention and he wanted to feel her lips on it again, so he turned his body so she could reach his throbbing hard on, and she immediately took it into her mouth, whole. Letting it slide past her lips and she stroked and massaged his balls as her mouth and tongue lapped at his cock.

With his mouth on her pussy and his cock in her mouth, there was so much sexual energy being exchanged between them. She couldn’t take much more and could tell she was ready to climax and felt her pussy begin to tighten up on his finger as he continued to probe her pussy. His tongue lightly pressed against her clit and she exploded. With so much warmth and wetness coming from her pussy, he just couldn’t enough of her essence as he continued to lick her.

She stopped sucking his cock momentarily only to let him know she was cumming and she did, with force and vengeance. With her breathing fast and deep she put his cock back in her mouth to toy with it with her tongue; bringing his head to such a swollen point he wasn’t sure if he could hold it. He wanted to feel her wet pussy wrapped around it, tight, wet and very warm.

Pulling his cock away from her mouth, and turning himself around, he pushed up onto the bed further. Spreading her legs with his he slowly let his cock part her lips, watching her face as he did.

She had such a look of desire on her face, one of pure want. Looking into her eyes he could read the passion in them as he slowly moved his cock into the depth of her pussy. He wanted her to feel every inch of his hard cock before thrusting it all the way into wetness up to the balls. She climaxed immediately grabbing hold of his arms and burying her fingertips into his flesh. Her eyes were wide open as she exclaimed to him she was cumming again. He enjoyed seeing the pleasure on her face as he too was enjoying the warmth of her pussy. It felt like it fit his cock perfectly, wrapped tightly around his member as she came and he could feel every spasm as the warmth spread over it.

She gripped his body with her legs running her feet up his back and down again until they were settled around his hips and locking her ankles together pulling him into her deeper. He was so turned on by her body he didn’t know how long he would last. He penetrated her deeper and harder feeling the wetness of her pussy as she climaxed again and gripping tighter to him with no only her legs but her arms too.

He whispered in her ear between the many kisses they were sharing that he wanted to fuck her from behind. She released her grip on his body so they could change position. He again slowly pushed his cock into her dripping wet pussy than pulled it out only to do it over again, driving her crazy with lust and want for his cock. She pushed her pussy into his cock letting him know she wanted it and he gave it to her. Up to his balls his cock went in. She gripped the sheets burying her face into the bed as she began to exclaim to him to fuck her hard and he did as he was told. He pulled his cock out and thrust it as deep as he could into her. Feeling all that wetness as she exploded with another orgasm and her pussy tightened even more around his cock and he knew he was close to the edge.

He fucked her harder and harder until she couldn’t take it anymore. Her face buried into the bed as they moved in tandem as his hips met the thrust of hers and his cock was as deep as it would go.

She felt his head get harder inside her and she was ready to have one final orgasm as her pussy was so wet from all the others, he held onto her hips with his hands as if he had to or he’d fall off. He penetrated her more and more with each movement until he finally came and let her feel every throb of his cock as he came as deep as he could inside her. She came with force and her pussy was so wet from the two of them climaxing at the same time that he could feel all the wetness flow from her onto his balls.

What a trip he thought. A much unexpected trip. Yes, this was better than room service.

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