Passion, that deep rooted rawness that raises from deep in your soul. It can creep up on you when you least expect it, you can feel it when you see your lover or feel their embrace around your body.

It can grow slowly like a man beginning to feel his cock get hard in his pants, building to when his cock hurts and aches to be released or drained.  When his balls begin to ache with pain from all the pent up sexual energy.

When a woman begins to feel the slightest bit of warmth in her pussy that begins to grow and spreads throughout her body. Than she can feel the moisture build to the point that her panties are damp and sticky.

Passion can be felt through your fingertips when they touch that special person and ignites a slow burning flame from within.  It can travel through your body and just the thought of them can spark it, like a slow burn that only needs the right about of oxygen to bring the flame to its fullness.

It can grow and burn for days, weeks, months or even years when you share it with that person that ignites it in you.  If you don’t have that passion, you are lost within your own misery.

If you find that person that ignites that passion, don’t let them slip away no matter what. You may never get it back again.

Share it, show it everyday.

What is passion? It cannot be defined or described because to each of us it is different.

Grab your partner and kiss them deeply show them not just want, need or desire but passion.

Let your mind and soul open up to them and share it with them. Let your hand and body express it freely through wanting to please each other. Don’t question it, but live it!

Let your hands move across their body and express it non-verbally to them. Feel the passion grow within you and share it everyday with them, let that fire burn inside you and never let it go out.

Move your lips across their body to feel their skin and let your lips dance across your lover so they can feel the warmth of your passion burn inside you.

Lick them, suck them, show them. Passion cannot be extinguished, it can only burn brighter and hotter each time.

Let your cock get hard, let your pussy get wet all from passion! Share that passion! Express it!

If you feel it, show it. Never let it go!

It may only come around once where it burns so brightly, so let it burn!

Go find that person that ignites your passion and share it with them and never let them go.

Passion. Where is that special person for me to share my passion with?

He is there, just out of reach.

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