The Wizard & The Sorceress – Returns

Black Magic Woman began to play as they lay there in each others warm embrace of lust and desire, still kissing each other with gentleness and passion. The lust for each other had been completely fulfilled. Though they both knew in the back of their minds as they lay there in the clutches of each other that this was just the start or the beginning of their day together, neither knowing what would happen next.

Relaxing and unfolding their bodies from one another the Wizard rolled back off of the Sorceress but kept his body in close contact of hers. The smoothness of her skin against his felt so sensual and the way her body fragrance wafted through the air. Not the aroma of sex, but of her.

She too could smell him, not that she didn’t before, but the masculine scent that his body gave off, and she was in no hurry to move her body away from his. Wanting to feel that closeness after their long sexual play that they just performed, enjoying those subtle moments of desire that come afterwards.

Moving her body so she could throw her one leg across his body and hold him close, inhaling his body through her skin while listening to the outside sounds sweep through the open window. She felt relaxed and at ease with him.

Pulling her close to him, he too wanted to enjoy this downside of the aftermath, holding and unwinding after that much-needed exchange of sexual lust for one another. He had a calming effect on her and he could feel it come from her too. Relaxed with no pressure, as if this was meant to be; the level of physical and sexual exchange between them. Feeling the summer breeze come through the window and dance across their naked bodies lying there in the bed.

Daydreaming and not saying a word, they communicated to each other without using words. With touching and staring at each other, everything came across through their body language.

She ran her fingertips down his chest, making patterns that weren’t of any description, but just feeling his body in any way possible to explore it like it was an unknown and new territory to her hands.

Reaching his arm around her, he pulled her on top of him. Kissing her so gently like a whisper, their lips barely touching she could feel the energy coming through to her from his lips. Like a high voltage wire, but steady not shocking just enough to increase the energy between the two of them.

His hands ran down her back to her ass and he squeezed it letting her know how much he enjoyed in just touching her. The smoothness of her skin and the way she smelled. He couldn’t get enough of her.

Her hair fell into his face and he pulled it away to look upon her, seeing the lust and passion she had through her eyes, excited him, and he could tell she was becoming aroused and again. Though only minutes had passed he couldn’t help but feel all that desire come rushing back into him like a long slow wave coming to shore and then slowly receding and then building back up again.

Letting his hand move randomly across her body, feeling every inch and as her skin moved under his touch, raised the desire in his loins and he pulled her tighter into him. Kissing her, letting his tongue move over her lips, his lips passed over her face and down her neck and she let out a soft sigh of relaxation.

Feeling his cock beginning to grow underneath her body, she too was starting to feel the passion grow deep from within her, like a slow burning fire. All the talks they shared of their desire for each other had become a reality and the Sorceress couldn’t get enough of the Wizard and she wasn’t going to let this moment pass.

The sexual tension between the two of them couldn’t be denied as they began to both feed on each others passion that was interchanging between the two of them. Nothing would or could stop this.

Hands in motion as their lips continued to explore each other, moving with purpose and reason, they intertwined and became one again before any penetration had taken place. The build up was growing deep within both of them.

Rolling her over on to her back he pulled himself back from her body to just let his fingertips trace her face, down her neck and to her breasts. Seeing her chest rise and fall as her breaths became deeper, he wanted to take her whole body into his through his hands. Touching her skin sent sensation through his hands and he could tell that sexual tension was building in her too.

She followed his lead, letting her hands run down his chest and then back up to his neck and then down his arms, feeling the tension within his muscles. His skin moved under her touch, not like shivers, but filled with desire and passion, and she felt it through every hair of his body. Flowing between the two of them, there was no meter that could measure the sexual energy that they were exchanging without saying a word, only through their fingertips.

Pulling himself completely off her body and kneeling between her legs, he started at her calves and ran his hands up and over her legs. She watched him as he did this, the intention was so obvious. He was taking in every inch of her body through his hands and fingers. He didn’t look at her, not because he didn’t want to gaze upon her, he just wanted to watch her body move under his touch.

She grasped at the sheets and stared at him. His touch made her skin crawl with desire. Raising every sense in her body to the surface and multiplying it under his touch. She became sensitive and her skin jumped as he moved his fingers up her inner thighs and across her swollen pussy lips that was still so sensitive from his cock.

Glancing down, she saw that his cock was throbbing between his legs and it raised such a want in her that she had to have him again, now, but she didn’t want to break this moment of complete intimacy that they were sharing.

Gripping the sheets she closed her eyes and drifted and became so engrossed in just feeling his hands on her body as they moved up her stomach and across her chest again. The feeling that was flowing through her was so much desire and want, she couldn’t stand it. Wanting him, all of him not just his cock, but his body and soul is what she wanted. Feeling him next to her was a great deal to take in, but this was exploring more than just someone’s body it was such a deep-rooted passion that they shared and she didn’t know how much she could take. Becoming aroused under his touch, she could tell she was getting ready to almost have an orgasm just by him touching her. The lust was very evident between them, but this level of desire was so deep that this one day together would not fulfill all that they craved and wanted from each other. She knew she couldn’t take much more of this torture.

Reaching up to his arms but only her fingertips touched his body, opening her eyes and staring at him, she found him watching her face and he could read upon it what she wanted. She was already able to read his desire. He too wanted to feel her warm pussy wrapped around his cock again. It was throbbing there in mid-air as he continued this tortuous exercise he was putting upon her.

With just a swift motion, he spread her legs enough so he could fit his cock into her pussy again; slowly he pushed it into her lips, pulling her hips upwards to meet his cock. She exploded right than with an orgasm and he felt her pussy pulsate around his cock as he pushed it into her, and still pulling her hips upward to meet his thrusts.

Her pussy felt so warm, wet and inviting, he couldn’t get enough of it. He too knew that this would not be the last time of their encounter. He would definitely be back to see her. She had him under her spell and he already knew he couldn’t get enough of her. She too was bewildered by the way in which he removed all her veils and inhibitions, opening her self up to him was easy and she welcomed the liberation he brought her. He let her explore her sexuality with him and him being “the lucky bastard” to share in all of it.

He laid his body on top of her, pressing himself into her as if he was going to mold into her, feeling her breathing and her heart pounding through her chest. His cock still penetrating her steadily with a constant rhythm, enjoying the motion of their bodies together, he slowed his pace as he looked at her. Bringing his arms around and underneath her, he held her close and kissed her deeply, just as deep as his cock was piercing the warmth of her pussy. Slow, long and with intention, he wanted to share his passion and desire for her. She returned the kisses to him with the same intensity.

Feeling his cock throb within her wet pussy, she could tell her body was building to another orgasm. Between all the touching, his lips and his cock she couldn’t deny him any pleasure he wanted or requested. Lost in his grip of passion and want, she held onto him for dear life.

Running her feet up his legs and across his ass and to lock them together as to not let him go as he continued to move his cock into her, she came with force and her juices flowed from her. He felt every spasm of her orgasm on his cock.

“Make me cum Wizard! Make me cum!” she said to him between breaths and still not letting go of his body.

“You feel so fucking good Sorceress!” he replied.

Neither of them could get enough of each other. Sharing so much intimacy beyond the physical exchange, the depth in which they explored each others mind, body and soul could not be compared. What this was, they couldn’t answer or deny. Something has drawn them to each other and this was the beginning of something neither of them questioned.

Moving together rhythmically, his cock swelled inside her wet pussy that was warm and still so inviting and he couldn’t get enough of. Looking into her face and studying it as he stopped for a moment and just took in her body, letting his cock throb inside her, knowing she would come with just the slightest of movement, he took it all in. His senses awakened to her body, her touch and her warmth.

“Fuck me Wizard, I’m cumming again!” she said between her heavy breathing.

“Cum for me Sorceress, let me feel you cum all over my cock.” He replied looking into her eyes, feeling her body move under his.

She dug her fingertips into his ass and back, gripping him with her legs not to let go. She closed her eyes to open her body to all of him and let her senses take it into her memory. Burning this moment deep inside her brain to be stored there forever and she would relive it over and over.

His cock was reaching the breaking point and he too was ready to explode inside her. Slowly moving his hips into hers, his cock throbbed and the heat coming from her pussy made his cock hot not only with want, but with wanting to please her like no other man has before.

With slow deliberate movements he came deep inside her and she climaxed again with the feeling of his cock expelling its full load. Creating such warmth inside of her that her pussy felt like it was on fire.

Placing his lips back to hers, he again kissed her with the same amount of passion they shared from the beginning. Letting her know his need and want for her. She returned the kisses to him with the same amount of energy. Letting him know that this was not going to be the last time for them to share this level of intense sexual desire they had for each other.

Holding on to one another, both of them in the grips of sweat and passion, immersed in the feeling of pure raw ecstasy that they had just shared and succumbed to, neither of them willing to release themselves from this embrace. Both floated off in each others arms to a different world which they only shared with one another.

The Wizard held onto the Sorceress as they drifted off, not wanting to lose this moment in time.


  1. tallulahrose

    That is beautifully written… I feel all warm inside now..x

    • Thanks Tallulah Rose – Glad you enjoyed that story. The Wizard & The Sorceress are two favorite characters to write about. I hope to continue utilizing them going forward in other writings.

      Have A Most Wonderful Day!

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