Morning Craving

A light snow shower had fallen over night, as the sky began to glow ever so slightly as their bodies were warm under the covers in the early morning dawn. Feeling the embrace of each other knowing that each other was there to comfort one another, for they couldn’t help but feel the energy flow between them.

The first morning kiss, the first morning touch, everything that they had wanted was there within their reach. It was not just the sexual desire of each others body, but the love that they shared among one another, and they shared it deeply, deep within them. More than just lust, more than just passion but a strong energy flowed between the two of them and it could not be denied or questioned. It was something that only they were aware of between the two of them. With each glance, each touch, each word spoken it was something that drew them to each other.

No matter how much time may have passed between their greetings or between their encounters they had to be with each other always, in some way or another. Whether in thought or in the physical sense, they held a special place within each other.

The sun began to shine through the window against her skin creating warmth on her flesh. He laid his hand across her torso, feeling her heartbeat, her breathing and knowing that all the desire she had felt for him and was feeling was emitting through her skin and through her breathing.

His cock that was hard brushed against her ass as she lay there half asleep in this early morning hours. He couldn’t resist but to rub his hand up her ass and across her back, feeling the smoothness and warmth of her skin. She made a soft sigh as his hands ran across her body and she knew exactly what he had in mind.

Rolling over to greet him as the softness of the light began to fill room, their lips met and she could feel his cock pressed in-between her legs and she knew she was wet and ready to welcome him.

Wrapping her leg over his body, he reached down to fondle the wetness of her pussy knowing that she was always aroused in the morning, but he enjoyed touching her because it excited him.

Reaching down with her hand and stroking his cock, made him eager to push his finger into her wetness and feel the warmth of her pussy, as he began to raise the level of her senses.

She loved having his hands on her. It gave her full body such a sensation, like they flowed into one, whenever he touched her. She couldn’t get enough of him. Saying she wanted him, was too weak and feeble to describe what she was really feeling whenever they were together. It was a like a constant fire that burned deep within her. One that wouldn’t go out and neither of them wanted it to.

Exchanging of kisses was intense. She let her lips wander down his neck and to his ear to lightly bite it and suck on it as she continued to stroke his cock.

She whispered in his ear, “I love the way you touch me.”

“I really enjoy the way you stroke my cock and they way your body feels against mine,” he replied.

Returning her lips to his she gently ran her tongue over his lips feeling his mustache and the softness of his lips. Gently she pressed her tongue into the warmth of his mouth which excited her more. Her wanting him to feel her passion through her lips in this exchange of contact.

Removing his hand from her wetness, he slowly let it slide up her body, along her sides, feeling her skin quiver under his touch. Letting his hand guide him to the fullness of her breast he found her nipples hard and squeezed her breasts softly and tenderly. Feeling her body envelope into his as she held onto him, still stoking his cock.

Returning her lips to his ear to lightly ran her tongue against it, she whispered to him, “I want you to lick me.”

Eager to please her, he did as she requested not that he didn’t mind licking her pussy he enjoyed it immensely.

Rolling over onto her back and spreading her legs wide for him to get his mouth to her sweetness he didn’t hesitate. Her pussy was already wet before he touched it with his tongue. Running his tongue over the outer part of her pussy and slowly massaging her clit with his thumb and occasionally stopping to just let his tongue lightly touch her clit that was swollen and pink. Than returning his thumb back into position.

She ran her feet up his back and spread her legs even wider for him. She wanted him to enjoy her pussy and to have full access to every part of her wetness. Reaching down she ran her fingers through his thick hair telling him how much she enjoyed his tongue in her pussy.

“Stick your tongue in my pussy,” she told him.

He wanted to please her, so he did what she wanted. He knew what she liked and disliked, and didn’t mind when she told him what to do to please her. It turned him on to know what to do and for her to tell him.

Licking her pink lips and pushing his tongue as deep as it would go into her wetness, tasting her sweet essence as she came in his mouth and him licking it up. She pressed the heels of her feet into his back and pushed her hips into his mouth and face. Letting him know she wanted his tongue deep inside her.

Though she wanted to feel his tongue, he replaced it with his finger and began to finger fuck her as his tongue danced across her lips and clit exciting her to a higher level. Feeling her pussy tighten on his finger he knew she was ready to cum.

Pushing and squeezing her body against him, she came and her pussy was drenched. He licked at her juices and he couldn’t get enough of her. Still using his finger to penetrate her feeling the spasms of her pussy, he couldn’t wait to get his throbbing cock inside that warmth.

Slowly removing his finger, she released the grip she had on him as she laid there with an expression of complete satisfaction, but he knew her well enough that she wasn’t done and only his cock could completely satisfy that craving she had. Bringing his finger to his mouth for one last taste of her pussy before filling it with his cock and making her cum again.

Changing his position so he could enter her, he slowly pushed the head of his cock past her lips and she let out such a sound of pure pleasure of feeling him inside her. Teasing her slowly as he pulled it back out only to repeat it, not just once but many times driving her to the brink of climaxing. Even his cock couldn’t take much more and wanted to feel the full warmth of her pussy.

He thrust his cock in her up to his balls. She met his thrust as he pressed his body into hers. Kissing her with intensity and passion not being able to get enough of her his tongue explored her mouth like his cock explored her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him into her, grabbing hold of his body with so much need, want and desire she didn’t want to let go.

Sharing the extreme level of passion between the two of them as the morning sun filled the room.

“Fuck me!” she said to him, and he did, making sure to not miss a moment of pleasing her.

Reaching his arms underneath of her to hold her even tighter against him, their bodies couldn’t get much closer. She met every movement of his body with hers, holding onto him with her arms and legs, not wanting to let go.

Her pussy tightened around his cock as it throbbed inside her, the warmth that it gave him, exciting him as he continued to move his body into hers. Grabbing and clenching his cock with her pussy filled him with pleasure beyond belief.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Fuck Me! That’s it, fuck me!” she exclaimed in-between breaths as he penetrated her as deep as he could go. Her pussy clenched around his cock with her orgasm and the wetness that flowed from the result of it made it feel like her pussy was on fire.

“Let me get on top.” She told him.

Rolling over without removing his cock from her warmth, she straddled him and crouched over him. Balancing herself on top of him, she looked deep within him. Leaning forward and kissing him gently and with passion, than pulling her self back up and grabbing onto his chest to balance herself.

“Don’t move.” She told him.

She slowly moved her hips into him. Watching him at first and than becoming lost in the motion of her body and how his cock felt inside her, she closed her eyes so to open up all her physical senses and let her pussy feel every inch of his cock.

Raising and lowering her hips slowly at first, enjoying the sensation of his hard cock inside her. Grinding her hips into his groin so to feel his cock immersed in her pussy, she exclaimed her pleasure of feeling it deep within her with words and sounds.

Stopping and starting her motion, changing the pace she brought herself to another orgasm and came with force and told him so. She enjoyed fucking him, feeling his cock deep inside her brought her joy beyond words and she couldn’t get enough of him.

He held onto her hips as she displayed her ability to perform on his cock by being on top, he watched her as the expression of pure ecstasy came across her face with every orgasm she had. He enjoyed watching her please herself by being on top and he too enjoyed the sensation that her pussy gave him and his cock. The pure pleasure of pleasing herself and him was deeply rooted in her. The rawness of sharing sexual need between the two of them could not be denied.

Her hair fell into her face and he wanted to kiss her lips and feel the sexual energy not just through her pussy, but through the embrace of her body. He reached up and pinched her nipples that were so hard and pink from the blood flow like two small berries on cream colored field. The fullness of her breasts felt good in his hands and he pulled her down to his chest to feel all of her.

He pushed her hair away from her face finding her lips and letting his tongue find hers contained in the warmth of her mouth, penetrating it as their energy flowed between each other. Holding her tight against his body, he was now going to show how much he wanted to please her.

Moving his lips across her face and down her neck, he whispered to her, “let me fuck you from behind.”

Without saying a word, she moved off of him and he moved himself behind her ass, and began to slowly run his hands up the roundness of her posterior. Finding the opening to the sweetness of her pussy, he slowly pushed the head of his cock into her. He wanted to tease her one last time with his cock, which he knew drove her crazy with want as he turned the tables on her and told her not to move.

With his cock slowly penetrating her pussy, he held onto her hips letting his cock lead him into her wet cave. The heat of her pussy and the wetness exploded onto his cock and as he thrust his cock deep into her to only pull it out and repeat again and again. Doing this action drove her crazy and he could tell her by the tightness of her pussy that she was going to climax again.

Gripping her ass, he pushed his cock into her up to his balls than ground it into her, letting her feel how his cock throbbed inside her hot pussy. Smacking her ass until it was pink and leaving hand prints on her ass, she couldn’t take much more of this.

“Fuck me! That’s it, fuck me!” she told him.

She couldn’t take it much more and pushed her ass into his cock and body as he fucked her harder with determination, knowing she would cum again and his cock was ready to explode inside her. Leaning forward pressing his body into hers and holding her around her waist he pushed himself as deep as he could go and he exploded inside her.

“Fuck I’m cumming! My God, I’m cumming!”

His cocked throbbed as it expelled the warm fluid from within him into her. Feeling all the warmth of her pussy as she came with force and it tightened up around his cock with each spasm. Continuing to move his cock back and forth inside her, making sure he was empty, he didn’t stop until he knew the task was complete.

Collapsing on top of her, their bodies relaxed and he could feel the heat rising from her as he pressed his chest into her back. Lying there with his cock still inside her, and moving to lie on their sides, he wrapped his arms around her kissing the back of her neck. She ran her hands down his legs as if to acknowledge all the pleasure and satisfaction he just gave her. Content with this morning exercise, the daily ritual never got boring, only better each time.

Pulling his cock out of the grip of her pussy, he rolled her over onto her back and kissed her with passion and want. He still couldn’t get enough her lips and her body. Showing more than just lust, but deep passion for each other, he kissed her long and slow.

Holding onto each other for that last embrace before rising out of bed, she looked deep into his eyes to express her satisfaction of him and letting him know how much she wanted him.

“Good morning Sweetheart.” She said to him.

“Good morning to you too. Love starting our day like this.” He replied.


  1. Lovely, so erotic. Great piece of writing.

    • Thank You! Glad you enjoyed the story.


    • Thanks Phebe

      Sorry, for the late reply. Been busy working on business ventures for someone. I’m far behind on my replies to followers. Hope you are well.

      Hugs & Kisses!

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