How Wet Can I Get

The humidity in the air hit her in the face like a ton of bricks and she was happy that she put on a loose pair cut offs and a tank top.

Gathering up the hose, she picked up the bucket, sponge and car soap and set out to wash her SUV. It was filthy from the long drive to her new home. Though she should be inside unpacking, she choose to do this task instead and get some fresh air and sun in the process.

Spraying the car down she got herself just as wet as the car and she realized maybe wearing a white tank top wasn’t a good idea even though she had a bra on it left little to ones imagination. Even her cut-offs were loose and hanging on her hips and when she bent over it was evident that she had a thong on. She didn’t really care. “Fuck it” she thought as she went about doing what she had to do.

The cool water from the hose felt good against her skin as it ran down her arms and legs while soaping and hosing the car off. Her bare feet felt the warmth of the pavement and her hot pink toenails glowed through the soapy water that was being washed off the car. Looking down she realized she was just as wet as the car and the tank top clung to her body in the sun, but it felt cool and she just didn’t care who saw her.

But someone did see her and was watching her as she went about her business.

Across the street the resident was outside trimming his bushes when he happened to see her come out of the house to wash her truck. At first he paid no attention to her and continued with his weekend gardening. But once she started washing her vehicle he couldn’t help but glance over at her while she was hosing it down and getting herself wet in the process. He positioned himself so he could watch her and not appear too obvious as she bent and twisted In her cut-offs leaving little to guess and a great deal to think about.

He began to get aroused noticing how wet she had made herself washing the car and he could only think of the car wash scene from the movie “Cool Hand Luke” and wished he was inside her vehicle watching her from that angle. He had wanted to introduce himself to her but couldn’t work up the nerve, than he thought that this may be a good opportunity. No time better than now he thought. Than again, maybe it would lead to something else. He only wondered.

Putting down the hedge trimmers he went inside to check his appearance. He didn’t want to look too sloppy but he wanted to appear to be him self. He brushed off any floating pieces of the bush that clung to his shirt and skin and checked his hair. He looked respectable. He didn’t worry about her seeing the tattoos on his arms he had seen the ones on her thighs and her back and that excited him. Women and tattoos turned him on.

Walking out the door he crossed the street and began walking up her driveway. Noticing her back was too him and she was bending over washing the wheels he couldn’t help but admire her ass in her shorts and her thong sticking out the top of them. Realizing he hadn’t gotten laid in awhile, his cock in his pants was 3 steps ahead of his brain and was beginning to get hard.

Not wanting to startle her, he said Hello as he got closer to her. Stopping what she was doing, she turned to face the voice. Her shirt was saturated and so were the front of her shorts. They hung onto her hips, exposing the belt tattoos and the top of her thong; she didn’t attempt to correct her shirt to cover herself.

He had a hard time looking at her face without staring at her breasts and her wet body through her clothes. Extending a hand to him, she introduced herself to him and he her.

He gave her the standard welcome to the neighborhood. She welcomed the break from the job of washing the car and the chance for a conversation.

She too tried not to stare at him. He was an attractive man that was moderately built, with dark hair and kind eyes and a mustache; characteristics that she looked for in a man. Noticing the unique tattoos on his arms excited her too. It had been awhile since she had interaction with a man and wanted to take her time with this conversation.

Making small talk to each other with the occasional bit of laughter they quickly learned they had a great deal in common.

Though he wanted to welcome her to the neighborhood it was her that invited him inside for something cold to drink. This was too good to be true he thought as they walked into her house. Anything was possible crossed his mind.

Walking into a maze of boxes and bins, he followed her into the kitchen. Watching her walk and the way her ass moved in her shorts excited him even more. Trying to keep himself contained, his mind wandered to what she looked like naked.

Grabbing two glasses and some cold refreshments, she offered him what she had. He graciously took it from her as they continued to make some small talk.

Realizing how wet her clothing was, she excused herself to go change her clothes, even though she wasn’t done washing the car; she welcomed the break from the heat.

Trying not to watch her too much or follow her, he felt a bit uneasy as she left the room. Still making small talk with her as she had left the room, his voice carried through the home and she could hear him continually talking to her.

She didn’t bother closing the bedroom door as she sorted through items to find something else to put on. Realizing that she couldn’t find too much she grabbed another pair of cut-offs and a tank top. Removing her wet clothing, she didn’t bother putting a bra back on why bother, it was too hot and she was feeling promiscuous. She was not ashamed or embarrassed by her body.

Returning to the living room area, he stood watching her. He noticed right away that she didn’t have a bra on and her nipples showed through her shirt; hard. He felt his cock beginning to become excited in his pants. He didn’t want to be too forward, but he could tell that he wanted to feel her against him.

Finishing their drink they went back outside so she could finish washing her car. Though he didn’t want to leave, he offered to help her complete the task.

Turning the hose on she wanted so much to drench her body with it. The heat was heavy and the water cool. Bending over to grab the sponge from the bucket while he was standing behind her, her ass looked so inviting and he wanted to fuck her right there. But he knew he had to work up to it.

She soaped up the car and he began to hose it off next to her, and the water hit her body and ran down her chest and arms, getting her all wet again, but this time, with no undergarments on, her breasts could be clearly seen even through the dark shirt. She was so wet, it almost appeared as if her shirt was painted onto her body even her shorts left little to the imagination. Only exciting him more and he wanted so much to reach out and touch her.

Trying not to be too obvious he moved closer to her, so their arms touched and he felt the warmth of her skin even through the cool water. The small talk changed quickly to sex and they exchanged horror stories of dating and relationships. She blurted out that it had been awhile since she has had sex or even a date, which he couldn’t believe that she said it or that it had been some time since she had dated.

Realizing that her clothes were completely drenched again all except her hair, from washing the car, she grabbed the hose from his hand and began to hose herself down from her head down. She pulled the hair tie out of her dark hair so it flowed with the water over her face and down the front of her shirt. Using her free hand to simulate washing herself as she removed the excess soap from her body from washing the car, standing there smiling at him as he watched her. His cock couldn’t stand it anymore. He didn’t know how much more he could take. The question was does he leave to go to home and deal with his own demise, or take her into her home and find out what she was all about. The answer came very quickly.

She turned the hose on him, spraying him down with the cold water, soaking his shirt and pants, down to his shoes. It removed the hardness in his cock, but it excited him too. She was playing with him. She was inviting this game of wet me and I will wet you. It turned him on this bit of playfulness she showed.

Before he could stop her, she did it again and he tried to grab the hose away from her and she ran around the side of the car and he found himself chasing her. As if two children playing tag, but the prize was not the hose, it was to be something else. Catch me if you can she thought, and he caught her.

Pulling her into him, he now was not going to stop his cock from getting hard. She too was aroused from this little cat and mouse game. Taking his hand, she led him back into the house and said the car can wait,

“We need to get you out of those wet clothes,” she said taking his hand.

Once inside it was her that became the aggressor.

Pulling his shirt up and over his head and he didn’t object at her advances as she did this and than removed her shirt exposing her breasts. This was too good to believe he thought, but he was going along with it.

Kissing him, ran such a surge of sexual electricity through his body and he returned her kiss with want and as she ran her hands over his body than tracing it with her fingertips not letting go of him.

Reaching down he grabbed her ass through her shorts, and without thinking he pushed his hand down the back of her shorts to grab her flesh. His cock was pleading to be pulled from the cage of his pants.

She felt his cock through his pants, and reached down to stoke it through his clothes and than unbuttoned his pants pulling his cock out of its encasement. Feeling his hard cock in her hand excited her even more and she wanted to have its fullness in her mouth.

Unbuttoning her own shorts and slipping them off casting them off to the side, she bent down to remove his pants so she could feel all of his skin with her fingertips. Running her hands up the inside of his thighs, she stood there in front of him while kissing and touching him, she ran her foot up and down the side of his leg, sending a chill up his spine at all the sensory overload he was feeling.

Lowering herself to suck on his erect cock, she licked it and he let out a moan of contentment of feeling her warm mouth on his throbbing member. Using all of her abilities to drive him crazy, she ran her hands up and down his legs while sucking on him and occasionally, just stroking him while licking the inside of his legs. He drifted into another world with the sensation of her mouth and hands on his body.

Releasing his cock from her mouth and replacing it with her hand, she began to slowly lick and kiss his torso, feeling the smoothness of his skin and letting her free hand roam his body. She could feel his skin move with the slightest of touch and the hairs on his arms began to rise.

Looking at him intently, she knew exactly what she wanted and again wasn’t hesitant in her manner. Leading him to the bedroom, she began kissing him and slowly backed him up to the edge of the bed until he had to lay back. Straddling him she began the process over again. Licking and playing with his cock, knowing her own pussy was so wet and ready, she wanted to enjoy this moment of tantalizing pleasure for herself and him.

He couldn’t take it much longer. Pulling her up by her arms he rolled her over, he too wanted to explore her and the wetness between her legs. Kissing her, he ran his hand down in-between her legs finding her sweet spot wet and warm. He slowly began to finger her pussy, and she moaned with joy of feeling his hand explore her. Watching her face as she began to relax with the touch of his hand, he had to taste her.

Pulling his finger out of her warmth and bringing it to his mouth he sucked it dry. Moving his body so that he was between her legs, he began to slowly lick the outer parts of her pussy, letting his tongue graze her clit every couple of licks. Feeling the muscles in her legs begin to tighten than relax he knew it wouldn’t be long before she would cum. He pushed his one finger into her wetness while still licking the lips of her pussy and the inner part of her thighs. She tasted sweet and warm and he still couldn’t believe that only an hour ago he was trimming hedges at his own home.

Feeling his mouth and finger explore her pussy, the wetness and sexual energy inside her couldn’t be contained. Wanting to feel every inch of his body with hers, she ran her legs and feet across his shoulders and down his back taking it all in. Though she was close to climaxing, she held herself back from having an orgasm. Not that she didn’t want to, she wanted to suck his cock some more.

Reaching down and grabbing his arms, she said, “I want to suck your cock some more. Lick my pussy and let me suck your cock at the same time!” Without hesitation he complied.

Maneuvering his body so she could suck his cock which was aching for her mouth or her pussy, he was happy to let her suck on it some more.

Licking the shaft of his cock and his balls as he continued to finger and lick her pussy lips, she couldn’t hold on much longer and she came with force and released all the pent up sexual frustration that had been contained her with this complete stranger. Sucking his cock deeper as she came, only stopping to catch her breath. She could tell her pussy was so wet and was ready for his cock.

Realizing she had cum, because of the spasms of her pussy around his finger and the amount of juices that flowed from her, he couldn’t take much more and had to have his cock deep within her.

Pulling himself out of her mouth, he returned to between her legs and slowly let his hard cock penetrate her warm wet pussy. He took it slow, watching her face as he just let the head of his cock in. Her pussy was so wet and tight, he was hoping he could last himself. Pulling it back out and just allowing the head of his cock to rub against the outer part of her pussy, he did it again to her, just the head of his cock than he slowly forced the rest of his member into her before starting any motion of his body.

She came instantly, wrapping her legs around him and pulling him into her than releasing them so her feet could feel his tense legs and muscles only to repeat the process of wanting to touch every inch of his body with hers.

Kissing her and holding onto her body as he moved into her wet pussy made every inch of his body became aware of every part of her body pressed against his. They moved in tandem, meeting his thrust with her hips and it was so intense to his senses that he wasn’t sure he could last.

It didn’t seem like a long amount of time, but minutes passed and as they rolled into each other, changing positions to only excite one another to a higher level of sexual intensity as if this would be the last time that they would copulate. But they were ravenous with each other, exploring and groping to only try to get more of each other. Time passed and than it stood still.

His cock throbbed inside her as she continued to orgasm, one after another, and she was so wet that his cock slid in and out of her with ease and motion. His balls were wet with her essence and he could tell that his cock was ready to explode inside her.

Feeling his cock throb inside her pussy she knew he was ready to cum, and knowing herself she knew she would orgasm at the same time. Wrapping her legs around his hips so tightly he could hardly move his body, bringing him so much closer to her and his cock was up to its balls in her wet pussy, he exploded. Making her cum and feeling every inch of her pussy spasm and tighten around his cock as he released his load deep in her pussy.

Feverishly they held on and kissed each other with lust and passion as if this was the end of the world to let go of all this energy being released between the two of them.

Though he had finally cum, his cock hurt from the finale release and to pull it out of her warmth was almost torture to him. He enjoyed this encounter.

Slowly removing himself from her grasps of her legs and arms, he rolled over to catch his breath and she did the same.

Lying there as if they had just experienced something completely different, which they had, both appeared speechless, just looking at one another.

Turning to face him, she saw that he was watching her. She asked him, “Do you want something to drink?”

“Yes,” he replied.

As she was rising from the bed he turned to her and asked, “Do you want to go finish washing the car?”

“The car can wait,” she replied. “This is much more fun and I’m really wet!”

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