The Rest Stop – Part 3

After taking their shower together a second time, their skin began to wrinkle from the all the water, they thought it was time to get out and dry themselves off.

The sexual tension between the two of them was still high as they got dressed. Both agreed that they were getting hungry, it was late and the sun had almost set on their long day. So much shared, on many different levels and the evening was still young to both of them. What could happen next, anything was possible.

The coolness of the air-conditioning of the room made her nipples hard and he couldn’t help but look at her breasts as she began to get dressed. The desire for her was still as obvious in him as he gazed upon her.

She picked out a light sundress, since the temps outside were much higher than in the room, though the temperature in her body was still raging from the sexual exchange they had shared from earlier today and most recently in the shower. Rubbing herself with body lotion, he watched as her hands moved across her body from her legs up, trying not to stare but taking glimpses of her routine from across the room.

She found herself trying not to watch him dress, she couldn’t believe herself and the amount of need for him that she found herself thinking about. This man, a complete stranger to her 12 hours ago, became something she didn’t expect and craved just looking at his body as he began to cloth it. How could she have so much desire for him, she thought.

Now that they were completely dressed in clean clothes, they decided to find a place to get a bite to eat. Both agreed upon nothing fancy, just something casual, relaxing and convenient. Picking up the guide book on the night table she sat and reviewed the area places to go to. Both agreed upon a place a couple blocks away and they headed out the door.

Getting in her truck, he in the passenger seat, watched her situated herself in the sundress. It was short, and fit her body well, showing off her figure and he couldn’t help but admire it and told her how good she looked. Was this turning into something besides a chance encounter?

Heading out of the parking lot and onto the main strip of Myrtle Beach, she pointed the vehicle into the direction of their destination.

Not being able to help himself, he reached over and laid his hand on her thigh, rubbing and caressing it slowly. Feeling her smooth, warm skin excited him. He couldn’t get enough of touching her. Coming to a stop light, he reached over and kissed her, pulling her towards him. She didn’t stop him but returned the kiss without hesitation, letting her hand run down his arm as he held her. Taking in her scent aroused him, but he thought it would be best to wait until they could have a place that was more private to explore themselves with each other. She was thinking to herself, “where is this going?”

Releasing their hold on each other, they continued down the road giving each other a smile of approval.

Arriving at the place of choice, they were greeted and seated at a booth far from the main area of the restaurant, almost as if the hostess knew they wanted privacy. They didn’t ask or complain, they took advantage of the seclusion they were provided. Was it obvious to the hostess that they wanted to be alone to their own devices of desire for each other?

Seating themselves next to each other in this large booth that was probably meant for more people they sat close to one another without touching. They could feel the energy exchanging between the two of them. Their bodies didn’t need to touch to raise the sexual excitement that they shared.

Reviewing the menu and making some small talk among them, the waitress approached and took their drink order.

They almost couldn’t wait for the waitress to leave them to their solitude and the privacy of the area of the room.

Leaning towards her, he couldn’t help himself staring at her body and how the dress clung to it. It showed off every curve of her chest and her waist. He wanted so much to reach out and touch her and he was stopped by the waitress returning with their drinks. Placing them on the table, the two of them told her to give them a couple of minutes before taking their order, he again was happy to see her go.

Moving closer to her, he placed his hand on her bare leg feeling the warmth of her skin. She gave him a glance, a bit startled at his action, but she didn’t stop his advances here in a public place. She enjoyed feeling his hands on her body, whether they were in private or public. She found herself becoming excited about feeling his body pressed up against her.

Turning his body and switching hands he reached up under her dress and she continued to just stare at him, her facial expression didn’t change much. It was one of pleasant welcoming surprise as he reached her crotch with his hand. She let out a small sound, and she didn’t stop him as she opened her legs so he could have access to her. Knowing in her mind what his hand was searching for.

Placing her hand on his leg she moved it to his crotch and finding his cock was now hard through his pants, she was a bit shocked and than again she wasn’t and she became aroused at all the possibilities that came to mind. Considering the shower marathon sex they had, this would be like dessert. She than began to wonder would there be a midnight cap when they got back to the room?

He let his fingers rub against the outside of her thong but he could feel the warmth her pussy was giving off and he thought of how pleasant the time in the shower was and wanted to feel that warmth wrapped around his cock again, and it being a public place only excited him more. But where, he thought to himself as his cock began to ache inside his pants with her continually rubbing it through his jeans, they either had to stop and wait or act upon it soon.

The waitress returned to the table again asking them if they were ready and they both replied “no” simultaneously.

She walked away from the table and he took a glance around the back room of this restaurant that they were placed in, and noticed a single restroom sign. Without thinking, he took her hand and said, “Come with me.” Without objection she followed, not questioning his intention or what he wanted. For she knew what he desired and she wanted it too to; feel that cock of his inside her. To explore each other again but in a public place excited her. Anything goes went through her mind. Why stop now?

The bathroom was small, but private with a lock on the door and since they were in the back room of the restaurant by themselves who would come back here to use it. Not anyone.

Once inside he quickly locked the door behind them and pushed her up against the door. Pulling her dress up around her waist and letting his fingers probe between her legs finding her pussy wet and ready for anything, especially his cock.

She wasted no time and unzipped his pants pulling his cock out of its enclosure and began stroking it as their lips met with so much passion and need. As if they hadn’t had sex in days or weeks instead of only an hour. They couldn’t get enough of each other. Feeding on this frenzy of need and desire of each others body, grabbing at one another to release as much of the sexual tension as they could, they wasted no time.

He didn’t even bother taking her panties off; he just pushed them to the side and began to finger fuck her up against the door. She let out a sound of approval, trying not to be too vocal since it was a public place; she wanted to scream out in pleasure of his finger inside her as she tightened her pussy on it to let him know she wanted more.

Grabbing hold of her around the waist, he pulled her legs up around his hips and pushed his pants down past his ass so his cock had full freedom to get inside her.

Slowly, he lowered her pussy on to his cock while holding her up against the door and swiftly he penetrated her. Not abrasive but deliberate to let her know how much he wanted to feel that wet warm pussy of hers again wrapped around his cock. Warmth enveloped him and he could see the ecstasy in her face as his cock was now fully engulfed in her warmth.

His cock throbbed inside her pussy as it tightened up around it and he could tell she was going to cum. She bit her bottom lip to hold back the cries of shear pleasure of his cock inside her. The feeling was pure and raw as he moved his cock into her and held her against the door. Pressing her hard against the bathroom door, as he moved his cock quickly but in a constant motion into her, not letting go.

She came and he could feel the warm juices flow from her and his cock couldn’t get enough as she continued to bite her lip as she held onto him so tightly and her legs locked around his hips. Not being able to control herself, she let out a sound of pure satisfaction of his cock inside her as she continued to climax. Holding onto him as if it was life or death, she didn’t want to let go of his cock inside her either.

The sounds coming from the bathroom didn’t draw anyone and they knew that they were safe in their quiet sanctuary for the time being.

Knowing that they didn’t have a great deal of time, he had to cum soon, but he was enjoying the feeling of her pussy. The wetness that flowed from it and it was running down his balls. His cock was so hard and throbbing inside of her.

Not being able to hold on much longer to his erection, he knew he was about ready to cum. He thrust his cock deep inside her as she continued to cum and it flowed from her. The warmth of her pussy made his cock so hard and ache so much but he still didn’t want to let go of this feeling.

It had only been minutes but he couldn’t take it much longer and he let go of his load and he came with so much force. Banging her ass against the door she let out a sound of pure ecstasy as she came again and dug her fingernails into his back and arms. Burrowing her face into his shoulder as she couldn’t control the sounds coming from her as all the sexual tension was released from her through the action of feeling his cock cum inside her. Her pussy was so wet between her cumming and now from him, she could feel all the moisture running out of her.

Their grasps on each became a little looser but they still didn’t let go, they stood there staring at each other. He was still holding onto her, pressed against the door and she kissed him so gently and with the passion she had shown earlier in the day back in the field. He returned the kisses to her and he slowly let go of her and her legs slid down his body, still holding onto the kisses they shared as their held onto each other, he still pressing her up against the door.

He slowly backed away so she could breathe and get herself situated. He reached down and pulled up his pants and she too pulled down her dress and straightened herself out. They smiled at each other and almost laughing she said, “Well that is a new experience for me!” “Me too!” he replied.

“I can tell you this much, I’m hungry now.” He said to her as he unlocked the bathroom door and giving her ass a good squeeze as she walked out of the sanctuary in front of him.

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