The Rest Stop Part 2

While lying there on the blanket together, she daydreamed not paying any attention to the time or where she was going.

Sitting up she told him that she had to be getting back and on her way to her destination. She didn’t want to tear herself away from him as they lay there naked together on the blanket taking in the beautiful surroundings with all its beauty of this little nook in the middle of nowhere. She loved the outdoors and this chance encounter made her more aware of all her senses.

Closing her eyes and lying back down next to him feeling the warmth of the sun on her skin and the slight breeze made the hair on her body stand up. Between that and feeling the warmth of his body next to hers, made her feel so aware of her surroundings and energy he was putting off.

Moving his body to face her, he watched her just lie there admiring her body and her facial features. He knew once they got back to her car, he may never see her again. He enjoyed this spontaneity encounter a great deal and even if their paths were to part, he wanted to enjoy her as long as possible.

“Where you heading to?” he asked her.

“I’m just traveling the east coast, stopping wherever I feel the need to, eventually stopping in Savannah, Georgia than turning around and heading back to Pennsylvania.” She replied. “Where are you heading off to?” she asked.

“I have no real destination in mind, just going wherever the road leads me for the next couple of weeks. Hoping to see as many parts of the southern states as I can.” He replied.

Even though the conversation was a repeat of what they had talked about while sitting at the rest stop, they reiterated it but with a bit more meaning. Both seemed to not want to let go of this time. Showing more interest in each other and their personal plans, neither in a hurry to let go of this moment they were sharing.

“I do have to really get going. Do you mind if we head back?” she asked as she stood and started to gather her clothes and get dressed.

He watched her get dress and wasn’t sure to ask, but he blurted it out, “Would you like some company until your next stop or do you mind if I joined you for awhile?”

A bit startled but at the same time welcoming his request, she replied, “That would be great to have you along. Though I don’t know how far I am going to travel today or tonight, but you are more than welcome to follow me.”

He smiled at her, pleased with her response. Gathering himself together too and getting dressed, picking up the blanket, they walked back up the trail to where he parked his Harley.

They didn’t really exchange too many words on the walk back to the bike, but they both knew that this not something they normally would do, but it was also an adventure for both of them.

Back at the rest stop, she went to her car and changed back into her shorts. Once done she walked back to him and asked if he was ready to go. Letting him know she was going to try to hit Myrtle Beach and stop there for the night. He thought that was doable and he nodded yes and he got himself together and they set off down the road he following her.

Back on the road so many thoughts crossed through her mind as she was driving. But she also felt exhilarated by this new found encounter. Where would it lead she asked herself. The world may never know. Anything was possible; you just never know she told herself.

The sun was beginning to weigh down in the sky and she pulled into a nondescript motel, more for convenience than for amenities, he followed her and parked.

Walking up to him she asked, “I know this may be strange to ask, but would you like to share a room this evening? Or did you want to get your own room so you have your privacy?”

He was overjoyed by her question. Being given the opportunity to spend the night with her excited him, not only sexually but throughout his head and body. Without sounding too eager he replied, “That would be fine. I would like staying with you this evening.”

Checking in and getting a room, they retrieved their bags and settled into the room.

She began to undress and told him she wanted to take a shower. Gathering her toiletries and items she needed she headed to the bathroom and undressed. She didn’t close the door but left it open. Privacy at this point didn’t matter, he had already seen her naked so what was the need for secluding him from her shower.

Hearing the shower start he sat and listened and thought of what they had shared. A chance encounter with a stranger on this road trip that was so unexpected but also so intimate on many levels ran through his mind.

Without thinking he got himself undressed and walked into the bathroom, pulling back the shower curtain he asked if he could join her. She replied that it was ok with her.

Watching the water cascade over her naked body excited him again. He wanted to touch her so much. She turned to rinse her body off of the soap and he ran his hands down her body. Though he knew she probably had already washed her body, he grabbed the soap and began to run it over her body, feeling the smoothness of her tanned skin. Letting the soap guide his hands across her flesh as he used both hands to run across her back, down her arms and than around her ass that was full but not big. He just wanted to touch her in anyway possible.

Reaching back to grab him to pull him close to her, she welcomed his touch. Feeling his hands on her body brought so many pleasant thoughts and desires to the surface. She closed her eyes and let the warm water run down her body as he continued to let the soap guide and lead him across her body.

She felt his cock grow hard against her ass as she continued to let her hands roam his body keeping her back to him and his hands moved across the front her body cupping her breast and than letting them run down to in-between her legs. She turned herself around to face him, their lips met. The warm water cascading over their bodies she turned him so that he was under the shower as it flowed over his body and she took the soap from his hand and began to wash his body. Letting her hands wander where they may; touching every inch of him with the soap and water, she too felt like she couldn’t get enough of him. Never questioning her decision to invite this person she hardly knew with her on her travels.

Placing the soap back in the holder she raised her lips to his and kissed him with intention and want, desire and passion. Feeling his cock growing harder, she reached down and began to stroke it in the shower; soapy and wet, her hand slide over it with ease. It grew harder in her hand and she loved the way it felt in her hand, bringing back the memory of not long ago when it was deep inside her wet pussy.

Lowering her body so she was squatting in front of him, she began to suck on his cock. Licking it so gently as if it would break and slowly adding pressure between her mouth, tongue and the strokes of her hand. She felt herself becoming aroused by doing this. The warm water flowing over his body and downward making a slight waterfall onto her face only added to all the physical sensation she was feeling. Raising the passion that was deep within her, touching his body electrified her to a point that she couldn’t describe. The warm water only added to this physical sensation.

His cock was growing hard in the warmth of her mouth as he let his hands run over her wet hair and down her shoulders, feeling her mouth on his cock felt so good to him, he wasn’t sure if he could last. The sensation of her tongue circling the head of his cock and watching her lips part as his cock disappeared into the orifice of her mouth excited him so.

Stopping to return her lips to his, he wrapped his arms around her pulling under the shower so they were both feeling the warmth and the steam in the bathroom was not just from the shower. The temperature was increasing between them as they embraced and kissed each other. So much desire and passion was felt, it wasn’t just lust it was much more that they were feeling. This was something different for both of them, as they shared this level of intimacy and desire between the two of them.

Letting his hand slide down her body until it was in-between her legs, he probed her pussy with his finger, feeling the warmth and the wetness from deep within her. The wetness was not from the water but from the excitement she was feeling from deep within.

Kissing each other feverishly as if they couldn’t get enough of each other, she could tell she was going to cum just from him fondling her pussy. She was so wet with excitement from his touch that she just wanted to explode. Breathing rapidly in-between the passionate kisses they shared. She came with such force; he couldn’t believe how she felt. The spasms from her orgasm and the way she held onto him, like she was going to either drown from the shower water or from the wetness that came from her pussy.

Slowly he turned her around so her ass was at the right level so his cock could slide into the wetness of her pussy. He held his cock to guide it into her, slow at first, and she let out a sound of pure pleasure of feeling his throbbing cock back inside her, like it belonged there all along. He moved it into her, with the slightest movement, than once he felt how her body was reacting he couldn’t control himself and he thrust his cock deep inside of her with one full movement. Feeling the warm juices of her pussy begin to flow.

She braced herself with her hands against the back of the shower wall as he grabbed hold of her hips and drove his cock deep inside of her with each movement. She returned the motion of her hips while still trying to keep a grip on the bathtub with her feet. She came with force and complete sexual release and exclaimed it to him. She didn’t hold back on her vocalization of pure pleasure telling him repeatedly how good his cock felt inside her or that she was cumming, and she came a number of times.

His cock throbbed deep inside her wet and warm pussy, feeling every pulsation of her orgasms which only drove him to a new height of arousal and desire. His hands and fingers were leaving red marks on her hips as he held onto her so tightly driving his cock into her. Pulling his cock out on occasion only to drive it back inside of her with more pressure and each time with intention to please her and himself, he couldn’t get enough of her. Though this was only the second time of having sex with her, he couldn’t get enough of her sexual energy that she shared openly with him, that and her wet pussy. So warm and wet wrapped around his cock so tightly.

Not being able to hold on much longer he came and drove his cock as deep as it would go into her and she came at the same time, opening the flood gates of juices between the two of them. He held her so tightly doing this that she was on her toes and he was driving his cock so deep into her lifting her off her feet with each thrust as he finished his load into her.

He had to let go of her so she could straighten up but he enjoyed the warmth so much that he didn’t want to release his cock from the grasp of her pussy. Pulling his cock slowly from the grip of her pussy, he backed up giving her room to straighten up and turned her around to face him. Placing his lips on hers, he kissed her with so much passion and desire. His mustache so wet from the water it clung to her face as he released her from the kiss and letting his face brush up against her.

Desire could not be defined, nor could lust. What was this he thought to himself?

The sun was setting, casting a warm glow in the room, matching the warmth coming from the bathroom and the two of them.

It was going to be a long evening she thought as she began to wash herself again with his assistance.


  1. heather templeton

    I just want to say I love these stories they get me so horny just reading them I have to masturbate just to get rid of the tension ! Keep them cumming because I love them !
    Much love
    Heather ashley

    • Good Evening & Happy New Year Heather –

      I’m so happy to read that you enjoy my stories so much, and don’t worry there will be more. I am always busy writing and imagining new scenarios for my characters.

      Yes, I will be bringing more to The Rest Stop along with The Wizard & The Sorceress over the next few days.

      Thanks again for the compliment and share my stories with others. Bringing sexual joy to those is my pleasure!


    • I just started to read these stories one night about 2 weeks after my x wife seperated. So I was alone in bed when I started to get extremely turned on. I read storis every nite now

      • Sorry to hear of your situation. I am glad that my stories brought you enjoyment in time of trouble. Happy to know that you came back to read more. I hope to get back on the “writing regularly” routine. I have been out of sorts and haven’t posted anything lately.

        Enjoy Your Day!

  2. If you ever need some inspiration, I have been told that I can tell stories that are pretty wetting for male or female just off the top of my head

    • Im just saying, ive got some stories

      • I am sure, because we all have stories. Why do you think I write…some are based upon real people and real scenarios and some are complete fantasies. Maybe we can start a dialogue sometime. Some of my stories have been created based upon dialogue between me and people I have met on-line. Makes for interesting reading.

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