I just couldn’t wait

Coming home from a long day he only had one thing in mind, and the stiffness in his pants was his reminder on his commute.

Once home he quickly undressed, but she wasn’t home at the time but he knew she would be arriving shortly. It seemed like so long before he heard her walk through the door, but it was actually only minutes. His cock was beginning to get harder thinking of her.

Not wasting any time, he approached her in the living room; her back was to him so she didn’t know he was there. She was removing her coat when he came up behind her.

Grabbing her from behind and holding her, pushing her hair out of the way to kiss her on the neck which he knew drove her nuts. He let his mustache slowly graze over her skin, giving her such a chill up her spine.

Embracing her and letting his arms slip around her body, he held her tight against his body as she could feel his erect cock against her ass through her dress. He knew what she had on underneath; she always wore stockings and a garter under a dress no matter what the weather was and this just made his cock that much harder.

Running his hands up the front of her body and cupping her breasts through her dress while still kissing her neck made his cock harder as he continued to press it against her ass. She reached around, not turning to face him and held his naked body, letting her hands flow downward around the sides of his body feeling his legs and letting his nails leave light trace-marks on his skin. He loved feeling her hands on his body and when she used her nails, which made his skin crawl with desire.

He slowly let his hands run down her body and began to pull her dress up exposing the legs and ass to his body and he let his hands guide him over her body. Feeling the silkiness of the stockings and her skin excited him. The straps of the garter against his legs brought such a raw desire to the surface. Running his hands down her legs feeling all the senses in his fingers and hands run right up his arms and into his body as his cock began to throb and press harder against her.

Turning her around so he could kiss her lips; so soft and sensuous, he wanted her, but he wanted to raise the level of passion between them to the point of explosion before penetrating her with his cock. She returned the kisses, letting her hands roam his body, feeling the tense muscles of his form that was so filled with desire; she melted when he touched her. Feeling herself becoming more aroused with each contact of his hands and his lips, her pussy started to become wet and she could feel it through her underwear.

As if he knew her too well, he reached down in-between her legs to massage the lips of her pussy which only excited her even more and she felt a thrill go up her spine with his touch. While still kissing and holding onto her, expressing his want of her and it didn’t matter whether they were in the bedroom or not. Here in the living room would be fine. He could take her anywhere, anytime and her willingness excited him.

He moved his fingers around her thong to feel her pussy lips and slowly penetrated her with his finger and he began to bring all that desire in her to the surface and he could feel it as she held onto him tighter. Squeezing him closer to her, letting him know all the passion she had for him. His cock was pressed between her legs as he continued to finger her wet pussy and it too wanted inside her. Again, he was not going to rush it.

With her dress still pulled up around her waist, he wanted it off of her now. Removing his hand from her pussy he found the zipper and began to undress her there in the living room. Casting it aside he than removed her bra exposing her voluptuous breasts and he cupped them in his hands guiding his mouth to her nipples as he sucked and toyed with them, sending chills up her spine. Running her hands through his hair and letting him have his way with her, she could never resist him; they shared the same level of passion for each other. Filled with appetite and desire, they always acted upon each others advances without question or resistance.

It didn’t matter that they were in the living room with the curtains and blinds fully opened, they didn’t care who saw them, and this was a deep rooted craving that they shared. Anytime anywhere was their motto to each other. Whenever the desire hit them, they had to have each other at that specific moment.

Reaching down she began to stroke his cock in her hand and she found her pussy becoming more wet with each stroke, exciting her even more. Every touch of his hands on her body raised all the senses in her skin which she never grew tired of. To touch him and feel him touching her, their bodies pressed against one another opened every sense of their being, bringing it to the surface.

Instead of moving to the floor or sofa, the coffee table became his chosen stage of performance. He backed her up until she felt the side of the coffee table against the back of her legs, and she immediately sat down. He wasn’t going to take the time and politely remove the items from the top of the table. With a swift move of his hand, he pushed everything to the floor. She didn’t object to his action, spontaneity was their forte; place, time or piece of furniture didn’t matter.

Grasping the sides of her thong, he slowly pulled it off of her and discarded it with her dress that was in a heap on the floor. Pushing her legs apart and grasping her ass he pulled her closer to the edge of the table. Kneeling in front of her, he began to use his tongue on her pussy, licking it and probing at it, making her melt like butter with just the touch of his tongue, her whole body relaxed.

Bringing his finger into play, he slipped it gently into her wet slot and pulling it out and placing it in his mouth to taste her as he always enjoyed the taste of her wetness. Letting his tongue wander across her pussy lips and finding her clit which was beginning to swell from the excitement, he slowly and with little effort licked it and a shiver ran through her body with this sensation. He placed his finger back into wetness and probed her, giving her such a raw sensation of desire, and she released a heavy sigh of pure want of him.

Running her hands through his hair, she loved to feel his tongue on her pussy and the way he excited her with every touch of him on her. She could never refuse him no matter what. She had forgotten all about what she should be doing and let him have his way with her and she enjoyed every minute of the pleasure he was giving her.

He pulled his finger from her warm wet pussy, so he could run his hands up and down her legs. Feeling the silkiness of the stockings and the straps of the garters made him so aroused to touch her and when she dressed like this. He knew she would have an orgasm soon and even though he loved touching her legs when they were wrapped in this seductive attire, he wanted her to cum before he replaced his finger with his throbbing cock.

Returning his finger to her wetness he could tell that it wouldn’t be much longer until she came. Licking her clit so lightly and fingering her at the same time made her so wet, juices just flowed from her non-stop. Her pussy was beginning to tighten on his finger and he could tell it wouldn’t be much longer, so he became a bit more aggressive with his tongue.
Running it up and down her lips and letting the tip of his tongue create pressure on her clit she was beginning to become louder with her breathing and her vocal noise. She would vocalize her pleasure to him, not just in words, but in sounds that made him know he was bringing her to the edge of pure ecstasy and he enjoyed toying with her. She came with force and exclaimed it to him. He continued to lick and finger her, burying his face and tongue into her wet pussy.

She leaned back enjoying every stroke of his finger and his lips on her pussy and the way his tongue made her cum which excited her. She loved feeling his lips on her pussy and expressed it to him repeatedly. “God Jay your making me cum!” she told him. She would grab onto his arms digging her fingertips into them, making little red indentations with her nails. Spreading her legs wider as she climaxed, letting him get his mouth into her pussy as deep as it would go.

Once he knew she was satisfied he stood up in front of her and without saying a word she began to suck on his throbbing cock. She loved sucking his cock. Feeling it deep in her mouth, she couldn’t get enough. Returning the favor of pure pleasure, need and desire, she couldn’t get enough of him, nor his cock in her mouth.

Tonguing it and let her lips smack around its head as she moved it in and out her opening. He loved watching her suck on his cock and this just made him harder. She stroked it with one hand while sucking on it, and rubbed his balls with her other hand. She was bringing him so much delight that was unimaginable with her mouth. He not only couldn’t get enough of her pussy, her mouth was almost as satisfying. Sucking and licking his cock he knew he wouldn’t be able to last and though he enjoyed watching and feeling her lips wrapped around it, he wanted that wet pussy wrapped around it even more.

Stopping her before she finished, he slid her back on the coffee table and spread her legs wide so he could get his cock into her as fast as possible. It throbbed as if sensing its destination of pure warmth and wetness. He slowly let his head part her pussy lips and than thrust himself deep in her, and she came immediately.

“Fuck me Jay! Oh my God! Fuck Me!” she hollered at him and he did just that.

Driving his cock deep inside her and feeling every pulsating spasm as she came with such force and wanted to feel the deep warmth of that pussy of hers. He was thinking of it the whole drive home. The intoxication of her and her sexual energy made him drunk with desire for her. No drug or alcohol could compare to having sex with her. Fulfilling every wish and every desire he had.

Grabbing hold of her legs and pulling her into him, he drove his cock deep inside of her and he could tell she was going to cum again by her breathing and the expression on her face, and she did. He loved watching her while his cock was bringing her pleasure. He enjoyed giving her complete sexual satisfaction everyday which was part of their daily routine.

Pressing his body into hers, he held her and kissed her with passion and want. Knowing the hard coffee table was uncomfortable for her, he wrapped his arms underneath of her and she wrapped her legs around his hips as to not let go of him. Pulling him into her she did not feel the hardness of the coffee table only the pure desire for him and the sexual energy they were exchanging.

She felt his cock begin to get even harder inside her and she knew he was ready to let go. The built up of sexual frustration she felt was ready to be released again as they came simultaneously. Feeling her void fill up with his essence and she was already wet from all the orgasms she already had, the juices flowed from them like a river.

The electricity between the two of them was unmatched as they came. She grabbed onto his body and him hers, as the two became one, intertwined on the coffee table.

As their bodies relaxed, they still showed so much desire for each other. Through kissing him, she wanted him to know how much she felt satisfied and fulfilled, and he expressed it back to her also. With a heightened appetite for one another, as they stared into each other’s eyes, they expressed it to one another and could read on their faces.

“That felt so good and was a wonderful surprise.” She said. “But we need to get up and clean the table before our guests get here in a half-hour.”

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