Stroke it

Grabbing hold of his cock, she gripped it tightly in her hand. Stroking it and getting him aroused as she fondled his member. He enjoyed feeling her hand around his cock; the warmth and tightness of her hand.

Her tongue dancing across his lips barely touching them, driving him crazy with her mouth and tongue raised his senses.

Though he loved feeling his cock in her hand and he couldn’t wait to get it inside her. Her body felt so good pressed up against his as she continued to play with his hard cock with her hand.

She continued stroking and pulling on his cock as he held onto her. She moved her lips down to his neck and let her tongue create a line of saliva down to his chest where her tongue licked and flicked his nipples. She gently bit them and the skin of his chest and never stopping the stroking of his cock.

He ran his fingers through her hair telling her how good it felt, feeling her lips on his body and her hand around his hard cock. She was enjoying this exercise of testing him to see how much he could withstand of her teasing and toying him. She got the same amount of pleasure if not more from doing this to him.  Letting her lips explore his torso and his body, she finally reached the destination she set out to reach, his hard throbbing cock.

Placing his cock in her mouth, she slowly let her lips envelope the head that letting her mouth release it only to repeat it again.  She enjoyed sucking cock, especially his.  It filled her mouth like it did her pussy, bringing her so much pleasure.

Letting her lips slide down the shaft as her tongue circled his head while it was in her mouth, she let it slide in and out of her mouth freely.  Her hand let go of his throbbing cock to rub his swollen balls so gently.  Moving her mouth up and down the shaft, letting her lips smack she would come to the tip of the head, than slowly letting her lips and mouth take it in again.  She was exhilarated with the sensation of his hard cock in his mouth.  Sucking and licking it, brought her so much joy.

He too, was enjoying the sensation of her mouth, the warmth and softness of her lips as it embraced his throbbing member.  He laid there with his eye closes only letting his hands and fingers run through her hair, occasionally looking up to watch her mouth perform on his cock.  This only made him harder, to see his cock disappear into her mouth almost to the base.  It throbbed within her warmth of the moist cave of her mouth as her tongue continued to circle and move down the shaft while it was in that dark hole.

Continuing to suck on him, she became so aroused at the pleasure she was getting that she began to play with her pussy.  Slowly she rubbed her swollen lips, stopping to insert a finger to explore her own body.  Her pussy was so wet from sucking on him, but she didn’t want to fuck, she wanted to suck!  She wanted to suck and swallow all of him.  Playing with herself while sucking on him excited her even more as she began to massage her clit ever so gently and let a finger sink into her wetness on occasion.

He held back her hair away from her face to watch as she continued to perform on him, licking his cock from the base to the head and than submerging it into her mouth.  Stopping to let her tongue protrude from her mouth to just lick the head and than returning his cock back into her mouth brought him so much pleasure.  It fit perfectly and it drove him crazy with raw desire to feel it deep within her mouth.

Continuing working his cock with her mouth and playing with herself at the same time created such a volume of sexual energy deep within her.  God she loved sucking his cock.  She would stop every once in awhile from sucking on it to just stroke his cock or she would stop playing with her pussy to just enjoy the moment of feeling his cock in her mouth.

Holding on to his cock and stroking it she let her tongue move down to his balls which she licked and fondled with both her tongue and her hand.  Slowly she would place one of his balls in her mouth and let her tongue explore it making it more wet from all the saliva that had already run out her mouth and down his shaft.  He was as wet as she was.  She thought of slipping his cock deep within her at this moment, but no, she wanted to let him have the pleasure of her sucking on him.  Something she doesn’t always get an opportunity to do, and he enjoyed it so much.

Fingering the wetness of her pussy excited her too.  She could bring herself so much joy anytime she masturbated, but doing it while sucking on him, only heightened the level of pleasure she was currently feeling.  She continued to finger fuck herself and also play with her clit letting herself feel all the awareness of the complete sexual action of satisfying herself while satisfying him.  Like the best of both worlds.

Not realizing that she was masturbating while sucking on him, he happened to see what she was doing and that just really turned him on even more.  He wanted to stop her from sucking him and stick his throbbing cock into her hot pussy, but he stopped himself.  He was aroused over her masturbating while sucking on him he almost couldn’t contain himself.

While her mouth continued to work his cock; tongue and lips and warm, she could feel his cock pulsating with each penetration of her mouth.  She knew he wouldn’t last much longer and he would blow his load, full and warm, giving her the final climax of the day.

Keeping to her actions, she sat up, removing her hand from her own pussy and stopped sucking him, and just stroked his cock with her hand.  It was so hard in her hand and from her licking and sucking it for so long, it slipped through her hand with ease.

Looking at him as she continued to stroke his cock, she asked him, “What do you want?  Would you like me to jerk you off or suck on you some more?”

“What you are doing feels great.  Just you stroking my cock like that feels so good.” he replied.

While sitting there she looked at him and not thinking twice, she mounted him while he lay there.  She had to feel him inside her even it was just for a couple of minutes of warmth and deep penetration.

Lowering herself onto his erect cock, she leaned forward and told him, “I just need to feel you inside me for a couple of minutes than I will suck on you some more.”

He wasn’t going to refuse her, knowing her pussy was so welcoming to his cock as she lowered her hips down on his feeling every inch of her warmth.  The problem was how long would he last before he blew his load.  From all the sucking and stroking he was so close to climaxing before she put his cock in her pussy.

Once he was inside her, she came with an intense orgasm and he felt her juices flow from her and her pussy go into spasm with her orgasm.  He knew it wouldn’t be much longer for him either.

It was almost like she knew he wouldn’t last and she pulled herself off of him and returned his cock back to her mouth which was just as warm as her pussy and felt almost the same except for her tongue that continued to toy with his head inside her mouth.  She stroked and sucked his cock, stopping occasionally for her to just tongue the head.

Placing his cock back in her mouth but this time she was able to get his whole cock into her mouth down to the base of it and he let out a gasp of unbelievable sensation, though he didn’t cum.  He was just in awe at the sensation of her mouth and his cock all the way in it.

Removing her mouth from his cock, she knew it wouldn’t be much longer and she stroked it with intention to make him cum. Letting her tongue play with his head as she continued to stroke it.  Glancing up from his cock while her tongue moved across the head of his cock, she could tell that he couldn’t take much more of this and he was ready to explode.
“I’m going to cum!”, he exclaimed to her.  And he did with force.

She put his cock back in her mouth so to swallow his full warm load as she continued to stroke him to get every last drop out of him and she sucked and licked him more.  Moving her mouth all the way down his cock to get the full throbbing member in her warm mouth, she too couldn’t get enough of him.  His cock brought her not only pleasure to her pussy but to her mouth too.

Stroking and sucking it until every last drop was drained from him, he let out a gasp of finale release of all it.  His legs had become so tense from the continuous sucking he could feel they were beginning to relax finally and she ran her hands and nails down the inside of his thighs as her mouth was still sucking on his cock that was beginning to relax in her mouth.

Stopping and sitting back while still stroking his cock in one hand and running her other hand over his legs, touching him as she always enjoyed doing, making his skin almost crawl under her touch, his body was so sensitive.  Touching his skin brought such a deep desire inside her that she could do this all over again and again.  Feeling his body, his skin and sucking his cock, and having his cock deep inside her brought her so much pleasure.  Deep rooted rawness that he could only satisfy.  What she wouldn’t do to please him and at the same time please herself.  They were great in bed and they both knew it.  Sharing so much desire, want and passion to please each other was infinite between the two of them.

Still sitting staring at him, feeling his legs and torso, she told him, “We can do it all again whenever you’re ready.”

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