Burning Desire

Leaning against the wall, he pressed his body against hers in a long passionate embrace.  Their arms wrapped around each other to no let go, taking in all the warmth and physical rawness that both expressed through their touch.

Kissing with the depth of pure lust for one another, it was an unending desire to fulfill their sexual desires that they shared.  Knowing that this may be one of the few times that they would be able to be with each other, they didn’t waste anytime.  Sneaking away through the darkness of the night to a secluded place to catch this moment of lust and want for each other.

His erect cock was pressing against her leg and she wanted him so badly she could almost not control herself.  Holding him tightly, letting her hands roam his body through his shirt, feeling every muscle of his body.  His embrace brought so much sexual energy to the surface through her that she became someone else.

Feeding off each others sexual need, he found her so undesirable that he was so willing to take the chance of this time together to share this moment and she was not going to deny him any of his wants.  Both found each other irresistible that they couldn’t keep themselves away from each other. All the talk of sexual want of each other was now at the surface and had presented itself to both of them.

Like a deep hunger, they began removing clothes from each others body as if they were on fire, but the fire was deep inside both of them burning hot with desire.  Their naked bodies being felt by their hands roaming, touching their skin, their pace slowed to take in every inch.  Stopping to gaze at each other, a nonverbal communication was taking place through their eyes, one of lust and passion that they shared.

He hadn’t removed his pants, keeping his cock imprisoned in them; he wanted her to do it for him.  He enjoyed making her want him; this only raised the sexual tension in him.  Having her undress him and to release his cock from its enclosure, freeing it so she could suck on it which brought him so much pleasure.

Reaching down she unbuttoned his pants and slowly pulling his pants down and grabbing hold his hard cock as she kissed him with so much desire and want, she just couldn’t get enough of his body.  All of it, she wanted it all.  Not just this moment but today and everyday.

Squatting in front of him, she placed his cock in her mouth slowly licking and fondling it with her tongue.  He enjoyed feeling her lips wrapped around her, often telling her how much he enjoyed her mouth on his cock and watching her suck on him.  The excitement of having her suck on him only made his cock harder in her mouth and she could feel the tension in his body as she let her hands run down his legs.

Letting her hands move across his legs and ass, she let her mouth do its work on his cock as she sucked and tongued it,  Licking and sucking his member while moving it back and forth in her mouth, reaching up to stroke it as she just sucked on the head of his cock.  She was in no hurry to have him cum, but wanted to enjoy sucking on him.  She enjoyed so much sucking cock, especially his.  Feeling it grow in her mouth and listening to him verbalize the pleasure it brought him excited her even more as she continued to suck, tongue and lick his cock.

Pulling his cock out of her mouth, but only to lick it from his balls to the head, making his cock so wet so she could stroke it with her hand and lick his balls.  They were enlarged and she could tell the sensitivity of them as she let her tongue dance across them making them wet also.  Bringing her hand up to them to grab hold of them and gently massage them as she placed his cock back in her mouth to continue to suck and tongue it even more.

He didn’t know how much longer he would be able to last.  His cock ached and throbbed in her mouth and he could only think of her wet pussy, which he knew by now would be wet and inviting.  Thinking of the warmth of her pussy while she continued to suck on his cock, only made him burn inside with the lust of that feeling.

Though her mouth brought him so much pleasure, he had to feel the warmth of her pussy before exploding.

Reaching down and pulling her up to him, he kissed her with the depth of desire for her.  Though they had already removed their shirts, she still had her pants on and his were now down around his ankles.

He began to undue her pants and she assisted him in doing so.  Only stopping long enough for them to remove the remainder of their clothes, they returned their lips to each other with the passion and fire that they possessed for this moment of lust.

Running his hand down to find her wetness between her legs, his fingers found the folds of her pussy wet and welcoming as he began to drive his finger deep within her.  She let a sound of want to feel it and he could feel her body become a bit tense as he released his lips from hers to look deeply into her eyes to watch her complete expression of unyielding want.  He returned her gaze with the same intention of letting her know that had the same deeply rooted passion to fulfill her every need.

The room was sparsely furnished as most motel rooms are more for convenience rather than the feel of being in a home.  He pulled her away from her wall and led her to the edge of the bed holding onto her as she moved with his body until she felt the bed against the back of her legs and let her body fall onto it.

Moving her body onto the bed so they could both be comfortable with themselves she spread her legs so his legs would fit comfortably in-between them and he could have full access to her body.  He pressed his body into hers, kissing her deeply; with want and desire.

Running her hands down his back and across his ass, she moved her hand in-between to find his erect cock and stroked it as she slowly rubbed the head of his cock against her welcoming pussy.  With a deliberate motion she pushed the head of his cock inside her, letting him take over the motion of the penetration into her.

Her body relaxed and tensed with each motion of his cock entering her wet chasm. Bringing her to an instant climax of release of built up sexual tension.

“I’m cumming!  I’m cumming!” she stated with a vengeance as his cock penetrated her with movement of his hips.

He pushed his hips into hers filling her with his hard cock up to his balls.  Feeling the spasms of her orgasm around his cock excited him as she continued to meet his forward motion with the movement of her hips.  Grabbing on to him and feeling the full sensuality of her want of him, this brought him to a new level of want for her.

Passion shared between the two of them with each kiss they exchanged.  Lips interlocking with desire and want as he continued to move his cock into her bringing her so much delight that no words could describe the internal sensation she was feeling.

With unquenchable need for each other they moved as one as he continued to thrust his cock into her and she continued to orgasm exclaiming it him non-stop.  Each time she had an orgasm, her pussy became warmer and wetter than before and clenched upon his cock bringing him excitement and pleasure.  Sharing this moment of desire brought him to a new height of ecstasy.  He just couldn’t get enough of her.

Knowing he couldn’t hold onto his erection much longer he pulled his cock out of her and turned her over on her stomach.  Grabbing her hips and raising them to meet his cock so he could enter her from behind, he found her wet slot and pushed his cock through.   Thrusting his hard member into her and she buried her face into the blanket to muffle the sound of pure orgasmic pleasure.

“Fuck me!” she exclaimed to him and he did as he was told.  Feeling his cock throb with pain as he held onto her and his hard-on, not wanting to release all his energy just yet but to bring her to a new height of an another orgasm.

Smacking her ass with his hand, as he thrust himself into her with intention and purpose his cock was beginning to really throb with wanting to release all the build up it possessed.

With one last thrust, he came with so much force driving his cock as deep as he possible could into her.  She came one more time equaling the power that he had as he exploded inside her.

Making sure he was empty of everything, he continued to pump his cock inside her, releasing every last drop deep within her.  Not wanting to let go immediately, he held onto her hips with each motion of his, expelling everything from his body into hers; energy, desire and want.

He collapsed on top of her, both of them trying to catch their breath as they held onto one another not wanting to let go of pure lust and need that they shared at this moment.  Not wanting to release his cock that was still deep inside her, he held onto her kissing the back of her neck and she reached around to grab him.  Slowly they untangled themselves to face each other and kissed with the deep passion that they shared from the beginning.  Just as if they hadn’t completed the sex act of pure lust.  The desire they shared between themselves was so high and intense, they could have started up all over again at this very moment.

Running his hand down the front of her body he could feel her smooth skin that he loved to touch.  Kissing each other they laid there in each others arms, knowing that they had to rest before starting the next session of burning desire.

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