In The Dark of Night

The wind was fierce as it blew outside her window as the moon shone through the clouds, casting shadows on the barren winter landscape.

In the darkness of her room she lies in bed gazing out the window at the moon, watching the clouds pass by. Her mind wonders to him. Where could he be she thought? But she knew where he was and tried to put it out of her mind.

Wrapping her arms around herself, pulling the covers tight against her body not from coldness but to give herself the feeling of his warm embrace she had not so long ago. She let her thoughts wonder to that moment that has been stored into her memory. Taking her back to an evening not long ago, when they both were able to share that time of deep passion that they had expressed for each other so many times over and over again before ever meeting one another.

Running her hands across her body and feeling her own breasts, she gently caressed them imagining they were his hands as she touched herself. Just as he had done to her, giving her that pleasure she so sought after and he provided her with. Her mind went to that moment in time as she laid there.

Pulling her underwear off and casting it aside, he placed his hand on her pussy rubbing her clit ever so gently watching the tension dissipate from her face. Her breathing became deeper as he massaged her clit with his finger and occasionally letting one slip into her wet pussy and fingering her. Feeling her wetness from within and bringing his finger to his lips to taste her essence, only to place his finger back to her crotch to feel that warmth that was coming from within her.

Though she wanted to touch him, she rested her arms on the pillow over her head in a manner of showing that she was surrendering to his every wish that he so desired. She was his at least for the night and he was hers. The passion that flowed between them was and could not be compared, not to anyone before. Not even his wife.

Seeing his erect cock in the moonlight that shone through the window she reached down and stroked it, as he was sitting back still playing with her wet pussy, bringing her pleasure as she could feel his cock growing harder within her hand.

Spreading her legs with his hands he reached her wet pussy with his mouth, licking the outer lips of her pussy with the stroke of his tongue. Feeling the deep wetness with his finger as his tongue moved across her. Her breathing became deeper and more rapid.

Running his tongue across her clit occasionally, driving her to such a brink of climaxing with his tongue and finger action, he didn’t want her to cum right away. He enjoyed driving her crazy with oral sex, making her wanting more with each lick he gave her. Waiting for her to beg for his cock deep inside her which he knew wouldn’t be much longer.

Moving his tongue and circling her clit, driving her crazy, he could feel the wetness increasing within her pussy as it tightened on his finger that was still penetrating her. Tasting her sweetness as it oozed from her, he couldn’t get enough of that pussy. Not just tasting it, he too couldn’t wait to stick his hard throbbing cock deep inside and feeling that warmth wrapped around it.

“That feels so good Paul!” she told him as he continued to finger and lick her wanting pussy.

“Do you want to feel my cock inside you?” he asked. “Yes!” she replied softly but in a demanding manner.

Removing his finger from her wetness and tasting her one more time, he replaced it with his hard cock, but with such slowness as he penetrated her pussy, so she could feel every inch of it and he too could feel as her warmth encased his cock.

“I’m cumming Paul!” she exclaimed with such vengeance as he had thrust his cock deeper inside her.

He could feel her pussy tighten with each spasm that she released of sexual tension, this only made his cock that much harder as he drove it into her.

Lying on top of her, pressing his body into her feeling all of her warm skin against his only made his desire increase with wanting to bring her so much pleasure not only with fucking her, but with his full body. She couldn’t get enough of him, grabbing and running her hands across his body and running her feet up his legs to feel the tension within in his legs as she knew he too was in the clenches of her seductiveness.

Their lips meeting with passion and desire that could be felt throughout their bodies and the sound of the wind outside only added to the sexual tension within the room making it that much higher. The moon shinning down onto their bodies creating shadows across them that made their bodies look almost eerie as they intertwined with each other.

Frantically they kissed each other. Their lips parting as their tongues moved together and running across each others mouths, with want, need and desire. Both could not control their sexual energy whenever they were together. Knowing that these encounters were valued and treasured and not as frequent as she would have wanted, she took them as they became available to her.

His lips were so inviting and felt so good against hers as he continued to kiss her so gently, letting her feel the whiskers of his mustache on them that drove her crazy with each contact.

Running her hands down his back and grasping at his ass as he continued to move his hips back and forth, penetrating her and her hips meeting his with each thrust of his cock deeper inside her. Clinging to each other so intertwined like a tangled web of vines, with no ending or beginning, they wanted this to last as long as possible before they both would cum with such a climax of force.

As if trying to eat each other up between their mouths and his cock penetrating the wetness of her pussy, she climaxed again. He felt every ripple of her climax on his cock as she exploded with raw sexual tension. Grabbing at each other, only releasing their lips from one another so to catch their breath, she bit her bottom lip as he continued to move his cock deeper within her bringing her so much pleasure and feeling the wetness run from within her deep recesses.

Whispering in her ear, he told her how good her pussy felt on his cock. Both willing to share the words of pure desire and pleasure that they received from each other. Nothing was held back when it came to expressing their deep rooted appetite they shared.

He continued to move his cock in and out of her, meeting each penetrating thrust of her hips as he could feel himself coming close to a climax himself, he held back from that final explosion.

Pacing himself he slowed his movements to enjoy every second of this act of uncontrollable sexual need. Something he couldn’t acquire elsewhere that he could only share with her. There was no limit to their lust for each other. It was completely unconditional.

No longer could he hold onto his erection. He came with so much force driving his cock into her as she exclaimed to him “I’m cumming again!” feeling his cock spewing forth its warm liquid into her. She pulled at him with wanting to feel this last bit of need for him, knowing deep in her mind, that it was only for the night and not knowing when it would happen again. She just couldn’t get enough of his body, his scent or his cock. Knowing deep in her mind that she would just want him more now that she has had him this one time that they shared together, the unquenchable need would not fade from her.

Feeling her lips with his, he too couldn’t get enough of her. Wanting and needing her everyday when they were apart. This was an encounter he would also keep in his memory not knowing when and if it would happen, but now that he has had her, he knew that he would have to take all chances to do this all over again. Exploring each other this time was only the tip of the iceberg that he needed from her and he knew it wouldn’t be the last time.

Running his hands through her hair showing her the lust and desire that he wanted her to know that this was not just a chance encounter, but something he couldn’t do without for a long time. Kissing her so deeply with passion, he just couldn’t get enough of her lips and body wanting only more with each touch, knowing that he couldn’t get this elsewhere. Not wanting to let go, he held her tightly against his body.

Slowly they released their embrace, letting their bodies untangle from the web in which they had become. Continually kissing each other with so much want and need to not let this moment pass by either of them, but to keep it hidden in secrecy.

Unfolding from each other, but not letting themselves to stop expressing their pure passion that they had just shared. He ran his hands across her body touching her skin so smooth and soft and her returning the embrace and expressing the raw need for him, not just for this moment but wanting it to last a lifetime if not forever.

The wind continued to howl outside and she slowly rolled over into the sheets feeling the gloom of the darkness, trying to fill the ache deep inside of her that only he could fill. But knowing that it may never occur in the time she wanted and only having that memory to keep with her to carry her to the next time they would be together.

She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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