Between The Sheets

The clock stoke midnight as she was beginning to drift off to sleep when she thought she heard the ringing of the Christmas bells on the front door. Thinking she was dreaming, she rolled over and pulled the covers closer to her naked body. Still not realizing she had a visitor in her home, not an intruder, because only one person had a key to her home, she continued to drift off into that world of not sleep but not awake.

Suddenly she became aware of the covers being pulled back from her body and to feel his warmth lie down next to her. It was a welcomed surprise to have his hand run up her leg and across her back and she let out a soft sigh of release. Moving closer to her, she felt his full naked body next to hers. Though her back was to his body, she reached her arm around to return the touching and to feel the warmth of his skin and feel the muscles of his leg.

Running his hand up the front of her body and cupping her breasts in his hand, he gave them a soft squeeze as he kissed the back of her neck and shoulders. Pulling him into her, she was becoming aroused by feeling his cock growing hard and pressing against her round ass and all she could think about was his kisses on her lips.

Rolling over to face him, she found his lips in the dark and slowly ran her tongue along his lips, feeling his mustache against her lips and she enjoyed the taste of his mouth. Wrapping her leg around his hip and pulling him into her to feel all of masculinity.

Returning her kisses, which he so much enjoyed feeling her lips against his. He too, was becoming so aroused at her body against his. His cock was growing harder with each seductive kiss she gave him, while her hands ran across his body; touching and grabbing at him with eagerness not being aggressive. He thought about her lips, hands and body the whole time while driving to her house and surprising her with this midnight visit.

Knowing he could only spend the one night with her, he wanted to show all his inner passion and desire for her. Enjoying her embrace as she continued to hold onto him, his hands moved down her back to caress her ass and legs. Expressing to her in a nonverbal manner his true affections for her.

Almost like in a trance, the two of them rolled into one. Their bodies intertwined in a hypnotic dance until they became one. No beginning or end as they rolled into each other with passion to feel every inch of their bodies touching. They just couldn’t get enough of one another.

His cock was becoming so hard and he pushed it in-between her legs to give him more room to grow, but he also wanted to feel her wetness that he knew was for certain coming from her pussy.

Filled with the passion to satisfy one another, they can’t get enough of each others flesh or body. Both wanting to release the physical bind of want and desire that is buried within each of them, building to a point of full capacity.

Reaching down between her legs to find her wetness, he probes her pussy with his finger and he feels her body become tense not with apprehension but with the need to release the build up if sexual tension that is slowly building up within her.

Her hands wandering over his body, touching him lightly which gave him such a thrill to feel her hands explore his body, feeling the desire like electricity emitting from her fingertips, only raising his desire for her even higher.

Pulling her into him he rolls on top of her wrapping his arms around her and spreading her legs apart with his.  Kissing her deeper, their tongues as intertwined as their bodies, they are more as one than as two individuals.  Sharing their passion and want to the point of no return, nothing will stop this sexual energy that flowing from their pores.  You could smell the sex before they even started.

Kissing her neck, she closes her eyes to take in his scent and she continues to let her hands move across his back down to his ass as lips move across her body.  She runs her hands across his ass squeezing it, feeling it,  knowing she was reaching such a height of sexual want for him.  These sexual moments they shared were precious to her, burnt into her memory so she can relive days after he has gone.

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