Winter Warmth

The snow fell lightly outside as the two of them relaxed in the warmth in front of the fire.

Stretched out on the floor naked on a blanket in front of the warm fire, they slowly caressed each other. They had just finished a long needed act of unbridled passion of their sexual desires.

Feeling each others body taking in every inch into memory with their fingertips, the sexual tension between the two of them was not going to fade away quickly. It was beginning to burn as bright as the fire with its flames casting light and shadows across their bodies.

No rush, no hurry tonight. Neither of them could pull themselves away from each other. The pure desire for one another was so heavy that both knew that it was going to be an evening of unending sex, of exploring each others personal wants and needs.

Leaning into her, he kissed her with so much intention. His mustache dancing across her lips and he moved his mouth down her neck and to her breasts, that were still glistening from sweat from the sex act they had just completed. He was ready for the second round and he could feel his cock getting hard just from touching her. He just couldn’t get enough of her.

Letting his lips guide him, he moved down to her pussy, licking it ever so softly as she ran her fingers through his hair. Occasionally grabbing his forearms letting him know that she approved of his mouth work. Closing her eyes to just take in the sensation of his tongue as it licked and probed at her.

He moved his torso around so she could return the favor and his cock was so hard and beginning to ache to feel her lips wrapped around it. He so ouch enjoyed performing sixty-nine with her, knowing how much she enjoyed sucking on his cock as he licked her.

Positioning herself so he could continue and she could suck on his erect member, she grabbed hold of hard cock placing it in between her lips. First she just sucked on the head. Using her tongue to circle it as she slowly moved his cock further into her mouth. She so much enjoyed sucking on him that she often got lost in the act.

Licking and flicking her swollen clit with his tongue, she was reaching the point of orgasm and he pressed his finger into her already drenched pussy Moving it in and out of her wet slot while still using his tongue on her clit and lips, her breathing became deeper and faster. He knew it wouldn’t be much longer until she came.

Her mouth was wrapped around his cock that she moved her mouth back and forth in sync with his finger fucking her. What a sensation her mouth was on his cock. She grabbed his balls and rubbed them softly as she stroked and sucked on his cock. Not able to get enough of it. God she lived sucking him she thought.

She pulled his cock out her mouth long enough to catch her breath and exclaim, “I’m cumming Jay!” He didn’t stop. He continued to work his magic as she always told him, moving his lips and tongue across her clit with such a sensation that brought her complete satisfaction. Her back arched with the explosion of cum from her pussy and he licked at her with such want to taste every drop.

Returning his cock to her mouth and stroking it with her hand, she wanted to please and satisfy him, but she wanted to feel his cock deep inside her wet pussy. She wasn’t done sucking yet.

Using her tongue to circle his head and lick it while also sucking it drove him nuts! The sensation of her warm mouth and tongue on his cock drove him to the brink of no return. It didn’t take long and he pulled his cock from her mouth to use it the way it was meant to be used.

The light from the flames danced across her body as she lay there waiting for his hard cock and body to please her like no one else could. Like the fire that was deep within her that only he could tame.

He lay on top of her pressing his legs in between hers and kissing her passionately as his cock was probing against the inviting wetness of her pussy.

Whispering softly in her ear, “you feel so good Victoria.”

Reaching down, she grabbed a hold of his cock and pushed the head if it into her warm wetness.

With a couple of slow but intense thrust he had his cock fully enveloped in her pussy and she came immediately.

Like unleashing a caged lion, she let out such a holler of pure satisfaction of sexual release and grabbed onto him as to not let go. Wrapping her legs around him, pulling him deeper within her, she let out so much passionate desire for him. Reaching, grabbing and kissing him, she couldn’t get enough of his sexual energy or his cock deeper within her wet pussy.

Thrusting his cock into her and feeling her pussy tighten around it, he couldn’t hold on much longer before he too would climax with the same amount of force.

Kissing with unquenchable passion and desire for each other, neither wanted to let go or give that final release of sexual tension. He finally came with such force as he drove his hard cock deeper into her and she came at the same time. Relinquishing what leftover sexual tension was still encased deep within her.

Lying there while they both regained their breathing, still in the deep embrace and showing that undying passion and desire for each other neither wanted to move or let go. Slowly they untied themselves, like peeling back the skin of a piece of fruit, neither wanting to let go.

Rolling to the side if her, he looked at her with the same amount of desire he had in his eyes when the started.

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