The sheets brushed against her naked body and she imagined they are his hands as they caressed her softly. She closes her eyes and her mind drifts off to visions of him.

He runs his hand up the side of her leg as she lays there half asleep and he kisses the back of her neck to wake her, feeling her soft skin on his lips. She can feel the bristle of his whiskers but they don’t irritate her, they feel soft against her flesh. He rolls her over so he can kiss her sensual lips and feel her supple skin as his hands move up her torso and reach her breasts. She welcomes his touch for the pleasure it brings.

She feels his cock become hard that is pressing against her outer thigh and reaches down and begins to stroke it while returning the soft kisses to him. Passion begins to play between them as they roll into one.  Feeling the sexual tension begin to rise between the two of them, they become immersed in one another.

Moving his hands down between her legs reaching her shaven pussy he finds her inviting wetness as he begins to finger her gently. He knows how to get a rise out of her and he slowly fingers her pussy stopping occasionally to rub her clit. She opens her legs wider so his full palm and fingers can reach every crevice of her warm wet pussy.  She is becoming so excited and the juices begin to flow from her.  The warmth of her pussy is so inviting to his finger, he can’t wait to stick his throbbing cock deep within her well.

Feeling arousal grow within her between the feeling of his lips on hers, his hand doing its magic and the stroking of his hard cock, she knows she will cum before he even penetrates her. With his body pressed against her, the warmth of his skin excites her senses only adding to the anticipation of having his cock deep inside her. Her breathing has now become rapid and deep as she continues to stroke his cock and feeling his body with her free hand, she knows it won’t be much longer until she has an orgasm.

“You feel so good to me James.” She whispered in his ear as he continued to probe her pussy with his finger which by now was very wet.

“I love the way you feel Victoria. I get so much pleasure from getting you wet.” He replied.

“I’m cumming James!” She exclaimed. “Cum for me baby.” he replied, as he returned his lips to hers probing her mouth with his tongue with desire and want.

Moving his finger in and out of her wet pussy, feeling it tighten and relax as her orgasm passed over her body and he felt the tension become released from her whole body and she came so hard.  Her pussy was so wet and his cock was so hard and all she wanted was to feel that hardness deep inside her.  The craving of his body was so overwhelming at times that she often couldn’t control that need.

“I want to feel you inside me James!” She told him.

Pulling his hand away from her pussy and bringing his finger to his mouth to taste her, showing satisfaction on giving her one of many orgasms of this session.

Maneuvering his legs between hers, she reached down grabbing his cock and guided it into her wet waiting pussy.  Penetrating her with much patience while watching the expression of ecstasy on her face as he slowly guided his cock in, she came again almost immediately.

Pulling him into her with her arms and legs she could feel his body tense and firm.  His skin felt warm against hers and the muscles of his body tense, as his throbbing cock penetrated her wetness and bringing her a new sense of pleasure.

“Fuck! I’m cumming James! Fuck me James!” And he did. With purpose and not only the need to satisfy her but also to satisfy himself as he went from slow to fast action and than back to slower more intense meaning.  Giving her the passion she so much wanted and she returning the same amount of passion back to him.

His lips never moving from hers except to stop and watch her face and admire her in this state of pure sexual pleasure, he became more aroused himself. Feeling her whole body as he wrapped his arms underneath her to hold her as close as he could.  The passion that passed between the two of them was unstoppable and it was always like this.

Felling his own hardness within her, he also knew that he wouldn’t be much longer until he would have to explode.  The warmth of her pussy as it tightened upon his cock with each stroke, made his cock throb even harder.  He could feel it swell within her.  Pleasing her gave his so much satisfaction.

With a few final thrusts he drove his cock deep within her wet pussy and he knew by the tightness of it she too was ready to cum again. It didn’t take long and he came with force inside her and she climaxed again telling him so while grabbing at him feverishly. As if that would make the orgasm last longer.

This may have been only minutes, but he knew this was just round one of their morning routine.  Looking forward to the next one to share with her.

She rolled over and quietly goes to sleep, drifting in and out of her fantasy.

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