The Wizard & The Sorceress Part 3 – Finale

Feeling his cock deep inside her, she could tell the tension of another orgasm was rising from the pure ecstasy from the sensation that his member was giving her.

Kissing each other with affection, want and desire, with no beginning or end, the continual lust of each others body flowed between them, like an unstoppable leak. Her tongue caressing his lips softly, feeling his mustache on her lips and all her senses were heightened by the intensity of the contact. She couldn’t contain herself. Something clicked inside her.

Ravenous with need, she wrapped her legs around him, latching them together as to never let him go. This was with intent to feel every inch his body. Her hands began to move vigorously over his body, pulling, grabbing and squeezing him, as her lips continued to press into his with her tongue probing at his mouth.

The Wizard telling the pace had changed and she was more at the point of unquenchable sexual desire returned all the lust back to her. Thrusting his cock deep inside her, he released his lips from her and whispered softly in her ear, “You want my cock deeper?” She replied softly, but in a raspy voice, “Yes! Fuck me with your cock!”

Feverishly they moved together in tandem with each thrust she met with her hips engaging him to bring her to the point of no return of an orgasm.

“Fuck me Wizard!” She exclaimed and like to wild animals they unleashed their complete lust and passion upon each other. Not able to quench the thirst that made their mouths dry or would satisfy their sexual desire for each other.

He fucked her harder and she exclaimed between breaths, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Don’t stop!” and he continued to penetrate her as deep as he could possibly go without climbing inside of her.

Her pussy tightened around his cock with each release of tension from her body. He didn’t know how much longer he would be able to hold on before he was ready to explode himself. Feeling her warm pussy wrapped around his cock like a warm glove, they fit together perfectly. Unmatchable to anyone that either of them have had this much sexual desire with before.

Taking his time, he slowed his pace down to feel her relax with the last orgasm. Her pussy so wet with juices flowing, he wanted to enjoy these last view moments of deep warmth and wetness.

Resuming kisses of gentleness, he knew she was more relaxed as her breathing had subsided, and her body became relaxed underneath of him, but he knew he could squeeze one last orgasm out her before he was finished.

She kissed him gently on his neck, running his tongue up his neck to his chin returning her lips to his. Feeling the warmth of his body she was filled with complete satisfaction. But she began to feel his cock growing harder inside of her and she could tell his cock was getting ready to explode and grabbed her tightly beneath him.

He penetrated her deeper this time. His head was growing and she could feel it as he thrust it with intent to let her know he meant business on getting one last orgasm out of her.

Like a broken record, she unleashed her lust on him pulling him into her with her legs and arms as he kissed her harder. “I’m cumming again!” She yelled. And he exploded inside of her, venting his own lust on her. Grabbing at her with each thrust of his cock he came with such force she could feel it flood her pussy with his cum.

Experiencing such an explosion of pure lust, both were so drenched with sweat and desire. Their breathing became normal, but they still didn’t untie themselves from each other. Holding on, never wanting to let go. They lay there together intertwined, kissing with more passion than when they started. As if sealing the deal, it was a mutual agreement that this was the beginning of more to come between the two of them. More desire, lust and want of each other.

This was just the start of something that neither one of them knew where or what it would lead to.

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