My Imaginary Man

I feel my self becoming aroused as I think of the man of my dreams. His body, hair, eyes and voice excite me. Even before he is undressed, I am already stimulated by all the above that his cock is just icing on the cake of my “desire” list.

His lips add the finishing touch; smooth and soft. Warm against my skin as I feel sensual kisses from them. They cover my body sending my skin into quivers from their touch.

His hands are firm but not rough as they touch the most tenderest parts of my body. Holding me tight against him and I feel the firmness of his body.

Tension is unleashed as he touches and caresses me, stimulating all senses. My mind reeling in awe as it takes all of this and stores it into memory.

Feeling his full body pressed against mine and his cock is hard and wanting in my wet pussy, I invite him in. Pushing himself into my most vulnerable of areas, I climax with just his first thrust of penetration.

Wetness fills my deep recesses as it spills forth onto his cock.

All senses have become heightened and I grab onto him to feel that moment of complete sexual satisfaction as his hard cock presses deeper within me.

“Your cock feels so good inside me!” I tell him as he continues to move his member back and forth inside my very wet slot. I can’t get enough of him. All of him. I want it all and not just tonight, but every night.

His body is warm and welcoming to my touch as my hands wander and grab at his flesh. Filled with desire, passion and want, I can’t help but want to feel his whole body from his feet to his hair.

My tongue explores those lips as I just want to eat him whole while he he still penetrating me with his never-ending hardness that is bringing me so much pleasure.

I cum again in a feverish pitch of pure ecstasy, and I can feel his cock growing harder by the second with each stroke of it inside my pussy. I feel him explode with rapid movements as he cums and I too climax again, wrapping my legs around him to keep him from escaping and ending this moment of unbridled lust and passion.

Holding on tight to his body as he tenses and relaxes with end of his climax. We are both satisfied beyond our dreams but both thinking of how to please each other the next time.

I deny myself of letting go of him because that would terminate this union of passion. I regretfully let go if his body and he moves off of me and I slip into my world if imagination.

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