The Rest Stop Pt 1

He pulled over at an area rest stop along a long stretch of road.  He needed to rest and stretch his legs after the long ride on his Harley.  He was alone in the parking lot, not another car or truck there.  The sun was shining and it was a beautiful early spring day.

While sitting there taking in the nature around him a car pulled in and parked several spots away.  He couldn’t help but notice it since it was the only other vehicle that has pulled in for the last 30 minutes that he sat there.  A woman got out.  He tried not to stare at her but there was really nothing else to look at.

She was wearing a pair of cut-offs, tank top and sandals.  Of petite build he couldn’t tell her age from the distance of where he was sitting, but she was an attractive female.  Having to stretch her legs; it has been a long ride for her.   She too couldn’t help but notice the man sitting at the picnic table.  He looked a little rough, but harmless at the same time.

Returning to her car to get something to eat, when she noticed there was only one picnic table, so she had no choice but to sit with the stranger to eat something.

Walking over to the table, the man looked a bit shocked at her approaching him, not sure what was to happen, but welcoming the company if it was only for her to eat lunch and leave.

He noticed how her tank top showed off her chest and the upper part of her body.  Her arms and legs were tanned, not artificially, but naturally tan.  Her shorts were frayed at the edges and exposed part of a tattoo on her leg.  This enticed him, he was wondering what the rest of the tattoo looked like and where it ended.

She took a seat across from him asking if it was Ok if she could sit there with him.  He nodded and said yes very quietly and giving her a smile in return. She introduced herself to him and he did the same. She noticed he wasn’t eating and politely offered him some of her grapes that she had brought to snack on and took her up on the offer.

He watched her as she took the grapes and stuck them to her lips.  His mind wondered to what those lips would feel like around his cock and he found himself becoming aroused.

She too watched him as he placed the grapes in his mouth, watching his lips move as he talked thinking of what it would be like to kiss those lips and feel them touch her body along with his hands.

They made small talk with each other; where are you going, what have you seen, where are you from, etc. They laughed and smiled with each other and the time passed.

She turned to him and said she had to get back on the road to her destination.  His heart sank at the thought of their conversation ending and her parting.  He didn’t want to see her go; he enjoyed their conversation and her company.

He quickly asked her as she was beginning to rise from her seat if she wanted to go for a ride with him.  Before she could even contemplate a reason not to, she said yes with excitement.  She loved riding on the back of Harley and it had been awhile since she was given that opportunity.

She stated she would have to put on a pair of jeans and shoes first.  He replied that it would be a good idea, but he liked looking at her body as she got up to walk away.  Admiring the way her ass moved and the firmness of her legs.  He could tell he was beginning to get excited at this chance encounter and many thoughts crossed his mind.

Returning from her car with a pair of jeans, appropriate shoes and shirt on, he was impressed she changed in her car, most women wouldn’t do that.  He watched as she walked across the parking lot to him admiring the fullness of chest and the manner in which she carried herself.  Again, he couldn’t resist feeling desire for her, wanting to feel that body against his.

Starting his Harley, she got on the back and she fit comfortably behind him.  He felt her chest against his back and liked the way she felt there.

“We are just going down the road a bit to this hiking trail I was just at earlier.”  He told her as they began to pull away.

Taking risks was in her nature and she felt comfortable and trusting in him.  Though this was out of her norm of things to do, she was feeling adventurous today and this was the type of man she wanted to feel adventurous with; rough but soft.  He excited her and she wanted to explore this avenue, not only with him, but within her too.

They took off down the road and she felt the vibration through her legs and into her pelvis and it excited her.  As one friend has told her, “riding a Harley is the most expensive vibrator there is!”  She held onto him, feeling comfortable and relaxed as they took off onto the highway.

They weren’t on the highway long and the pulled off an exit taking a couple of turns and ending up on a dirt road that led to an old state park and hiking trail in the middle of nowhere.  It was quiet, secluded and empty.

Parking the bike they both got off and looked at each other like “what do we do now?”, but both knowing in the back of their minds that this wasn’t going to be just a chance hike in an old park.  He grabbed a blanket from the saddle bag and she made no argument about it him doing so.

“I was walking this trail earlier today and it leads down to a beautiful stream.  Very peaceful and tranquil area and I thought you may like to see it.” He said to her.

Walking not far down the trail they came to a small clearing next to a beautiful open area of a stream that made just the most peaceful sound of running water.  You could hear birds and bugs buzzing around as he laid out the blanket for them both to sit or in his mind to lie down and get more acquainted.  Glancing around she noticed the seclusion of the spot and took in all the sights and sounds, and she made herself comfortable next to him on the blanket.

More small talk was exchanged between the two of them and then the conversation became more personal of topic.

Leaning back on his elbow and lying facing her, forcing her to turn her body to him and changing the position so she had to lie down too.  She felt comfortable and open to him and her body language expressed that.

He moved closer to her and studied her face; her lips moving and her eyes staring directly into his.  He couldn’t help himself he reached over pulling her into him, he kissed her. She surprised herself and didn’t stop him, welcoming his advances as she too wanted this to happen.

While still kissing her, he rolled her over onto her back he laid partly on top of her pressing his body against hers.  She could feel his erection through his pants against her leg and this excited her.

Wrapping his arms around her, he rolled back pulling her on top of him and while still kissing her frantically, but not with aggression but out of lust and passion.  Grapping at her body, he moved his hands down to her ass and gave it a slight squeeze than slowly moved his hands up under her shirt to feel her skin.

Running her hands through his hair and kissing him, she moved her mouth down to his neck giving him gently soft kisses; she could feel his breath on her neck and listened closely to his breathing which was becoming deeper.  He was pulling her shirt up and she sat up to take it off and removed her bra tossing it to the side and exposing her breasts and a dragonfly tattoo on her.

He reached up and grabbed her breasts as she sat on top of him, while doing this she tugged on his shirt pulling it up over his head, making him stop what he was doing but he was happy to comply with removing his clothing.  He preferred being naked in any environment.  He than pulled her back down to him to feel her pressed against him as he held her tightly, her breasts pressed into his chest.

She moved down across his chest kissing him and his hands wandered across her body as she did so.  Leaning up she unbuckled his pants and began to pull them down.  Seeing he was commando, excited her more, she loved a man who didn’t wear anything under his pants.

Exposing his hard cock she didn’t hesitate to begin to lick it.  Starting from the base she moved her mouth up the shaft and slowly inserted the head into her mouth.  Sucking and licking it with her tongue.  Stroking it with one hand as she continued to lick it, she moved her tongue down to his balls and licked his balls, continued upwards to the head and sucking on his cock even more.  She loved sucking cock and it was very obvious to him.  Running his hands through her hair and pulling it back away from her face so he could watch her suck his cock which only made him harder.

Stopping suddenly surprised him, but she stood up and removed her shoes and unbuckling her pants and undressing herself.  He was surprised to see the number of tattoos on her body, all strategically placed but all told a story of her.

After removing her clothes she returned to sucking his cock.  Licking his cock almost feverishly and wanting to get it all lubricated before slipping it into her already wet pussy.

Without even thinking she straddled him and he watched as she positioned herself so she could mount his erect cock, guiding it slowly into her wetness.  She leaned forward to kiss him and her hair fell into his face and he pushed it away holding her face in his hands as she moved her hips back and forth on his cock feeling it throb deep within her.

Pushing herself back so she could enjoy every inch of him inside her, she balanced herself by kneeling and watched his face as she slowly raised and lowered her body onto him.  Grabbing at his chest, she could tell she was reaching an orgasm.  He in turned held onto her hips watching her as she leaned her head back and let out such a moan of pure ecstasy at reaching the point orgasm and he could feel her pussy contract on his cock as she came.  “I’m cumming!” She exclaimed between breaths and she knew she was far from finished.

Leaning down again to kiss him more, he wrapped his arms around her and rolled her over so he was now on top.  Grabbing her hips he pulled her into him.  Moving himself so that he could penetrate her as deeply as he could.  He watched her face and could tell by her expression that she was going to cum again.  Her pussy felt so warm and tight around his hard cock as he thrust himself inside her, he didn’t know how much longer he would last.

He laid back on top of her and felt her breathing and her heartbeat against his chest as he kissed her passionately.  She wrapped her legs around his waist locking her feet and pulling him into her and she came again feeling the head of his cock getting larger inside her, she knew he was ready to cum.

With a couple more strokes he came, plunging his cock deep inside her soaked pussy, as he let loose his load of cum deep within her.  She also came again with his climax releasing with such an amount of sexual tension.

Once he was satisfied he had emptied his load, he rolled off of her and laid they’re looking up to the sky, and she too felt complete satisfaction of this unplanned sexual encounter with this stranger.

Almost simultaneously they looked at each other and smiled and he pulled her closer to him and kissed her again.  “Well this was a surprise to my travels today, and definitely not a disappointing one.” She said.  He nodded his head in agreement as the laid they’re looking up at the cloudless sky.


  1. Aidan Stone

    spent the morning putting mine back together after paint job, ahh to be young and carefree again-interesting

    • Hello Aidan

      All you need is to free and willing. Being young has nothing to do with it. Finding a willing participant helps too!

      Good luck with you bike and paint job!


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