The Wizard and The Sorceress Part 2

With that statement he stopped abruptly, and slowly ran his hands up the inner part of her thighs not wanting to leave her in such a state, he really wanted to continue, but he was in no hurry to penetrate her.  He lingered, taking in her body; the texture of her skin, the scent, the expression of desire and need on her face; the need of want that she couldn’t explain to him earlier. Now he saw what she was talking about. He wanted to envelope her inside of him.  He took his time exploring her, making her wait and want even more.

She roamed his body with her hands.  Feeling the tension in his body or was it hers.  She could smell him even though they weren’t close, she now knew his scent.  The sexual tension was so high it was so hard not for her to bite a hole through her lip and she panted with desire for him.  She noticed how fast her breathing was especially when he gazed upon her.  He looked at her with desire and want.  Was it so obvious on her face too she wondered?

He moved his body slowly up to meet her lips and he kissed her so gently and slowly letting his lips explore the nap of her neck and down to her chest, he was not rushing this moment.  He wanted to explore yet.  She too was exploring his body with her hands and now with her legs and one by one she slid them up the sides of his body so she could pull him closer into her, till they were around his hips and she locked her feet around him pulling him closer to her.  She could feel his breath on her neck.  He continued to kiss her down to her chest cupping her breast in his right hand as he slowly suckled her nipple and bit it every so gently.

Looking up from her breast to see the expression on her face, she didn’t show any negativity to his gesture and he continued kissing her breasts.  Moving from one to the other than back to the nap of her neck as he slid his arm under her lower back pulling her into him.

She could feel his hard erection pressing against her wet opening.  Wanting in but than again, she too wanted to enjoy this rapture, this dance of desire.  The tease that they had been exchanging now coming to a head in each others arms.  Was it a tease or real desire to satisfy another?  The answer was yet to be known.  And yet, is there really a difference?

He again kissed her, longingly as he continued to pull her into him.  She couldn’t get any closer unless she was in his skin.  She wanted this so much.  It has been a long time since a man has touched her and she desired one in such a way.  Lust or was it something else she was feeling or even him.  The energy was so strong she didn’t know where to go with her thoughts or even her hands.  Her head spun like a wheel going down a drag track, spinning all sorts of thoughts; desire, want, need, fucking; it was all of them and more.

She couldn’t take it any longer and if he could read her mind or sense it, he reached down and pushed his erect cock into her and she gasped with shock and desire.  Has it been that long since she had a man give her so much pleasure that she couldn’t define it?  She was so wet that it wasn’t a struggle for him to get his erection into her.  She felt her body release so much pressure from not having sex in so long, that she came immediately.

She pulled him into her with her whole body as he kissed her so passionately that she felt like years of frustration was melting away within her as she exclaimed to him, “I’m cumming!”  And she repeated it over and over again.  He looked at her and said “I want you to cum. Cum for me! Cum all over me!”

He rhythmically moved his cock in and out of her wet pussy and she was so wet that it slid inside her with ease and a quick motion.  He would stop on occasion so to feel her and she continually panted as if she had just ran a marathon, knowing that this was going to last more than a mere minutes; this was just the beginning.  And she wanted to enjoy it all and it to last as long as needed.  He whispered to her to breath, and that is when she noticed how fast her breathing was.  She couldn’t help it.  She wanted him, all of him.

His hand that had been under her all this time reached down and squeezed her ass as he continued to rock his hard cock into her and pulled her more into and onto him.  He kissed her so slowly it was so much for her to handle she couldn’t make out her senses.  They were going off all over the place.  From his tongue and his lips on hers to his hands to his hard cock and her own sexual wetness flowing from her wet opening as she could feel the building of another orgasm.

“I’m Cumming” she exclaimed louder this time and this she now knew was going to be one of the most intense lovemaking she had ever experienced.  She reached down and grabbed his ass and pulled him into her this time while telling him, “Fuck Me!  Fuck Me! I want to feel you inside me!” Though the statement was ridiculous to say, she wanted him to know that she wanted all of him.  Every fucking last inch of him.  Not just his rock hard cock but all of his body too.

They were now just a tangle of bodies as they both wrestled with desire of pleasing each other.

He pulled back from her and slowly removed his cock from her wet pussy, only to slowly put it back in, repeating this and each time slower than the previous time and sometime not all of it, making her want even more.  Driving it to brink of sexual craze!  The ultimate tease your partner could do to you.  Knowing you want more and only be given a little. This drove her crazy.  She couldn’t take it.

She pushed him back and across the bed so she could straddle him. But she too was good at playing the game of tease or be teased.  She liked to tease, and she was going to show him how, her way.

She moved her body down his until her mouth was on the head of his cock and she started sucking it.  Using her saliva to make it wet and than moved down in-between his legs and began to lick his swollen balls.  Than stopping and using her breast she placed his cock in-between them moving her whole body back and forth his erect member, massaging it with her breasts.  She loved doing this.  Who got more pleasure from this; him or her?

She went back to sucking on his cock again, tasting her own essence on him and she could tell that this excited him even more.

Than she straddled him.  Grasping his cock in one hand she lowered her body onto it, slowly. Moving her hips in a direction forward and back until he was completely inside of her.  She leaned forward so she could kiss him gazing at him  She felt so much desire and want for not only her own sexual release but his.  Though she wasn’t in any hurry for him to cum, this was just the beginning. She wanted to enjoy every last minute of this. This was definitely going to take awhile.  But who was watching the clock?

She began kissing him slowly and passionately letting her tongue explore his lips and he kissed his neck letting her tongue explore his neck, ears and chest.  As much as she could reach with it.  She moved back to kiss him longingly to show him the desire she had for him. Letting her hair fall down onto his face.  She was filled with passion for him and want to please him.  And she wanted to make sure he knew it.  She pulled back from his mouth balancing herself so she could move more freely on his hard cock and slowly lower herself up and down to tease him with her pussy as much as she could.

He grabbed at her breast and they moved freely with her body motion.  She grinded herself into him, and she could feel him fill her opening and reach her cervix, the one point of total ecstasy that she desired.  She was well aware of her body and its sexual needs.

She gyrated on him for sometime until he wanted a different position.  He pulled her into him, wrapping his arms around her, he flipped her over to resume the position they had started with.  But he had other ideas.

After some more deep penetration and she climaxed again this time with more intensity that she really began to pant and holler louder with her desire for him. He wanted to enter her from behind.

He pulled his erect cock out of her and flipped her over like a pancake positioning himself behind her and raising her ass up in the air to meet his hard cock.  He fingered her first asking her, “Do you like this?”  She gasped and answered, “Yes!” with no hesitation.

She was so wet and he even told her so.  He felt his hard cock aching to be back inside of her and she pushed against his probing fingers wishing it was his cock.

He stopped and moved his hard cock into her wet hole first slowly, only giving her a bit to gain pleasure from.  He could tell by her body motions, she wanted more.  But he wasn’t going to give it to her.  Inches he thought.  She is just going to get inches…a few at a time and than all at once his whole member.

He continued this motion and her body was aching for all of him inside her.  He grasped her hips and squeezed them leaving red marks on her ass.  He asked her again, “Do you like this?”  Again she answered, “YES!” loud and clear to him to let him know she wanted more.  But more wasn’t what he was going to give her.  He wanted to tease her to the point of begging.

He rammed his cock into her all the way and she gasped and hollered, not in pain but in pure sexual pleasure.  God she wanted this!  More of this.  Not to stop but to continue.  She could feel another orgasm growing inside of her and she pushed back against his hard cock.  “That’s it baby. Fuck me! Move that ass!”  And she did.

He pulled back and began the teasing again.  Moving his cock back and forth slowly, only giving her a bit.  A taste, a tease, little by little until he was all the way inside her.  He could feel his balls bounce against her ass as he did this and he enjoyed it too.  Pulling back to only do it again and again.  Slamming his cock into her and than pulling it out and beginning the process over and over again.

How much more could she take?  She hadn’t felt this much pleasure.  She was in a different world.  She was in a totally different space.  Her mind was reeling with pleasure and she could tell she was so wet from cumming so much.  “Don’t Stop!”, she hollered.  Don’t Stop she repeated and he continued to move in and out of her, but than again teasing her a little here and there.  She came again, this time with so much force she thought she was done, but she knew he wasn’t going to let that be the last one.

She found herself lost in continuous orgasms, some small some so intense.  She could feel the sweat roll down her back onto her neck.  Her hair was tossled around as he continued to pound her from behind and she enjoyed every minute of it, only wanting more.

He stopped.  Ran his hands up her back and grasped her around the waist and kissed the back of her neck.  He slowly pulled her over to her side and rolled her back onto her back and he stared at her kissing her slowly.  Starting all over from the beginning.

He started touching her, running his hands up her body and she also exchanged the same to him.  She could feel that most of the sexual tension she had been feeling was released but she knew this wasn’t the end.  He had yet to cum and he was waiting for the opportunity to do so, when he was ready not before.

He pulled her towards him and they embraced as he kissed her again.  Running his fingers through her tangled hair, from sweat and pure sex.  He continued to touch her and he pulled her leg on top of his body so he could grab her ass and squeeze it.

He rolled over on top of her and he entered her.  This time was with intent.  Intent for pure pleasure, pure want and desire. It was so pleasurable that she couldn’t stop thinking of how he felt against her.  All of his body touching her and having him deep inside of her. What could be more pleasurable?

The song…”I’m so into you” came on the CD player

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