Let’s Talk Masturbation

My personal thoughts.

Oh I masturbate!

Though at times I do use a dildo or a vibrator, I usually depend upon my finger to bring me to climax. My imagination is my other tool of the trade.

I masturbate whenever or wherever the feeling hits me, but not too public. I prefer the privacy of my home.

Using a dildo is not as fulfilling to me because if I want something penetrating my pussy, it better have a real set of balls and a body attached to it so I have something to grab onto!

Most women won’t admit that they masturbate but I do and I do it often. Having sex alone is boring but we have to do whatever to release the sexual tension we may have.

I would prefer to feel a man’s tongue on my clit and him get me wet before sticking their hard cock in me! That feels better than for me to use my finger to get me aroused and to bring myself to orgasm.

To feel a mans body pressed against me is so arousing. Have their hands squeeze my ass or pinch my nipples as I ride their cock and bring myself to an exploding orgasm is the best. And let us not forget how arousing kissing can be. Yeah baby! Bring it on!

But until I find that special one man to explore my sexual fantasies with, I will continue to masturbate and daydream of “him”.

Just writing this is making me horny and I find myself needing to explore my inner mind of that special moment in time I shared with the last man I was with.

Enjoy Yourself!

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