Let’s Talk Lust!

Pure deep rooted lust! Fucking and sweat. Wetness and penetration. Touching and groping. Feeling and pinching. Sucking and licking.

Wrap your legs around him and pull him deep inside. He thrusting his hard cock deep inside your wet pussy until you exclaim with pleasure as you cum!

Roll over and put your cock deep inside me. Let me feel your cock throbbing. Kiss me with long passionate kisses.

“Fuck me!”

Grab hold of his ass and don’t let go!

Turn me around and enter from behind, holding onto my hips as you thrust your hard cock deep inside me as I scream “I’m cumming! Don’t stop!”

“Fuck me harder!”

Unadulterated lust. Growing deep within, no beginning or end.

But is there lust without passion? Or vice versa? Can we not have passion without love? And is there a difference?

How he touched me was not fucking. Lust, passion, need and want rolled together makes for a great recipe of great sex and the desire for more.

Nothing like kissing a man and feeling his hard cock through his pants! I fucking love it!

Grab hold and don’t let go!

NOTE: Please do not hesitate to comment on any of my blogs. Don’t be afraid to ask for subject matter to be discussed or covered. I am willing to explore certain avenues of my own imagination and fantasy. Would love to hear from you.

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