Floating images through your mind of the warm embrace. The kiss that you wish would last forever if not a lifetime.

Your mind wanders to that point of passion and sexual desire when you can feel your lovers hands on your body. As they bring you to the point if orgasm just by their touch.

Feeling their hard cock enter you and give you the pleasure you seek as you feel yourself cum exclaiming how you want them to fuck you harder so you can feel their fullness inside you.

Them grabbing at you, so they can feel your full body tense with each orgasm as they fill you with complete ecstasy. Words cannot describe what you feel towards them or about them. Savoring this time of feeling their cock deep inside you. Kissing with passion and desire for them and no one else.

Feeling yourself becoming aroused as the slide show continues to run inside your mind. Your pussy becomes wet and you can tell your becoming sensitive to just your panties brushing against your clit and lips. You want nothing more than to feel his hard throbbing cock penetrating you.

So you sit back and masturbate to rid yourself of your sexual frustration knowing it is only a quick release and will not soften the sexual need of the feeling the real thing.

Your mind drifts off to that lasting moment. Only wanting more.

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