The Other Woman

He lay there in bed during the early morning hours as the sky turns from the dark blue hue as the sun peaks through his bedroom window.  His mind drifts off to that moment when he last saw her.  Her face, her smile and held her one last time and kissed her goodbye.

He felt the desire of feeling her body next to him grow deep from within his loins.  No, this wasn’t the normal morning hard-on.  This was the need to feel her again.  Longing for her embrace, the feeling of deep passion that they shared that one evening they were together not so long ago.

He closed his eyes not to just shield them from the morning glow but for his mind to wonder to that moment; the moment of when they shared that closeness.

As his mind wandered to that time, he could almost feel her lips on his and than when she moved her mouth to suck and lick his cock. Moving her tongue around his balls and returning her warm mouth to the head of his cock.  He grabbed her head, running his fingers through her hair telling her how good her mouth felt on his cock and he let out a sigh of pure pleasure.

He pulled her up to kiss her lips and reaching down fingered her wet pussy.  He could tell that she was aroused by the wetness of her cavern, which this only excited him more and he could tell his cock was pulsing with wanting to feel the depth of her hole.

They kissed with passion, want and desire for each other.  Not wanting to let go and wanting so much to explore each other.  Timing was of the essence and they both knew the time they were together was precious and also limited.

This chance to finally get together was just that; a risk, a fleeting moment.  So to treasure this time was what they wanted from each other, knowing that they didn’t want to rush, but savor each other and take it all in.

He couldn’t restrain himself anymore and he leaned her against the bed and pushed her up on it so he could put his lips to that wetness between her legs.

He pressed his tongue and lips to her pussy and she was breathing so heavy and exclaiming to him how good it felt he became lost in her words and sounds that she was making.

He tasted her for the first time and wanted to taste more of her sweetness.  Licking her clit and pressing his finger deep within her, he could tell that she was reaching the point of orgasm and he wanted her wetness to flow from her so he could taste and lick it all.  He continued to tongue her clit and slowly move his finger in and out of her wet pussy to stimulate her and she grabbed onto his shoulders digging her fingertips into them.  She began to move her hips in rhythm of his finger and she climaxed and let out such a sound of pure ecstasy and release of sexual tension.

No longer could he wait and pushed her back onto the bed so he could penetrate her with his hard throbbing cock.  But first he wanted to feel her full body against his and lay on top of her pressing himself into her, kissing her with so much want and she pulled him into her, wrapping her legs around his waist and feeling all his body against her.  His cock began to pulse and ache with wanting to feel that warm wetness of her pussy.

Reaching down he pushed his cock into her deepness.  Her pussy felt tight around his cock and he told her so, softly whispering in her ear.  He couldn’t believe how warm, wet and comfortable this felt.  Knowing that he wanted it to last as long as he could, not wanting to orgasm before her again.  Bringing her pleasure with his cock as it throbbed inside of her.

Kissing each other with so much desire, wanting more than just this time of sexual desire and fantasy of being realized he could only think of when they could do this again.  He continued to move his hard cock into her wet pussy.  Pumping her pussy with each stroke of his cock as she panted with desire to have him fill her, he could tell that she was ready to reach another orgasm.

He also was reaching the point of climax and was almost not able to hold back any longer as his cock pulsed with each thrust inside her. Passion, desire, want and need was all rolled into one at this moment in his mind as he came with such force releasing so much pent up sexual frustration and he let out his own heavy release of final orgasm.

Lying there thinking of this experience, he didn’t want to open his eyes.  He wanted so much to be back in her arms feeling her body, smelling her, touching her.  Reliving that moment and not wanting to it to dissipate from his mind

“Come on Hon, it is time to get up.” His wife said to him.  And reality broke through the barrier of his personal escape of reliving that moment with his secret woman of excitement, bringing him back to his mundane boring life he led with his analytical wife.

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