Pure Lust

He pulled her close to him and kissed her hard but passionately.  Holding her tight against his body he could feel her heart beat and her breathing was fast.

She could feel his erection through his pants pressed against her groin and she couldn’t wait to release it and to enjoy all the pleasure it could bring her.

Reaching down she unzipped his pants and grabbing hold of his member and began stroking it while returning the kisses he so lavished her with.  The desire rose up in her like a slow rumbling from deep within in the earth that was about ready to explode.

She moved down and began to suck on his hard cock; licking and sucking.  She couldn’t get enough of him.  Her pussy was beginning to get wet too with the thought of having his hard cock inside her.  She wanted to please him, but she also wanted to please herself.

He grabbed her by her arms and backed her up onto the bed, pulling her panties off and began to lick her wet pussy.  She let out a sigh of such pleasure, feeling his lips and tongue explore her as he also began to finger her deeply.

“You are so wet.” He said to her.  And she exclaimed she was cumming.  With that statement he licked and tongued her pussy with more desire of tasting her wetness.  He couldn’t get enough of her.

He climbed on top of her and grabbing his erect cock that was just throbbing to be deep inside of her, he guided it into her pussy.  Slow at first wanting to feel every inch of her warm, wet pussy and bringing her more pleasure as he entered her with so much patience. Watching her face as she could see the ecstasy building as her breathing became deeper and louder.  He could feel the tension of her pussy on his cock as she was getting closer and closer to another intense orgasm.

She came again with such force as he pushed his cock deep inside of her and she opened her legs wider to welcome his cock.

He pumped his cock deep inside her and she could feel his cock pulsing inside of her pussy which made her orgasm last longer than she had experienced before.  She wrapped her legs around his waist and locked her ankles around him, pulling him closer into her.

He kissed her with so much passion and lust and just wanted to eat her whole and she returned his kisses with the same amount of desire.  She wanted this moment of pure lust to last the whole day and into the night, but knowing deep inside her heart that the time was limited.

Wrapping themselves around each other they intertwined with no beginning or end as their lust for each other exploded with each thrust of his cock in her wet pussy.

“I’m cumming!” She exclaimed and he replied, “Cum all over my cock!”  And she could feel her body move in tandem with each penetration of his cock and he could no longer restrain the feeling inside him either as he came with force and volume.  Driving his cock deep inside of her, his cock exploded.

Clinging to each other to savor that last bit of desire and lust, her fingers grabbing on to his ass with her legs still wrapped around him.  His arms wrapped around her shoulders to make sure he was as deep inside her as possible as the last bit of his essence came out of him with the last couple of deep thrusts.

Slowly they released each other grasps while still kissing each other.  Neither wanting to move from this spot, they lay there holding on, burning that last couple of minutes into each others mind.  The lasting moment of pure lust for each other.

Lust cannot be measured or denied.  We are all born with it, that is deeply rooted in all of us from the beginning of time.

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